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  1. Mukesh says:

    Hi Friends,
    My name is mukesh and I am from Delhi (India). I am working with an MNC company in Gurgaon, and I can speak in english but not like a native english speaker. I have upper intermediate level in english. If anyone with similar level want to communicate with me, please mail me at

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Bibo says:

    hi. I’m bibo and i from Egypt, and I hope to learn English language clearly
    my msn:
    my skype: abo_bakr78

  3. Arafen87 says:

    Hi, I’m Cinzia and I’m from Sicily. i want to improve my English language. My mail is for messenger or skype. See u soon 🙂

  4. I wanna know someone to learn english with thisn webside. i wanna to speak for him or her on skype. someone help me?
    my e-amil it’s
    I love the life

  5. I like this webside because it’s giving a different topic and that is make me improve my level one more again.I think that; before 2014 i’ll speaking and writing english.
    I wish happy new year for everyone

  6. Peter Hajdu says:

    My name is Peter Hajdu from Hungary. I deal with guests in Hajduszoboszlo town, where is the largest spa in Europe. It is very important to me, to practise my English skills, because most of my foreign guests speaks this language. Please help me to progress!

  7. hassibullah Mirzay says:

    Hi this is me Hassibullah Mirzay I am ver happy which I join to this site and want to improve my in english beacasue this is very best best apartunaty to progress my english lesson thnaks for you nice eenglish course

  8. Valentin says:

    Hi dear team of EC ! I have always found your lessons profound, authoritative, and fun at the same time. It is pleasure to learn English and to expand my horizons at once. I hope we will go on on the same track in the 2013. Have a marvelous New Year Eve celebration guys! Val – Bulgaria

  9. Olteanu Sorin says:

    Hi everybody

    If you want to speak a lot with a partner,you could talk with me. We could talk any subject everyday. Think about it,it”ll be fun and will learn english too!

    or my skype ID: sorin_scouse

    my messenger ID: olteanu_sorin_1990

    my e-mail:

  10. Vishwanath says:

    Hi guys
    i’m vishwanath from india
    i would like to speak in english and improve my language
    so please help me
    my facebook id

  11. Alaa El din Hassan says:

    I’m Alaa Hassan i like English and from time to time i study English but I’m afraid to forget so i need away to reminder my self and to get easy word and sentence so if you can send something like that i will be happy and it’s kind of you and please till me what about my English
    Thank you &best regards

  12. liaqat ali folladi says:

    Hi, I am liaqat ali folladi ,I like to improve my english speaking .I like to speak english to any one . My skype id is (alif1452)

  13. basel says:

    thank you, get me more and more thanks again for your efforts

  14. mariya says:

    i like to improve my english and i like to have a lot friend to speak english each skype id is mariya.

    • mohammad says:

      Hello are you?I like to improve my english like you,too.pleas send me your mail till to chat with each other.thanks. by

  15. seema jassal says:

    hi i m seema from india.i want to improve my english conversation.

  16. I’m Roth Vong from Cambodia. I need your support for properly speaking English and correctly grammar. I also want to improve writing skill, so friends, i need your support and I’m here submitting my Skype is: Roth Vong, Facebook:Roth Vong, and e-mail: , one again I’m thank in advance for your support.

    I’m looking forward to hearing a great support and chatting messages. !!!!!!!!!hopefully your Roth.

  17. Ayoob says:

    Hai Friends, Am Ayoob From india, i need your support for speaking english smoothly and fastly with correct grammer, also want to improve my writing skills like mails official letters etc,, so friends i need you all of your support and here am submittting my skype is id: Ayoobkhan684, Facebook id: Ayoobabdulkarim & my mail id:, once again am thanking you all of my friends for your great support and from now am waiting for you chat message…….. hopefully your Ayoob

  18. kiran says:

    I am kiran. I like to speach english everyone and like this course

  19. Ahmed Samy says:

    really the is no words can describe my appreciation for all of your efforts ,keep up the good work ,,, i hope to improve my language skills ,and i will ISA 🙂

  20. Renny says:

    Hi i ‘m Renny, i’ m from Indonesië ,i want to learning english ,bicause i’m everyday home and my work speek my with Dutch.i’m living in Nederland. Who wil help my……

    • ghanim says:

      hi i am Ghanim i am from Iraq i want to improve my language . let’s help each other in order to get better at English…. bye

    • reza says:

      hai guys, am reza from indonesia. lets study english. e-mail me please to practice english ( thanx

    • nabdonisworo says:

      Hi Rennny, i hope you will will improve your English quickly. And i wannna be your friend if you will.

