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Which cereal do you eat mostly?


The word “cereal” comes from the name of the Roman Goddess of grain and the harvest: Ceres.

Cereals or grains like wheat, rice and maize are the staple food in most cultures.

Which cereal is most commonly eaten in your country?


Clarifying for Meaning


Do you mean breakfast cereal or the actual grain?


Breakfast Cereals

Corn Flakes

Weet Bix

Rice Bubbles

Which breakfast cereals do you know?
Which ones are popular in your circle?
Which one is the healthiest?
Which one has the most sugar?

Which one has the least sugar?

Cereals and Grains



Do you eat your cereal with milk?
Some people eat it with juice.
Have you tried it like that?
Is milk commonly drunk in your culture?

What is the situation?

Have you seen The Milk Page?

Some people are lactose intolerant. That means they cannot drink milk or eat milk products. How terrible!


Are you a milk drinker?


Are you going shopping?


What are you going to buy?


Write your answer in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

Look at this shopping list:

a bottle of milk

a kilogram of flour

a kilogram of sugar

a kilogram of rice

a can of tomato paste

a hundred grams of butter

a kilo of tomatoes

a tin of anchovies

a 500 ml bottle of cooking oil

a kilo of potatoes

a bottle of rice vinegar

a cabbage

Did you notice that some of the items on the list come in a weight or measure and the others come in a container. Which ones are containers and which ones are weights and measures? Write your answers in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Which ones are which?


Wheat and Flour and Bread

Cakes and Breads – Cooking with Cereals

Cakes and bread are made from flour which is made from cereals like wheat and rice and corn or maize.

Do you know a good bread or cake recipe?

What do you do for your daily bread?

Money is bread and you work for bread but how are you paid and how much is everything?

Listen to a conversation with the richest man in Mosquito City – Mr Peter BestluckWhat is wealth?

The Farmer’s Page

Are you a farmer?
What do you grow?

Have you ever grown wheat?
Have you ever grown rice?
Have you ever grown corn?

What have you grown?


The Japanese Farmer – Listen and Write

A Conversation with a Baker

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