Techniques – Talking to Yourself

Have you ever tried talking to yourself as a way to study English?

If you talk to yourself, you will identify the areas where you have a vocabulary weakness.

If you talk to yourself, you will practice your pronunciation. You will also relax and unwind.

If you talk to yourself in another language, you will become more comfortable with that language.


Talking to Yourself with Rube Hayworth

The legendary Mosquito City country and western singer Rube Hayworth is also known for being something of a polyglot. He is able to speak several languages. Many musicians have a good ear for language but Rube claims he doesn’t learn languages using his musical ability. He uses another technique. He just talks to himself.

[audio:talk to myself.mp3]

I talk to myself when I am in my room
I talk to myself when I am by myself

You might think I am crazy.
You might think I am mad

I talk to myself in my room

And I speak pretty good English

Talking to Yourself as a Technique

Rube Hayworth says:

[audio:talk to yourself 2.mp3]

If you want to learn English you will find that the greatest technique of all is waiting here for you inside yourself.

If you could just talk to yourself alone in your room you will find the greatest technique of all; talking to yourself at home alone in your room will make your English … better.

Rube says:

You will find that the greatest technique that you will ever find …
The one that you can always use …
The one that will never let you down …
The one that will always stand by you …
The one that will always be there for you …
The greatest technique of all … learning to talk to yourself … alone in a room.

Talk to yourself alone in a room!

I am not crazy.
I was just talking to myself.

Do you talk to yourself?
Do you sing to yourself?

I like to talk to myself all night.

Do you talk to yourself?


Tell us about it. write your answer in the comments section.

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World English Course

There are lots of things you can learn in the World English Course. There is a place where you can talk about work and there is also a place where you can find a job and a place where you can find staff. There is a place where you can have fun and there is a place where you can talk about food or family. There is also a place where you can talk about money or love or philosophy. You can study anything you want anytime you want. You can do it once a week or every day or any time you like. Have fun! Work hard! Tell your friends and family members! Enjoy!

The Time Page

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  1. Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thanks Nevertheless I’m experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting equivalent rss downside? Anybody who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx

  2. sidra Naz says:

    Hi everyone, Me Sidra Naz from pakistan, i read all the tips before some days and started acting upon that happily me going to share i fascinated myself too much and my views and english spoken flourished at great length.
    Thank You

  3. Nouhou says:

    hi.I’m a student and i like to speak english every where i’ll stay in my life because english is speak more over the world.But my english speaking don’t developp because people in my area don’t speak english so i don’t know how to developp it please could you help me?

  4. Djurop says:

    my skype is djurostankovic89

  5. I am a new student, i like a improve my speaking skills dicussing with you

  6. barkhad abdi says:

    thank you for your attention

  7. barkhad abdi says:

    hi iam new student english but i wish to learn very well first my name barkhad abdi abdilaahi i live in somalia in hargiesa iam student i studied in modern schools specialy the primary schools in grade seven my age is 15 years old the hardest part in english is a speak

  8. Ernest says:

    hi i am new student english but i wish to learn very well.
    i think that is hard and sometimes we need patience

  9. mariel says:

    The hardest part for me of english is Speak. When I am in front of people is imposible for me to say a word, I worry about how ugly sounds my english.

  10. Inka says:

    Hi Cynthic!
    I like your comment very much, it contains a lot of ideas which force us to meditate how such a special technique can help us.
    I also use this technique very often.
    I wish you a lot of success in your study of English!!!

  11. ikra says:

    yes i like to talk to my self all day and i want to learn english very well thanks for asking

  12. Tung Nguyen says:

    Dear all,

    It was very great to know all of you, I’m naval architect and I’m working for a shipbuilding company,the English is so important for everone who are working in the foriegn company where the English is most popular.

    I have one experience would to share with you, try to learn English by the relaxing,
    at everytime you can get the sound of English from somewhere arround you, just do it as much as possible….

