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Job Description: Telephone reception and data entry
Location: Baku City, Azerbaijan
Conditions: Must be able to speak English
Remuneration: Negotiable
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8 Responses to “The Employment Page – Positions Vacant”

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  1. saleem says:

    I am saleem Good Graphic Designer now working in Jeddah Saudi Arabia I am looking same job in Europe or US can any one help me salary not mater.

    you can reach me or +966567276374.


  2. Marcos Paulo says:

    Name:Marcos Paulo Moreira da Silva
    Job Title:Dancer and cashier.
    Job Description:I have experience as a dancer concert band, jazz, forró, axé, street dance.
    And the portfolio of work as a cashier.
    Conditions:I want to live in another country to better my English.
    marckosp1 skype
    Please, I really want this very much.

  3. tahira sarkar says:

    I am am 30 years old.i have completed my in electronics & instrumentation in 2005.i have worked in two one as a management trainee but soon i realise its a sells job ,i left that.2nd one as a developer for very short period of time.i left that job as i dnt have passin for father is a heart patient.i stay in kolkata, this poiny of time its n’t possible for me to go outside of kolkata.please give me technical/administration/management oriented job oppotunity in kolkata.for the last three years i am searching but didn’t get according to my profile.pls give me one chance i confirm u that i will be able to fulfil official requirements.

  4. Bichitra Kamal Baruah says:

    Is there any Genuine Company that give job of work from home , without any scam ?

  5. foufa says:

    Name:amira fadila
    Job Title:secretaire
    Job Description:recption and secretaire
    Location: algeria
    Conditions:speak french

    please Aeron reply to me thanx

  6. shouq says:

    whats this accent ?

  7. charo says:

    great site, kind of basic but still helpful, plenty of ideas from here, easy and focused, thanks.

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