The Brother Page

Do you have a brother?


Do you have a brother?

What does he do?

What is his job?

Where does he live?

How old is he?

Is he married?

Does he have any children?

Is he an older brother or a younger brother?

Do you get on well with him?

Write about your brother. Write about your brother in the “comments” section below.

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Abraham Vortik

4 Responses to “The Brother Page”

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  1. Yes i have two brothers,one is Enginar and other is Doctor, both they are Married,and have children,both are younger then me.

  2. Khadija says:

    I don’t have a brother, but I always dream to have a brother older than me, he loves sports and help me, also he’s a funny and everybody loves him.
    I think I will get well with him!

  3. Puchong says:

    I had four brother.

  4. Som Singh Banga says:

    Yes i had a brother He is aeronoutical engineer besides job working as real estate agent in Surry, Vencouver.He is 49 years old now become a native of Canada and residing in Surry.He is married and have two kids one son and one doughter.He is my elder brother.He is little bit very proudy type always talk about money matter while in family and with friends and i always try to get ride from him.

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