    Thank you for your attention

    Tung Nguyen – Vietnam

  13. fery says:

    hi, I talk to myself in my car ,becouse it is my privecy place in my world, it is very good experience

  14. hello,

    i agree and i was followed your technique but it does not helped me because i have some problems that i want to share with you and i m very much excited to solve and make a good carrier in life.

    actualy my problems are

    1. i feel like my mouth is full off water, that makes me speel the words
    2. i will blank when i face someone who can speak better english than me
    3. i cant get the words suddenly
    4. when i start to speak i feel like my body is shaking itself and falling doun
    5. i cant speel even correctly.

    please give some suggesation to over come from this problem.

    i am waiting for your kind reply

  15. Ronil says:

    i dnt agree with the author of “Talking to yourself”. i think someone should guide us and show us our mistakes so we cannot do that mistakes in future….By the way m Ronil frm India and m also trying to improve my english. my problem is,i can understand english when others speak but i cannot speak in english its getting me difficult to meke sentences and speak continuiously in english…

  16. ejig says:

    Hi i’m fine why not stop your program please send me your program. I’m studying accounting university I’m a beginner but I want to improve my English and I want to control my English learning. Thank you

  17. ejig says:

    Hi i’m fine why not stop your program please send me your program Well, I’m studying accounting I’m a beginner but I want to improve my english and I want to control my english learning. Thank you

  18. loreza says:

    Hi my name is loreza just call me Rhizza . Rigth now i’m practicing to speak English ,I really want speak fluently as well as to prounce the words properly. I hope you can give me more advice.

  19. wan says:

    Hi there… the tips given are very interesting. i have to talk to my self.. i realy want to lean english. i like to further my study but i very shy when somebody talk with me in englih because im cannot reply it. i can undestand but dont know how to talk better.. i also like to have a friend so i can improve my english..

  20. romal says:

    hello to all
    this romal from Afghanistan i learn english at academic ceter for one year i am abeginner but i want learn how can i pronounce the words correctley i have problom that is pronounceing if words correctley and second question is that how can we learn english words and how can we improve to our english skills thanks for adding nice information i really get advatage from it,
    thanks to everybody
    your freind
    romal khan

  21. Derly Johanna says:

    Well, I’m studying English Philology at University, I’m a beginner but I want to improve my english and I want to control my english learning. Thank you for this tip, is very useful and sometimes, I practice myself in this way. Can you give me more tips about how understand, practice and learn more vocabulary?? and the most important for me: speak english in a understanding way and fluently. I consider that my english level is intermediate. it is my email:

  22. Bujin says:

    Hi, I am Bujin, 36 years old, Mongolian lady. I study English now, I hope so, I am study English very good. Hi people can I help me, My e-mail adress Thanks, all

  23. Thanh Nguyen says:

    Hi every body,

    I am new member. I feel that it is difficult to speak sth out fluently. I try to watch bbc/cnn but I can not understand all. They speak so fast and I can not take notes so that how can I look it up in the dictionary to understand what they spoke? Please help me.


  24. Glen says:

    I have spoken to myself-in English- especially after the other person whom I was talking to left me alone. And I could say that in the second conversation I was PERFECT. Still, the “second” conversation is the accurate one but I’m wondering abot when the first one is going to be as good as (I think) is the second one.

    • Cynthik says:

      Dear Glen, probably the second one will be as good as the first one when you feel free to speak like you did it in the second opportunity, just thinking, talking, and listening to yourself with no fear, stress or complex. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t try to be “Mr perfect english speaker” it takes a lot of unnecesary energies.
      Just do it, in the same way you did it for you.
      ¿What else can you offer to others better than that? Best regards, Cynthik

  25. Ujjwal says:

    Hi friends, I think talking to yourself is a greate technique. Though it does not garuntees if you are speaking correctly or not, but it is very useful who are beginers and feel hesitate or shy to speak in front of others. This hepls to understand our timimg of constructing sentences and make us know that now we can start speaking with others. One more advantage is that you can practise anytime, anywhere because you r always with you.

