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World English Course

There are lots of things you can learn in the World English Course. There is a place where you can talk about work and there is also a place where you can find a job and a place where you can find staff. There is a place where you can have fun and there is a place where you can talk about food or family. There is also a place where you can talk about money or love or philosophy. You can study anything you want anytime you want. You can do it once a week or every day or any time you like. Have fun! Work hard! Tell your friends and family members! Enjoy!

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61 Responses to “Study and Learning”

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hi, my name is Jessica, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil.
    Well, in my school I have english class but we don’t practice too much, so I have a lot difficulties to understand movies, songs, stories…
    I need someone who wants help me and learn english too. My dad is trying to help me, but he’s like a baby, a beginner, then we help each other.

    my skype name is : umajessicahw

  2. Amalia anistasia says:

    I’m amal, i like english, but my conversation so weak…

  3. manasa says:

    this is usefull website i learned lot from this thanking you

  4. amna says:

    i wana improve my english…

  5. amna says:

    i wanna improve my english…

  6. amna says:

    i want to improve my english!

  7. azeem says:

    I’m from Sudan I want to improve my English

  8. azeem says:

    Im Abd alazeem ahmed from Sudan iwant to improve my english

  9. Rabab says:

    Hi I am Rabab I am journalist working as freelancer with T.v and newspapers , I need make my other language more strong for developing my work….

  10. khalid says:

    Hi all my english is very bad, i have some problem is speaking and writing,
    i sow get confused i can’t speak english

    my skypen name is khalid

  11. flordeliz bantilan says:

    for them if you are educated already applying for a job is easy if you already holding a degree. for them being a poor is not a hindrance in achieving their success but you need to pass all the trials in life just like a puzzle you need to solve it first before you proceed to the next one which more complicated.

  12. flordeliz bantilan says:

    i currently enrolled in st.michael’s college,iligan city and a BEED-3 student (bachelor of elementary education)i choose this course due to my mother’s eagerness which is to become a teacher as one of his ambition which she failed to do before during her time. and i also find it more interisting especially here in philippines being a teacher is a passion most especially if you are assign in a remote area which is too far from the city.most of the student there are less fortunate specifically in financially support,at this young age numerous of these pupils cease to there study just to work and help there parents just for needs to satisfy which there income is inadequate to support as an additional expenses which is the ” education”.this young learner help me to motivate and pursue this profession.

  13. Yousaf Sadiq Rahmat says:

    i love english conversition but my english is very weak who can help me to talk with me by my skype email
    this is my Email

  14. Lalith rohana says:

    i like to practice english

  15. Lalith rohana says:

    i am a graguate in Science i like to practice inglish language

  16. manoraj says:

    iam a malayalam student i can write &read english properly.but i dontknow how to spek in english.Mamy grammar mistake & dontknow any one word if anybody
    If anybody interested you highly welcome

  17. Banan B . W says:

    Hi to every body , my name is Banan and I’m still student in a medicine college , I like what I’m studying although the little stucked scare which I still have it in the blood and surgery stuff . . But if I wanna answer this kind of Q in which other stuff I’ll be happy to study ? Probably I’m gonna choose the dancing and decorating or practicing the law … And that’s it . . have a terrific day & race care .

  18. Eman says:

    My name is eman I am a teacher in english language, I like the english but sometimes it’s difficult

  19. Moshe Sarker says:

    My name is Moshe Sarker. I am a Bangladeshi. I came from a Christian family (Roman Catholic). I am a student MBA Program. University name is Bangladesh University of Business & Technology-BUBT. My major subject is HRM. If you possible please help me to continue my study.

    God bless you

    Thanking you,

    Moshe Sarker
    Skype: moshe.sarker
    Mobile: +88 01711441206
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  20. sanjay says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am english carefully read e.g. news paper , any otehr articales but i am not understanding english to gujarati conversation.

    Please help me.

    please reply by my mail id :


  21. danel says:

    i want to speak English fluently but i can’t, what shall i do? if any one who can help me i am very happy thank you.

  22. Nhung says:

    Hi! My name is Nhung! I come from Vietnam.I really want to speak English well, but I stil can’t find the best way to do it. I have not enough belief in myself. Anh, how shy I am, but I have a bit lazy :(! How can I? Anyone can help me? Please….

  23. dwda says:

    i study english
    we have the Synges’s Riders to the Sea as a selfstudy
    could anyone help me with this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas

  24. shirley says:

    I have been study English for three years, but I can’t talk with nobody.
    I would like talk to pratice my English
    Can I?

    • Banan B . W says:

      Yes , yes and yes you absolutely can ! But if you allowed me with this advice : ( don’t you ever dare to think about what the others will say when your talking and committing some mistakes , because if you just believe you won’t ever – no matter how longly and hardly time you’ve been studying – learn the language verywell , just talk & talk & talk and learn from your mistakes and you will notice that your doing a grait job . ( notice : I’m an Arabian girl & so I’m just like you and I’m still learning the English by speaking and reading a lot ) , hope you the best .

