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What are you wearing?


What are you wearing?

What are you wearing right now? Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of this page like this:

I am in Tasmania. I am wearing a pair of jeans and a coat and a T-shirt and a shirt and a sweater and a coat and a hat but I am still cold!

I am in Brazil. I am just wearing a swimsuit. It is hot. I just came in from the beach.

I am wearing a pair of long blue pants and a white shirt and tie. I have a pair of black shoes on. My socks do not match. I always wear odd socks. Where am I? I am not going to tell you! Hehehe!

Do you want to talk about clothes and fashion? Leave your details in the comments section below and tell us what you think about fashion and what you like at the moment.

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32 Responses to “The Clothing Page”

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  1. Anwar Ali says:

    I am in qatar. I wearing formal jeans, t-shirt and shirt.
    Weather is cool in morning and afternoon feel hot.
    In qatar always change the weather condition.

  2. sahar says:

    I am from Afghanistan and i wear black pants and long coats and a pair of comfortable black shoes the weather is warm.

  3. Noman says:

    Hi! …… Its Noman from Pakistan, and now I am doing job in DUBAI. today whether is to hot but I cant feel it because I am in my apartment. today I am wearing a brown T-shirt and Blue pent and watching any new Hollywood action movie for download.

    OK now talk about fission so I love fission.

    Every fission depend on tour personality if you have a good personality you wear any type of cloths you looking cool ……..

    • Julian says:

      Dear Mr Noman?

      There are some spelling and grammer mistakes that you need to revise:

      whether => weather
      Today the weather is hot but i can’t feel it because i am in my apartment.

      pent => pant
      movie => movies(because you are browsing and watching more than one movie)
      so => because
      OK, now lets talk about fission because I love fission(use ‘because’ since you are explaining in regards to the topic of selection)
      tour => your
      type of clothes you looking cool => type of clothes that makes you look cool

  4. Noman says:


  5. hussein mohammed says:

    I am wearing cotton shirt and jeans pant hear it is cold
    also iam wearning jaket iam in the work .

  6. hussein mohammed says:

    It is very good.

  7. Subhendu Biswas says:

    Right now I am wearing jeans pants and a half sleeve T-shirt.

  8. Doaa metwally says:

    I like this

  9. tarek says:

    Fashion is differ between cultures and from period to period and differ according to person .fashion is explore from people and spread between people strongly

  10. tarek says:

    I am tarek i am palstinain i wear pejma .i have weak vocabularies skills and need help

  11. mariane says:

    Hi, my name is mariane and i am from Brazil. I live in a state near argentina, so in may, june , july and august is very cold here. Sometimes with snow ( yes, in Brasil!).
    Now is very hot, so i”m wearing a pink blouse and a blue skirt, with sandalls. i love fashion, and brasilian womans use to dress very well, with many colors and high heels…

  12. Rajshekhar says:

    I am Raj, working in middle east. I am wearing cotton shirt and jeans pant. Here in Qatar the weather is very hot not. I like fashion and would like to wear newly designed dresses. During winter I am wearing jerkins and lux inner wears.


  13. Parfenyanin says:

    Hello, everything before is cool and right, in my case I’m living next to sea (Black sea, Ukraine, Odessa reg.) and wearing nothing (at beach only) because I’m nudist, is this not normal? and I dont need to tell something about cloth (joke)..As usual I like to wear shorts, T-shirts with slippers…this is my favourite cloth at the same time is very’s easy to take off their, speed and jump to cool beach…something like this.)

  14. yoga says:

    hi.I am yoga and from sri lanka. i have been living in Denmark over 25 years. I moved from Sri lanka because of the civil war. when I was Sri lanka ,I wore veddi,saram and pant. when I moved til Denmark I changed my dressed. I am wearing a pair of jeans, shirt, and pullover. in the winter season, people living in Denmark ,who wear winter dressed. every one wears winter jacket.

  15. salwa says:

    I’m from Sudan Wear Now Sudanese dress comfortably called Sari, weather a bit chilly but it’s nice

  16. salwa says:

    I’m from Sudan married and have four children, I like to wear comfortable clothing and I love watching English films, studied psychology and now does not work, I love the English language and I hope to learn study and speak fluently

  17. am says:

    Hi, Amrendra from india. i’m wearing a shirt, pants and is important.

  18. Devi says:

    Hi, I am Devi from India. I am wearing a chudithaar which is always comfortable for me.Though I would like to wear saree, I feel comfortable on wearing chudithaar.

  19. kanit says:

    Hi I’m Khanit from Thailand
    I do not pay attention about fashion very much, so I always wear a blue jean and t-shirt.I think it’s easy to dress and go out to anywhere.

  20. navin kumar verma says:

    Hi, I am Navin. I am in india. I am wearing a pair of long blue jeans pants and pink colour shirt. I have a pair of sports shoes.

  21. V.RAJU says:

    Hi, I am Raju. I am in India. Iam wearing a pair of long Black pants and a white colour shirt. I have a pair of black shoes.

  22. ami says:

    Hi, I am ami. I am in Indonesia. i’m wearing Mom’s T-Shirt…it so uncomfortble because i haven’t taken a bath yet. haha…

  23. Oscar Belo says:

    oscar Belo

    Hi..! I am in East Timor. I am wearing a jeans with T-Shirt and jacket.I am wearing the jacket as well because I go to work by motorcycle to protect my body from wind.

  24. Rokhosh says:

    Hi, I am from Iraq and I have a resident of Sweden, I am wearing a warm cloths as a pair of jeans and jacket, but inside office is hot, the weather is very wonderful, but in other side it is dangerous because this winter is dry, and there is no rain so far.

    About the fashion is making you refresh and see a life beautiful.

  25. Rabab says:

    Hi , I am in Syria right now, I not interesting about a new Fashion so I wear anything feting my buddy and comfort me, I am wearing thick T-shirt now and cotton bents and coat and I feel cold, it’s so cold her, but the weather very romantic and nice…. 🙂

  26. Mohammad Hakim says:

    I am from Bangladesh. Fashion is vey much important in our life. I am in my office now. I am wearing shirt and pant and shoes. The weahter in our country is still hot. So we don’t need to wear worm cloth.We shall start wearing worm cloth from the month of december.Winter season in my country will start from the december.Fashion is vary from season to season and we need to change our dress with the change of the seasons.But it gives pleasure to them who can afford to buy new dress at the time of need.What is the news other side of the river? Do you know?

  27. Mark White says:

    Hi Hager

    Only punctuation:

    Before i start to talk about fashion, I’d like to talk about what I am wearing now.

    I am wearing a pair of jeans and a pink T-shirt and a pair of brown shoes.

    Ok. Now, I’d like to talk about fashion. Fashion is a good thing but we should be careful what we choose.

    I think that is what you mean?

    We should be careful?

    Careful not to offend?

  28. hager says:

    Hi,befor i start talk about Fashion i’d like to talk about what am i wearing now.

    i wearnig apair of jeans and apink T-shirt and apair of brown shoes .

    ok now i’dlike to talk about Fashion
    Fashion is anice thing but we should choose be careful
    that’s all

    pleas :(if there is mistaks in my writing pleas correct it to me)

  29. Tanja says:

    Hi! Fashion is very important part of human life. Everybody is weare something. And it is very interesting!!!

    • Chaman Ali Mohibbi says:

      Hi Dears,
      I want say some thing about the fashion of Afghans people and what I a wearing?
      All Afghans clouts are the sholar commets and I wear suit every day, these are include of coat, pant, T shirt, tie and underwear, but I like my fashion.

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