  26. Cynthik says:

    Hi dear Aaron and Mark, I like your proposal very much. I often talk to myself you know… and I can listen to myself too. In the past years I sarted to learn a lot of things about me, discovering that it’s fascinating to understand my emotions, my ideas, my culture,and my actions.
    Sometimes I have doubts, and sometimes everything changes so fast… some other times there are simple answers, or in most of the cases more and more questions.
    But, by talking to myself I feel inspired about me, and my circumstances, knowing that uncertainty is my friend. Beyond my mistakes there are deeper things to discover. And the language becomes a sort of bridge, that helps me to communicate with myself and with others as well.
    And the best part, is that I know that I don’t know, so I can continue with my learning precess finding people like you. People that don’t know me, but at the same time, people that I can appreciate and love.
    I can feel thankful. You guys, help me to reflect and to grow as a human being. In my case, english language is a beautiful excuse to know , understand, sometimes tolerate and love myself and other people. Is this sounds weird? I think you can understand my message. Thank you for your loving stimulus. Take care. Big hug, Cynthik

  27. Olena says:

    Thank you a lot for your lessons. I continue to study English, but by reading original fiction literature, writing and sometimes by teaching by heart some sentences. Unfortunately my real English still not have been improved. It’s a good idea – talking to yourself. I’ll try it.

  28. widhi says:

    helo, my name is turwidi buwang. Iam indonesia he he. please share english with me…

  29. Mohammad Hakim says:

    Talking myself techniques may be helpful to improve my learning english but it is not enough. I want to improve my listening skill so what technique is appropriat for me?

  30. sunday says:

    Yeah….i always talk to myself in English.i like English and i always write story or music in English too.but it’s not good.

  31. bader says:

    i think a pretty good idea to talk to yourself, but the the problem here is how to gain the style of talking, i think that’s all what matter

  32. shantha says:

    i am still not confidant to talk in english,even though i understand.i am confused with using can,could,would,will ,shall,should.please give suggestions.

    • haja says:

      hi shantha,

      If you will get any information regarding the same doubt, send me mail also. I am also confused.

      • nawin says:

        Hello shantha and haja i want to try solve your problem , Ok i give some examples
        then you understand better ,
        CAN:it is telling about our strength ex: i can read
        could:it is all so similar to can but it is use in past tense ex: i could play the foot ball when i am 6 years old .
        WILL:it is telling about future planes it is use ofter (They , she, will…)
        SHILL:it is all so telling about future planes but it is used ofter only (I,WE)
        another thing is COULD , WOULD , SHOULD IS often use in respective worlds also
        COULD:could you tell where is the pen sir (asked with respect)
        WOULD: would you join our community sir
        SHOULD:We should respect our elders
        i hope you are understand if you are any doubts contact my mail.

  33. claude says:

    I’m sure it’s will work.It’s fun.I like it and I’ll be fluente in english.
    Thanks a million.

  34. ramin says:

    It is really usefull to talk any language with ourselves . that is really a good idea thanks
    i really wanna be friend with any one who is online more often
    my yahoo ID is :

  35. johjoh says:

    Hi everybody,

    it is a great pleasure for me to be with you in learning English

    it is agreat idea to learn English by talking to myselfe, actually i always use this techniqe and i find it usefull. Sometimes i talk about my life and my goals and how can i achieve them in order to be successfull in my life. Also, sometimes i imagin that i talk to my English teachers and it help me alot to improve my English speaking.

    thank you alot,

  36. Shafiqah Ali says:

    some times when I speak with myself , my daughters expect me is mad and always they laugh and show what I do every time during my speaking , by the way I love to speak English to myself even I seem like mad or any thing that no important .

    I feel comfortable and convinced that I do well by help myself ,I think my language is better than befor.

  37. Rute says:

    Hi everybody..Congratulations, because you all students already practice this method . I did´nt know and now I will try it. I need improve my listen so much. After I will tell how I will feel talking by myself.

  38. selamawit says:

    I think this is the best method for me thankyou

  39. David menezes says:

    well, actually it happen many times, sometimes when i going through difficult time i just talk my self on my own,trying to find a solution or just to be convict about what i just want to do,personally i think that´s normal as long as that don´t be a habit and, do all your best to avoid talking to your self when you´re serrounded by a lot of people, never let it take you over,cause i can sound like you going crazy.

  40. Angleica says:

    I have a lot friends who are learning English and I offered them to practice with me,but for any reason they don’t want. I respect people everybody knows their way to study, but in my case I use to studying by myself, speak by myself, etc.
    I am really proudof myself. My English now it is a clear and understanding.