    • sujith says:

      Yes u can…

  25. Hakou Abdou says:

    My school name is TAMBRIDGE school’
    My profession is ENERGY ENGINNER

  26. Hi!
    My school name is AL Seher SEcondary school’ and graduate from KArachi university
    My profession is Nursing>Now day I am practising of IELTS.

  27. ramchandra says:

    this is ramchandra
    i am enrolled student in b.v.raju inistitute of technology,
    from hydrabad, india

  28. jomana says:

    I am learning English now for TOEFL test i prepare for it cause I am going to have a test on December. I am planning to continue my high studies (MSc) abroad, so I am working hard to better my English and hope to reach the advanced level to get the required score. my skybe (jomanaje9)

  29. cherief says:

    hi i m interesting to learn english more and more, i need to know the best way to do that, because many time when i start to learn i stop after some courses,i m good in french i want to be good in english too,i want someone to help me how to continue without stoping. i want to be
    thanks a lot this is my

  30. Ammar says:

    I have graduated from university and I,m Translator but i shoud be profesional Translator and Speaker so I have to read and listen more and more

    please hulp me
    Thank you and best regards


  31. Salem says:

    I am Salem Nasser, from Yemen. I am a student at Amideast for learing English.

  32. Rezvan says:

    oh sorry, I forgot to give you my e-mail address. It’s

  33. Rezvan says:

    Hi everybody. well I’d like to tell you about what I really like and enjoy. actually, nothing can make me feel happy and cheer me up when I’m feeling down like learning, even if it’s only a new English word.I’m really into English and I’ve been teaching it for two years now. I could say no job is as great as teaching English to your countrymen! I’d like to exchange ideas about teaching with any of you who has any interest in the subject. THANKS!

  34. Laura Amisadai says:

    Hi,I’m Laura. I study languages degree.I really like my degree,but sometimes I feel disapoint because I think that I can’t practice and improve my English..I’d like to practice English with somebody,or a native speaker…

    This is my skype: laura.amisadai.frias

  35. adauto says:

    Hello there, I’m Adauto. I’m from Brasil and I’m an artist. I prefer to speak about art, painting and sculpture. I don’t speak English very well but I like learn English. I need to speak English with other people for improve my skills in this language. And change news ideas about arts or others things interestings. My name on skipe is ‘adauto venturi’ .
    see you. good bye

  36. sharmeen says:


    I am a teacher and it doesn’t mean that my learning period is over, because I believe learning never ends, its start from cradle and end in grave.

  37. Afaf says:

    Hi My name is Afaf i am learning English well i wanna be good one please some one help me to send me some sentences of english please i am waiting for you all ,

    Your freind Afaf

  38. Anupama says:

    iam a Tamil medium student,i can write &read english properly.but i dontknow how to spek in english.Mamy grammar mistake & dontknow any one word meaning.

  39. Murali says:

    Hi All

    my english is very bad ,l have a lots of problems in wirting the proper gramer, l ways get confused with the present and past words and confidently l can’t speask english.

    my skypen name is murali0513,

  40. Djoko says:

    Hi, All.
    I am Djoko. I am from Indonesia. My conversation is very poor. Therefore I would learn English more and more. Thanks for Mark and Aaron. This program is very interesting.

  41. taasimo says:

    I’m studing for TOEL test to join to college and I’m looking for a partner that we can paractice our English together. If anybody interested you highly welcome. My Skyspe neme is (taasimmo).


  42. menhaj says:

    i m weak to speake english confidently so what i do for it.

  43. menhaj says:

    hi there.
    i m menhaj and i m doing B.E in metallurgy and materials engineering.i want to know about materials more more and for what i do please tell me any advice if u can. thank u for ur consideration.catch u later good bye.

  44. tondro says:

    I am graduated of MBA 2 years ago but I like exercise english.

  45. faisal taha says:

    Iam studying inglish in the night calleg

  46. lamiaa says:

    my name is Lamiaa. i want to be good one in my career but really my method is so boring. i study medicine and love learn other language.

    • raz nariwal says:

      Hi my name is yonas and can speak in 5 differents languages I am phamacist and want to practice and improve my english and other languages, if you are interested you are welcome and add me in your email or skype ,so we can excange our knowledge to each other, I am looking forward to you answer, this is my skype name ( yonas,zizi)

  47. crysatl says:

    i’m very happy now because I found out a effective method of studying. Do you know mindmap? I think it’s good for your studying

  48. shaki says:

    I had great fun by reading or learning something informative.

    • mia says:


      I love to learn about crystals, about spirituality and about … the secret.

      I like to apply the Ley of atraction . If anybody want to talk about this I am very open to conversotion. Thanks and i expect you make changed to our experience. By BY

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