Movies and Television

Pulp Fiction

Have you seen Pulp fiction?
Who was in it?
When was it made?
Who made it?
Who was the director? (who made it?)
Did he write it?


How often do you go to the cinema?
Do you usually watch movies at the cinema or on DVD?

Which directors do you like?
Which actors do you like?

Do you know Quentin Tarantino?
What do you think of him?
What do you think of his movies?

Write your opinion in the “comments” section below.

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More Movies

(Have you seen any of these?)





The Golden Compass

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Harry Potter

Les Possedes (The Possessed)

The Seven Samurai

Sixth Sense

Thin Red Line


More Topics: Television

How often do you watch television?

less than an hour a day
more than two hours a day
more than three hours a day

Ownership of the Media

How many large newspapers and television stations are there in your country?
Who owns them?
Who owns the media in your country?
Don’t you think ownership of the media is vital to the functioning of a free democratic society?

Here is a link to a news program (an episode of the English Conversations Almanac) with a story about media ownership and TV stations in China.

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23 Responses to “Movies and Television”

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  1. I just want to tell you that I am just newbie to weblog and honestly liked your website. Very likely I’m want to bookmark your blog . You absolutely have fantastic stories. Appreciate it for sharing with us your blog site.

  2. Robbie says:

    Thanks I needed this

  3. Ilker says:

    I go to cinema montly. I usually watch movies on DVD. I like David Fincher, Todd Phillips, Benneth Miller, Frank Darabont. I like so many actors and actress. Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Clint Eastwood, Shia Labeouf, Zach Galifianakis, January Jones, Clive Owen, Denzel Washington, Jason Statham and a great many of like them. I know Quentin Tarantino and I watched some of his films whic are Kill Bill, Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. I think his movies are great and fun. Don’t bother people while watching.

  4. sahar says:

    I like to watch action ,romantic movies and another types of movies
    and i like to improve my english

  5. Rani Mathew says:

    I love romantic and action movies. Usually i watch it in the week end. When i am so tired i would like to watch in my language. Rani

  6. mhmd says:

    really I like watch movies but I do not found time ,, and if I foound it my kids well not let me watch as I want because we have one television ,, and my kids like to watch cartoon and my wifes like watch arabic ,, so almost time I leave it to them or I watching with them what they want ,, therfore I like watching movies but I do not watch.

  7. cristian says:

    and , i want to say i like watch tv. and movies, so much, because imprving our pronunciation and dialogue, and do it fany,and this i do it betwen 2-4 hours,andy most of time i like watch movies and i try follow the language and the story without traduction, and for last, i like read the most books i found in everywhere .

  8. Hanan says:

    Actually I don’t watch movie more than once or twice year, because I have no enough time to do that, but every day ;when I finish my job I usually watch TV. At home between 2-4 hours ; I like Arabic & English series , and most of time through watching English movie, i try to follow up the language , and do my best to understand the story without translation, because i have to improve my language , I wish to arrive to high level in listening & translation English language , and it can be done by reading and watching English stories and movies .

  9. Thuy says:

    I like to watch Tv a lot. especially movies. Nowadays there are a lot of interesting things to watch on tv. So I seldom go to the cinema. I usually watch tv 2-3 hours a day. When I was over 10 years old, I have seen 2 movies that make me to remember so much, these are Stay at home alone and Gone with wind, I’m not sure about the name of that movie. But I like them a lot.

  10. rachna says:

    I don’t go to cinema to watch movies. I usually watch movies on dvd. I love romantic and comedy movies. I like Amir Khan,Karan Johar and Sanjayleela Bhansali as directors.My favourite actors are Anil Kapoor,Shahrukh Khan and Amir khan.

  11. ildi says:

    I really like watching all kinds of movies, especially action movie. At least, once a month, i spent my time to have a pleasure by watching movie. I usually to to cinema with my close friend (usually on saturday night). I can say that by watching movie, I gradually have ability to hear and understand what the movies talked about. I do not care who the artist/actors, the most important things for me is I am able to improve my English because in my mind through the movie I am capable of understanding the language and culture. So, that;s why I want to wacth movie every month. That’s it.