    Okay .
    good luck for everybody

  41. Angleica says:

    I have a lot friends who are learning English and I offered them to practice with me,but for any reason they don’t want. I respect people everybody knows their way to study, but in my case I use to studying by myself, speak by myself, etc.
    I am really proudof myself. My English now it is a clear and understanding.

    Okay .
    good luck for everybody

  42. Alberto says:


    • Piroska says:

      Hello Alberto
      Your comments are very useful and clever.I recommend you a very good internet site:
      Many and Learn English with VIDEOS-Watch Videos ESL.
      There is another
      You can download this 66 pages grammar.

  43. aliah says:

    I some time use this technique ,but I don’t new if I talk really English or just do something crazy. After this advice I’ll keep going.

  44. Ari Widani Ni Ketut says:

    One day I talked to my self in front of mirror my friend was surprised and told me I was crazy! and I told her I was memorized the drama dialog 😀 I just need to have a partner to practice my language. Sometimes I read the dialog in English I become two persons with deferent voice color, funny but interesting.

  45. Engy Sobhy says:

    tell me how to improve the language by talk my self, please?

  46. Engy Sobhy says:

    sometimes i am trying to talk my self, but i need to someone to talk with him to improve language.

  47. Athula Dissanayake says:

    Hello dear friends,
    I strongly believe that talking to oneself may be immensely useful for the improvement of fluency in english. I have practiced it before. But after recieving this letter, I determined to prctice it with a great effort.
    It is true that talking oneself for no reason, is a kind of madness. But If it is for the improvement of english, then it is a great technique.
    Before i wind up this letter, let me off my hat for the respectable teachers of this course.

  48. I think speaking with myself cans help me to improve my vocabelary and understand have much I need to learn new words and that’s very helpful but is not inofe for learning pronansation and fluent speeking. Those can be reached by speaking with native or fluent speaker. Anyway, thank a lot for your lessons and advises.

  49. Diego says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I discovered that the best way to learn how to speck english fluently without problems but with normal mistakes is LISTEN ALL THE TIME!!! Sound a bit crazy! But you have to manage yourself to listen all the time.
    I’ll share my experience with all of you: I listen the radio (lbc 97.3 London Biggest conversation) all the time on line, then when i am outside i listen any podcast or whatever in english… the result is: Before you know it, You are understanding pretty much everything, and if you are capable to understand native people talk, you soon are going talking like them… Making some normal mistakes!!!
    But don’t worry too much about them, nobody is perfect!

    I’m Diego from Argentina, still doing my best to get fluent…. so any help is always very welcome. Leave my e mail.

  50. hi, how are u .
    that’s great your advice is fantastic.
    thanks a lot.

  51. Gunasekar says:

    hi really this traning is well rea;;u it is useful in myself

    • My problem is not to speak English but understand a conversation between tow English speaking persons. Many year ago I could understand such conversation at leas 80% of it, but that was many years ago. What I really need is to hear conversation among English speaking people. Conversation that have to be slow at the beginning and increase de speak slowly and progressively. Sure I speak to myself and think this is a very good practice. I really appreciate what you are doing. If, in any way you can help me please do. I can not go to an English speaking country because of the sever restrictions to get $ of Eu.

    • nawin says:

      hello friends really it is very good idea i will defiantly follow this
      thanks for giving this opportunity

  52. Sergio says:

    Hello: My name is Sergio from Brazil and I study English as a option in the way my mother language is Portuguese. Sometime I use to talk to myself like a mad person, So I deciced to writte here in the way to find out friends to talk and pratice English.
    My email is: (Ihave MSN also with Web camera and sound)

  53. mujeeb says:

    i thing this is most precious way to talk in english with self because most of the time we can’t live in english srounding whenever we live alone half an our in entir day we cen try to communicate self.
    thank you so much for giving such a wounderfull idea. i hope that in you will also give tis types of idea.
    thank you so much

  54. cabdirisaaq says:

    Than you very much i am very appriciating these lessons you send me and i hope that i will get more advantage and more capacity to speak english thanks a lot so i need you to repeat lesson 2,3,the it can’t open please help me thank you very

    best regards

  55. Phoumy says:

    Thanks for helping me.You always give me good tichniques to learn English.I am afraid, I don’t have many times to practise.I’ll try as hard as I can.
    Good luck.

