The Story of America – Superman – The Man of Steel

Look at these verb phrases:

the first superman cartoons comprised seventeen animated ..

…consisted of seventeen animated ..

What exactly did you hear?

were produced by
was produced by

Adverbs of frequency!

which is the name they commonly go by
which is the name they usually go by

Verb Phrases

was dissolved and re-organised as …

will be familiar with …

a private joke
a dirty joke

Do you know any jokes?

More Verb Phrases

first appeared
first appears

was created by
is created by

was titled
was entitled

was released on
was put out on

was provided by
is provided by

who also provided
who also did

would return to the role of Superman
will return to the role of Superman

… had more elements of a sci-fi nature

outlandish perils
outlandish dangers

the classic opening line

Faster than a speeding bullet.
More powerful than a locomotive.
Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound.

Are there superheroes in your culture?
Did you read superhero comics when you were a child?
Do you read them now?
Are you a manga fan?

What is superman a metaphor for?

Link to the Metaphor Page

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