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Automatic Teller Machines

When ATMs were introduced, they were opposed by trade unions. The labour unions argued that people would lose their jobs but the banks argued that it would cut costs. Jobs have been saved but costs have been increased. Now we (the consumers) pay per transaction on a machine.

The banks argue that they have to do this to keep up with their competitors. Why not let them go broke? Nationalize all the banks and get the government and elected committees of experts to take over the functions that banks fill, which are important to the economy (housing and business loans and personal loans which are able to be paid back).

As for the other functions that banks and financial institutions fill:

– charging exorbitant rates for international money transfers

– charging exorbitant interest on loans

– inflating the value of everything by behind the scenes market manipulation

– gambling on the international currency and futures and options and securities exchanges which causes global shifts in wealth and the collapse of regional and local economies in favour of unstable transitory market forces which can only ever temporarily meet our economic needs

– Why not eliminate them?

Would bank nationalization work? What are the pros and cons?

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Note on Spelling

Note the variant spellings:

British English: Nationalise the Banks! – A Bank Nationalisation Programme

American English: Nationalize the Banks! – A Bank Nationalization Program

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