Arms and Legs – The Body Page

You have:

a head
two arms
two legs
a torso

They are joined.
Take care of them!

Body Parts

the heart
the head
the leg
the arm
the torso
the feet
the shins
the thighs
the ankles
the calves
the soles of the feet
the hips

Do you know the meanings of all of the words?

Activity for Vocabulary Development

Draw a picture of a human body. Write the names of the body parts next to the parts. Do it in English.

Idioms with Body Parts

Can you give me a hand?
Can you help me?

It is time to head off.
It is time to leave.

I am keeping a breast of things
I am keeping my head above water.
I am just managing to keep up with my workload.

Do you know any more idioms with body parts? Write them in the comments section below.

Idioms in other Languages

Do you know any strange or unusual idioms? Is there a strange idiom in your language that no English speaker can understand? Tell us about it.

Do you know any untranslatable words?


The word “arm” forms a large family of idioms and metaphors which are widely used in daily speech. Look at the list of related words and phrases:

small arms fire
armed men
heavily armed men
arms manufacturers
weapons and armaments manufacturers and suppliers
armored vehicles
armor plating
the right to bear arms

The simple transformation of the physical “arm” on the body into the gun or other weapon which could be held by that arm gives us the words that follow in the list. There are many more. We live in an armor-plated world.

Let’s look at some more:

nuclear arms
arms race
armed forces
armor plating
armor cladding
a suit of armor

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