The Currency Page

Tell us about the money in your country:

What is the currency?


What is the currency? (What is the unit of currency?)
What is its value? (How much is it worth?)
What are the notes?
What do the notes look like?
Who is on the notes?
Do you remember the previous currency?
Who was on the old notes?
Are there any coins?
Describe them.

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5 Responses to “The Currency Page”

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  1. Asmut says:

    in Indonesia, we use Rupiah (Rp) as our currency. Rp.50,- – Rp.100.000,- 😀

  2. eny rosiati says:

    Indonesia is my country. we use rupiah (Rp)as our currency

  3. eny rosiati says:

    Indonesia is my country. we use rupiah (Rp)as oururrency

  4. Shantha Mahindapala says:

    My cuntry is Sri lana.Our currancy is ruppies. 1$ – 110Rs.

  5. Mark White says:

    In Australia the ten dollar note used to have a picture of Henry Lawson on it. Now it has a picture of Banjo Paterson. They were both poets. The note is still coloured blue.

    Recently one dollar notes and two dollar notes were phased out. One dollar coins and two dollar coins replaced them. Well recently … when was it?

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