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The world is full of things but not all things are the same. Some things contain or include other things.


There is a coffee cup on top of the piano.
This tea cup is quite beautiful.
Do you want a mug or a paper cup?
Do you want it in a bowl or on a plate?

Do you want a plate of rice?
The English drink tea with milk and sugar in a tea cup with a saucer.
I prefer a dish to a plate as you are less likely to spill the sauce.
Would you like a bowl of rice?

I bought a box of chocolates.
He drank a bottle of beer.
I dropped a container of yoghurt on the floor.

Make sure you screw the lid on properly.
It is a round metal screw top lid. Have you seen it?

Size and Dimension

Containers come in various sizes and dimensions.

The Use of “container” as a Metaphor

We often use the idea of a container as a metaphor.

The sight of the weeping frog and the sound of his doleful voice filled her with compassion.

Coming Link to The Kiss of Compassion (Interactive Story)

More Vocabulary

a large container
a small container
a medium container

a container ship

containing preservatives and additives

Places as Containers

Look at this list of place names:

The Far East

Can you explain the relationships?

What is the relationship between a prefecture and a city?
What is the relationship between a state and a city?

Some More Vocabulary

consist of
account for
make up

Containing and Including is a fundamental idea when you think about categories.

A group of children move from New York City to Japan. They don’t live in Tokyo. They live in Osaka. They live in Moriguchi. They are confused about where they are.

Look at this list of place names:

New York
New York City
Manhattan Island
the US
The Village

Are you able to explain them?

America is New York?
No. America is not New York.
America is where New York is.
New York is in America.

Now look at this list:

Moriguchi City
Osaka Prefecture



Venn Diagrammes

Are you familiar with Venn Diagrams?

Which one is the odd one out and why?

dog cat monkey animal

dolphin whale fish porpoise

cow human dog whale

China Italy India Thailand Japan

conifer fir pine maple

Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom.


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Listen to a conversation with the richest man in Mosquito City – Mr Peter Bestluck

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