The Theme of Radiation and Mutation

Metal Men 45 - Plutonium Man
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The theme of radiation and mutation is a common one.

to radiate
radioactive substance


Do you know about clean energy with no radioactivity?
Have you heard this conversation about plutonium?

mutate – to change
mutant – a changed one
mutation – a change
immutable – unchangeable

Passive Voice

The Hulk was affected by gamma rays.

Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider.

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Change and Mutation

The X-men are all mutants; human beings who have somehow changed and are … different. Change. Mutation. Revolution. Evolution ….

The Fantastic Four are also mutants.
Spiderman is a mutant. He was bitten by a radioactive spider.
The Hulk was affected by gamma rays.
The X-men are mutants.



spins a web

He’s got radioactive blood.

at the scene of a crime

Spiderman Spiderman

friendly neighbourhood spiderman

You’ll find Spiderman!

The Fantastic Four – the cartoon

Fantastic Four – The Film

Dr Reed Richards?
Mr Reed Richards

We are here to escort you to ..

Get down! Get down!

No! He is with my crew.

He is on my staff

What have you done?

We have got to go and get some help.

WE are all going to go and get some help!

Teetering on the fence

between good and evil

Dr Bruce Banner

a character’s past

Incredible Hulk Number One

a gifted physicist

Banner himself was hit with the full force of the blast, leaving him irradiated

the doctor transformed into a huge monster

nicknamed the Hulk

Banner is re-transformed into himself

an emotional state rather then the time of day

unleashed rage

the doctor becomes capable of treating himself

An Interview with the Actor, William Hurt

How is it going?

I was a big fan of the first one.

I kept thinking.

I was a fan of the first one too.

But I was a bigger fan of the comic when i was a kid.

It meant a lot to me.

the chance to be part of it in any way

The Hulk versus The Thing

Stand behind me!

The lady is with me, Green Jeans!

Are you wearing jeans?

… so that explains your colouring, green with envy

Are you an envious person?

Hulk is stronger.


Are you sure that is the best you can do, Buttercup?

A buttercup is a flower.

Is Hulk a Flower?

Do you think Hulk is a flower?

Maybe you need to go to the Metaphor Page?

A Conversation about Plutonium.

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