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Do you have a room for rent?

Leave the details in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Use this template:

size: …
location: …
rent: …
contact details: …

Have you ever run a guesthouse or a hotel? Tell us about it. (link to the guesthouse and hotel page?

How many rooms do you have for rent?


Do you need a room?
Are you looking for a room?
Do you want a room?
Do you want to rent a room?
Do you require a room?

If you have a room for rent, you can post the details in the comments section below like this:

My name is Mehmet. I have a guestroom in my house in Istanbul, which I rent to tourists. You have your own key and your own entrance. Email me to make a reservation. The room is close to Sultan Ahmet tourist area.


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  1. arshad says:

    i want to learn english

  2. hero_hont says:

    hhih, I am learning english, If you have time, Please contact about me. Nickname yahoo: hero_hont. or mail Nice to meet you.

  3. Marah Dardar says:

    I am very happy with this program . I learn many new things about English language by this program , and I improve my conversation . Now language become very important to succeed in the job , research , and in the life in general . I would talk about my house . I live in a large house its size is 500 m2 . There is a beautiful garden , and there are many ornament plants , flowers , and some fruit trees . there are also two drawers to ascend into the house . the house consists of five rooms ; three bed rooms , a living room , a guest room , as well as a kitchen for cooking food and a bathroom for bathing . My house locate in Al-Zahera street in Damascus ‘ the capital of Syria ‘. Syria is nice country and it locates on the east coast of the Mediterranean sea , next to Turkey , Iraq , Jordan , Lebanon , and Palestine .
    this is where I live . I enjoy in speaking English .

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