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“Man” means “ten thousand”.
“Ga” means “picture”.

When we speak of comics (which contain a lot of pictures) we speak of “Manga” which literally means “ten thousand pictures”, and figuratively or idiomatically means ” a whole lot of pictures”

“Ten thousand” has come to mean “a lot”.

A Whole lot of Pictures!

Comics contain “a whole lot of pictures”.

Can you see how “ten thousand” can idiomatically mean:

a whole lot
an awful lot
a large amount
a very large amount
a huge amount

A comic book is a book with a whole lot of pictures in it.
A manga is a book with ten thousand pictures in it.

Manga or “comics are stories with pictures and the dialog is in “word balloons”. Tintin is a famous Belgian manga character.

In some countries (France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Japan) manga is highly developed. In some countries it is unknown. In some countries it is just childish cartoons. What is the situation in your country?

Tell us about it.
Which titles do you like?
Which books do you recommend?
What can you tell us about manga in your country?

Do you have a favourite character?
Why do you like him or her?
What is the story about?

Write your answers in the “comments” section at the bottom of the page:

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