Sports and Physical Activity – What sport do you like?

What sport do you like?

Tell us about how you keep fit.

Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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13 Responses to “Sports and Physical Activity – What sport do you like?”

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  1. Neda says:

    My favorite sport is soccer and I play it too, I exercise every other day in the morning for one and a half hour and as well as i go to bodybuilding club for strengthening my muscles, I love to talk to people on skype my is (neda.muhammad)

  2. Katarzyna says:

    I do a bit of jogging and exercise as I should do it. Unfortunately, I’m not consistent. When I do it (it happens a few times a week) I feel better, but I have a lot of activities , which makes it difficult to exercise every day. I still hope that I will win with myself and will do exercise regularly. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  3. pezhman says:

    Hi,I’m Pezhman. I like swimming, i think swimming is one of the best activities that help me to have body health, and spirit health. it is so exciting for me and in these 15 years that i learn it,never,i’m not sorry for times and costs that i spend for it!

  4. Alex says:

    Hi my name is Alessandro and i’m Italian. So, soccer is only my second favourite sport. I selected soccer because basketball was not in the list 😉 Anyway my favourite soccer club is Cagliari that is the club of my region (Sardinia). Obviously, my favourite soccer player is Zola. Do you know? His surname is Magic Box.
    See you 🙂

  5. Fatma Avc? says:

    Hi,I’m Fatma.I’m from Türkey and I’m living Antalya.I like Judo.I have been in this sport since 1983.I did this sport 10 year by active.later, I did coaching.Now I’m doing Judo refereeing.I’m a national aim is now to be an international referee.So I need to improve my English.At the same time.I like jogging,swimming.
    My best complimets…

  6. GregGouveia says:

    i’m from São Paulo / Brazil and even though soccer is the strongest and the most famous sport I don’t like it. I do like to play basketball, I go swimming twice a week and whenever possible I go for a run!

    I’m still a little fat, (hahahaha) but i’m doing my best to lose weight.

    Take care guys, GrEg!

  7. tony says:

    i am from monterrey mexico i like soccer and boxing so much i was in boxing since
    1990 but i dont practice anymore

  8. MAXIM says:

    Snowboarding…I am crazy about it…especially when snow comes in Moscow)) Jogging, working out, swimming…everything to be strong and health!))

  9. Angelica says:

    I like football soccer but I don’t play it. Before I did not like it but Now my kids are playing it and I like it. We enjoy it togheter.

  10. shahram says:

    I jog every day about 4 Km then I exercise 20 minutes then I jog slowly 1 Km .
    Once a week I jog for 8 Km.
    Every day I read a book approximately 500 pages a week .

  11. tuyetmai says:

    hi. i’m tuyetmai. i’m from vietnam. although i like football, i don’t play it. i only watch on tv. i like manchester united team and my boyfriend like chelsea.we often watch football at football coffee and sometime talk about it each other.
    i think football can people get nearlier

  12. Santos says:

    Play football, and running everyday to keep fit if you are boring with running you can just walk in the beach everyday and enjoy the fresh air from the ocean
    So you can do many things for this life and enjoy it everyday just keep in your mind that health is everything for the life so we have to keep it fit and you can do other things.

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