  21. ashenafi says:

    Anybody every where wish to know Ethiopian tradition ,write to me . i will tell whatever he/she want. females i like so much, i will trust forever who will be my friend.

  22. ashenafi says:

    Anybody every where wish to know Ethiopian tradition ,write to me . i will tell whatever he/she want. females i like so much, i will trust forever who will be my friend.

  23. ashenafi says:

    oh ,its relay fantastic ,in a short time ,i am sour ,i will perfect…….

  24. Manu Lalsetta says:


  25. shimaa says:

    HI, I’m Shimaa I’m from Egypt i want to improve my English

  26. kumar says:

    I am kumar, in India. want to improve my english spoken language. I am interested in conversing english. Any body wish to talk send a mail to

  27. kunya says:

    Thank you for english course

  28. mariel says:

    Thak`s for be part of your english course members list. I hope enjoy learning english together.

  29. Senthil says:

    Hi, I am senthil, I would interest to write to essay in english, but I fear if i, note in wrong spelling / grammar, if anybody help me.

  30. Abed Ali says:

    This is very good site to learn spoken English. Here you can read as well as hear. First you have to get patience and step by step complete the course.

  31. Jassim says:

    I would like to say thank you very much.

  32. muhammad nazir says:


  33. faheem rao says:

    hi every one i am interested in talking the english any one is there who want to talk with me for improving the english conversation my skype i.d is fhm.rao1 and email is

  34. affan says:

    Dear friend in the world English community,..nothing could make me better than sharing each other in any cases, weather we like it or not, English is one of them, English is the media that we can use to see other world that we can not see from where we live. I am from Indonesia, i love English since 1 was kid, i started by books, magazines, Radio, TV., and now by Internet, and English is the second linguage in Indonesia, but very few of us actively on speaking ,..Please anyone,..add me as your friend so we can share,.. share English and let’s share the World.

  35. Abba says:

    hi let me know in my email please thank you for that

  36. Abdul Jabbar says:

    Thanks for joining me to the World English Course Mailing List.

  37. abdulaahi says:

    thanks for your help,any way i need to improve my English and thank you very much

  38. trinh says:

    I wanna improve my English so bad!!! because I’m suck at all 4 skills. I’d love to be helped. my

  39. hoa bat tu says:

    I will try my best to improve english level.
    thankyou very much!

  40. Guyto says:

    I would like to improve my self about eng. And, i hope that this website will help me.

  41. joie pearl amor cocal says:

    hi everyone .. im a filipina .. i just want to share what i know in english and i’d also want to learn with you … 😉 i hope we can get along well …

  42. Coulibaly says:

    Please to inform me about your course

  43. wasif says:

    Hi, I would like to improve my ENGLISH.I want to be a master in Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, At leat 50%. Please help me out.

    Thanking You,

  44. brad says:

    To learne english

  45. Thank you for your efforts

  46. Akib says:

    Hi! This is akib from India. I’m a student of class xii. My subject is science. I would like to learn speaking english. I want to learn effortless english. That’s why I’m here. I’m new on this web site.

  47. sri says:


    i am a new comer here..
    i come from Indonesia
    i want to speak english with fluently but my english not good
    specialy in grammer..
    could you help me until my english good…
    thank you

    • affan says:

      So do i,..i am from Indonesia, i am also a new comer in this community. so dear sri lets get started,..good to know you here. don’t make the grammar an obstacle, just say it in any word on your vocab, sooner or latter you’ll know by heart in any mistakes you’ve been made. so don’t be afraid don’t be shy, just get it and say it. good luck

      your new friend

  48. katya says:

    Hello , I’m Katya , and the course is great !

    • affan says:

      Hi katya,..I am from Indonesia,..let’s learn together,..speaking in English is a miracle, many thing we can gain by English, don’t stop learning it. Let’s learn together

  49. katya says:

    Hello , I’m Katya , from Russia with love . I like that couse very much . Thanks .

    • Akib says:

      Hi katya, I’m akib from India. This is a good place to learn speaking english, isn’t it? I would liken to know about your country. Give me some informations about your country.

