How much do things cost? – The Cost of Living Page

How much do things cost?


In some countries there is a high cost of living. In other countries there is a lower cost of living. But everybody argues about what living is? How much do you need (minimum) to get by in your city?

Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom. Tell us some prices too. You will see a list of items of food further down the page. Tell us how much each item costs in your city.


the cost of living
the standard of living
the quality of life
the consumer price index
the average income

How much is a loaf of bread?

a bottle of milk

a kilogram of flour

a kilogram of sugar

a kilogram of rice

a hundred grams of butter

a kilo of tomatoes

500 ml cooking oil

a kilo of potatoes

a cabbage

five hundred grammes of cheese

Weights and Measures

If you want to talk about prices and how much things cost, then you will need to know about units of weight and measurement.

How much does it weigh?
How big is it?
How long is it?
How far is it?
How high is it?


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The Recipe Page

Do you know any cheap recipes that help to save money? Tell us on The Recipe Page.What are having for dinner tonight?

Time and Money – How do they relate?

You work for money but how are you paid and how much is everything?

Then you have some money but do you have enough money? Listen to a conversation with the richest man in Mosquito City – Mr Peter Bestluck

How much do things cost in your town? Write the answers in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


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