  12. venu says:

    i watch tv everyday half an hour, and watch movie more than one hour. i like every movie. by watching movie i can improve my language . i always try to follow the conversations and try to memorize it .

  13. Cleber Costa says:

    I usually watch Tv less than I could, because when I come from job, I´m really tired.
    I´d like to watch more, but is hard for me.

    • ahmed says:

      I usually watch Tv less than I could, because when I come from job, I´m really tired.
      I´d like to watch more, but is hard for me.

  14. Nam says:

    I really like it when I do watching TV in my free time. I think, I really interested in something about English, especially American movies or stuff like that. At the first time I have to look at the translate meaning in the screen. But now I don’t need to look at it any more. It could possibly help me to improve my English listening skill. The movie I like best is ‘the Karate Kid’. The little boy in the movie is really talent. He can master the Gongfu in the short time. But first of all he had a really good patience.

  15. Quynh Nguyen says:

    I usually watch action movie at freetime. I’m very busy so that I only save less than one hour to watch the enteresting firm. After completing all works in a day, I find high felling from american action movie to forget all stresses. when watching action movie, I always fell worrying and afraid with actors in the film. American directors had invested for the movie so much from film studio to clothes of actors. they stages in the film carefully so that the viewers fell the sence in the movie like true.

  16. Naima says:

    I was away here past three lessons cos lack of time ,but I need to take my role now and cover all questions are in my lesson.I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction,but it have some idea about that.John Travolta was in Pulp Fiction and the film its self was made in 1994.It was made by Roger Avary and the director was Quentin Tarantino in other hand Quentino was also cowriter.if I talk about myself,i go to the cinema occasionally, and in addition I usually watch movies on DVD.I like director Tim Burton but my fovorite actress is Julia Robbert and Quentino Trantino’s director,too,but I cant guess whose personality and even how he sets up his movies.I didn’t watch any of your list films accept”Harry Potter” cos I watched its advertise from a local tv.I really like watching tv,but I can tell the exact hours.where I’m there’s a few newspapers and televisions,and most of them are owned by civil society part from national media,so most media in this country is owned by civil society
    thanks my teachers

  17. eman says:

    hey i like watching romantic american movies but i love also (troy)i found that this movie is very interesting
    before ,i had learned more english i was watching tv with traslation to arabic because iam from egypt and my mother lanuagage is arabic but know i can hear & understand the movies without traslation but i want to read more language and more lishtening thanks for every thing

  18. anthons1 says:

    hello! i like to watch t.v. everyday but i can’t do it co’z i have always work,no time for watching.but sometimes after my work at 9:30pm i watch news,funny video,cartoons and movies but just an hour only.i have not yet seen pulp fiction and quentin nextweek i’ll try to research in youtube beacause we have 3 days vacation…thanks a lot SIR! for this free email learning it’s really help to me to improve my english..HAVE A GOOD DAY!and GOD BLESS!YOU ALL…

  19. Pol says:

    I like to do movie marathons during weekends and freetime. I am totally relaxed whenever i go to the mall and watch movies expecially light and wholesome. Dont really matter if it is kiddy stuffs or comedy as long as it takes my mind out of work and worldly matters. Time fly fast and i dont notice the world outside whenever im watching either the TV or Movies. I would say it is a great escape and a new world in some context to experience.

  20. selma says:

    Actually i like to watch T.V daily during evening. i think by watching T.V we can improve our knowledge, can develop our personality in a good manner and will get better idea abt tasty and delicious food for our family and especially for our guest. and we culd know abt whole world. means will get up to date news. i think the American president Obama is very familiar to me. coze by watching NDTV all famous people r very familiar if there r in the diffrent corners of the world.
    but unfortunately i culdn’t watch t v regularly. coze ‘m a govt. employee. so don’t have got enough time to spend in front of T V

  21. yogachandiran says:

    I watch tv over 3 hours every day.I watch most news and movies.most of people like to watch evrey dag in evening. many people want to know over the world is important every dag many people. many young people watch tv many hours at their home.I think to watch tv many hours that is bad behaviour.


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