  50. Enung Nurhabibah says:

    Hi, nice to see you all. my name’s nung. came on let’s speak n learn english !

  51. semegn says:

    Hi my name is Semegn I’m from Ethiopia but I live in Australia and I would like to improve my english and want to practice conversation at the moment my speaking is not good. So if any one want to contact me on my Gmail address I’m morethan happy to talk in English thank you. I realy want to have conversation and talk about storys thanks. I’m avialable all night australian time.

  52. Siapalu says:

    I like this website, I can learning english by this web.. because I think with this web i will promove my english. I hope you can help me.
    thank’s fo provide web.

  53. eko says:

    je suis congolais de kinshasa,je vais apprendre l’anglais avec vous.

  54. jime says:

    i want help because my english is bad, thanks alot

  55. Carlos says:

    Lots of thanks for you English course lessons. I hope I’ll learn many things with them.

  56. tamtam says:

    hiiii………..fiends……….won’t U give the big huge for new member?!…………………I love U all……….

  57. hongdina says:

    Hi!all friend my skype “hong.dina”,also my email is “”.i hope that all of you wiil help me to improve my english speaking.

  58. hongdina says:

    it great when i see this porgrame.really i want to speak english with native speaker,and also all the studen in this class.please help me.thanks anyway.

  59. c.salaan says:

    Iam very very glad all my students and my fraind in this class

  60. Kabir says:

    This is very useful site to learn English. I think everyone will like it.

  61. Maneesh Jain says:

    Thanks To you good web side for learning English.

  62. fahimeh says:

    I appriciate you for helping us improve our English language.I can say nothing just thank so much

  63. Roya says:

    Thank you so much for your lessons .I want to improve my conversation with english people,please help me.

  64. bebo says:

    i hope use this service so i feel i couldnt use it but i ll try

  65. i’m very like this program, but i want to study english language. thank you

  66. moshe says:

    Hi jinfeng, why not, please tel me about you

  67. jinfeng says:

    Hello Moshe. I’m trying to improve my english. I hope you can help me. Thanks for your help.

  68. moshe says:

    Every body can sent to me emails by this address.

  69. moshe says:

    Every body can sent to me emails by this address.

  70. soheila says:

    Hi,I m soheila from iran,thanks alot because ur site is really helpful.I need to learn english because of my business and also i want to learn english because i m interested in english alot.i think we can communicate easily with this language,through this language we can be connected with every one in the world,So thank you Mr Mark and Mr Aoarn.
    also i ask everyone here to help me learn english more i will be thanksfull alot,

    • omid Nayab says:

      Dear Sohil my name is omid nayab from afaghanistan yea u r right thanks for this side actually i have allot of porblem in english cuz i work in OXUS Afganistan Microfinance as a Branch Operation Officer in Herat and i want to learn English better if u wnato speak or converstion with me please add me this is my skyp Zaryab.omid

  71. faiza says:

    I appreciate ur help to every body want to learn english ,i understand every thing in english .i’m so good in writing and reading ,but in speaking i’m weak what shall i do to improve my speaking and also i feel shy when i speak .please i need ur advice thanks in advance for ur help .

  72. zuhal says:

    I enjoy so much to learn englisch.thanks a lot and i hoop to get more lessen.

  73. moshe says:

    I enjoy so much every time when I learn English with you, I’m from Israel and I need it. Thank you very much.

  74. Ady ringgo says:

    Your english is well, so I like it, But I hohe Mr. have to give us morer experionce about it. And I want you correction my sassages, if there are wrong word you canh makeit to be right. Thank a lot of your faithful to me.

    • moshe says:

      appreciate your trying to help everybody to learn the English language and that you pool. Thanks
      Moshe from Israel

    • ann... says:

      i think you english is very well the people can understand you… but it is words that you have to correct.. kisses from paraguay

  75. Solongo.Kh says:

    Thank you. Very thank you. I’m Mongolia. My speak English is not so good. Please help me. I’m stading in English.

    • moshe says:

      Hi, I can try to help you, pkease tel me about you.

      • omer says:

        I need your help to improve my conversation skills, what would be the way to start please let me know

        Awaiting for your email or skype me at umersbtjapan



  76. Tanja says:

    Thank you for thoes interesting English courses !!!

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