  56. Lila says:

    Well, I prefer to improve my English spiking by talking with another person, but if it’s not available then I’ll talk to myself in my room!

  57. mohammad jakaria says:

    I think it is realy nice method to improved english.i want to know about merchandiser & what is the meaning of merchandiser & which type of responsibility.pls give me anser .i m waiting for this reply.

    Best Regards
    Mohammad Jakaria

  58. sahar says:

    hi, ever one
    i beleive that if u want to learn any languag u should spaek well to any one or speak to your self

  59. manzoor siyal says:

    Sir, really your mathode of teaching is very good. i also speak himself some time i feel dificulty but after few hours i fell beter to speak english
    again thanks sir,

  60. Danuta says:


    This is what I’ve actually been doing for many years now:)) I didn’t tell anyone about this technique just to avoid assessing me as crazy:)
    I do another thing , too. While listening someone talking in my native language (Polish) – let it be a dialogue or a kind of speach, I’m trying to translate it very quckly in my thoughts into English. It’s not always a perfect translation, in more complex situations I try just to get the main idea. This technique gives me a lot of confidence in English:))

  61. maxamed c/raxmaan says:

    hi i like every time to speak english becoase i like to learn that language
    so i want to help me still i dont know so mach how to conaction english garammer
    thankz lot

  62. Sachi says:

    I soetimes tried talking myself. Or I pretend talking to friend. For example,”Hi, Dorothy, How are you? Yes, I am fine and I’ve been busy these days. how about you? by the way I went to see a movie yesterday……”blah-blah-blah. But I am worry about that. Because if I talked wrong way, noboday knows. So could you give me advice?


  63. Marah Dardar says:

    Hi every body, I don’t like to talk with my self . It’s a boring way . I like learn English by an exciting way . I like to enjoy in learning . so I think talking with a real person whose origin language is English ” like American peoples for example ” is more better than talking to my self . I thing by talking with English people I will not only enjoy in learning English but also I will learn the accurate speech .

  64. saber says:

    I have been speaking with myself since last year. This is very good method and I am happy I wasn’t crazy. My friend who was my classroom advised that to me. I started to speak with myself and now my speaking is very better than that time.
    Thanks for your help.
    good luck.

  65. NOOR says:

    dear teacher this new way iwill try to do thank you

  66. princy says:

    i wants totalk myself.i want to speak with grammer.i need ur help.please help me.thank u.

    • Aqeeldx says:

      if u wanna speak English u have to study basic grammar og you should conduct a class with an experienced teacher..

  67. FuNt3R says:

    Hi! every one i wanna improve my english if some one intrested in chat with me.
    Pls add me on skype FuNt3rX

  68. FuNt3R says:

    That’s really cool technique talking to yourself i think every one should follow this technique to improve his/her english.

  69. Ghassan says:

    I feel that it will be a good techniqe in case you don’t have friends who can speak perfect English. Actually, I am studing English on my own, and I really find it too difficult especially I Know nobody to talk to. but anther thing is that , learing how to write and how to speak is required someone to correct you mistakes.

    I would like to share my experience with anyone who like.
    my email is :

    • Gnord Maypaokha says:

      Hello Ghassan, I have the same problem as you. I don’t have any friends to speak english with. I really want someone to speak and share my experience with.
      my email is
      I will add you to my yahoo messenger

      wish to meet you on yahoo messenger

  70. jenny says:

    I want to improve my english language but i can not understand how i speak with myself.

    • doremon says:

      Hi Jenny.i think you can completely talk to yourself such as express your feeling, your idea, or your thouhgt about anything which you see, you hear with yourself by speaking it out.

  71. Madlazim says:

    Dear every body,

    I know that many kinds of techniques to study english. I am studying english by using combination of the techniques. Sometimes I talk myself in my room, sometimes I listening song, wath movie. Now I feel can improve my english skill, but it has not perfect. I still I study english untill now. I need your help to improve my english. Thanks for all.



  72. anissa says:

    Good morning!

    Yes I can confirm through my experience that speaking is the best way to improve any language skills no matter if it is with yourself or with other people.Anyway talking to native speakers helps more.

    Good luck.

    • mohand says:

      I see what is considered nowadays the most language used over the world. There is a big movement never happened in few decades ago because of the yearns of how to sepeak and write english correctly. So, before moving to the moon we had better to try if the Earth fits us as we are not living in the limits that border our mind and cleverness. Really, why would we love this language? Is it the best language? or we need just use to understand the singers, movies, adevertising. It’s so difficult to answer to these questions. I can’t leap for the imagination because personally I love every languages to communicate with other people to find out what is called a culture of countries.

      I speak, arabic, french, potuguese, english and berber and I don’t have any reference or priorities. I have just understood that leanrning languages gives me the beams and beacons to insert my thaughts inside of the society where I have to share my life and my time.

      Now, learning language is a personal decision. When a decision becomes mature, we need to change our habits by speaking to myself in english, reading a books in english, watching movies in english, writing in english and organize many fields help me enhance the language.

      The duration of gettig a result is not important like a mason building a skyscraper.

      As the matter of fact , I would like to tell that you have to listen english from the native english speakers in order to speak.

      I hope that I have explained widely my opinion. Thank you very much.

  73. Y Nguyen says:

    Dear all,

    Thanks for your techniques, i think that there are a lot of techniques to improve English skills.I also like talking myself technique but i feel that it isn’t effective much as the other techiques. Because i talk myself alone, i don’t know that is it right or wrong therefore i feel that i don’t selt-confident. I like best to communicate with native speaker directly through visual-aids…. In short, i am very intering with this lesson, i’m looking forward to support your techniques as much as possible.


    • sally roshdy says:

      hi nguyen,
      I’m Sally from Egypt,i’m very agree on your opinion. really w need to talk with natives to learn right english and then be confident of our selves. in the same time i couldn’t reduce the importance of this technique as a mean to learn and be familiar with language.

  74. manjula vani says:

    reply n talk in english ven u attend a phone call that improves conversation communication skills

  75. Alberto says:

    The true is that this technique is awesome you can improve your English skills and make sure that your speech is gonna be better, not only that you can talk to yourself but to your wife mother any friend or relative you have do it in real conversations it does not matter if the other person does not understand at least you will make it better remember that the practice makes the masters ja ja ja I’m on myu way to be an English teacher and I’m very plesed because of that and I want to share it to all of you. Y viva Mexico Y viva USA

    • ila says:

      hi friend, i’m english teacher to, i don’t have friend to practice english anymore,would you mind if i ask you to help me by giving u’r email, because i talk with u a lot, although it just in written,ok.thanks before

  76. Alberto says:

    Hey! I can’t believe actually I’ve been talking to myself as a manner of learning English but nobody told me about it I discovered it for myself and I totally agree with you now my english is too much better my fluency and grammar is remarkable I’ve passed this advice to other people but I think that they are lazy people and don’t want to improve their life conditions any way I’m becoming in an almost native English speaker because of my effort.

    • jaco says:

      Hi Alberto ,
      I am so prowed of you and any one can help himself to do what he wants and sucses.
      I just want to tell you that your English is very good and if you have another advice you just can tell me ,you studied English from witch books ,you starts with the grammar or reading ,witch sites …
      it is realy my dream to talk English fluently.
      Thanx any way if you reply.

      • Alberto says:

        Ok one thing is true whatever you do no matter what it is if you are not passionated about it you are in troubles, but if you are passionated at learning english I assure you that you will get it, of course that it takes time it does not come by a wonder, I started to study English 3 years ago and I’m still studying every single day that is why now I’m able to speak and to understand almos about anything now I have a better work and I can sell myself to any other company which needs someone that speak write and understand English and talking about techniques everything is useful you can read a book watch movies listen music but if you are a begginer English student I recommend you that first you enrich your vocabulary and study the English grammar actually English grammar is easier than Spanish grammar the key word here is “understanding” for instance if I tell you “I’ll back you up” if you don’t understand you need to inquire what it means at the time you figure it out make sure that you will never forget it.
        I have read what you wrote and I realize that you need to take a look at the English grammar it is the easiest thing of the English learning, as I told you you need to walk step by step.
        best regards.

        Respect is the best way to reach your goals. if you respect what you do everything will work in you advantage.

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