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Do you drink milk?

Milk and Milk Products

Milk comes from cows. It also comes from sheep, goats, horses and other mammals.

There is a drink which is made from fermented horses milk.

Do you know any unusual or not so well-known milk products?


Milk Products are made from raw milk or natural unadulterated milk. Look at the list:

A List of Milk Products

raw milk

pastuerised homogenised milk (Coming Link: past perfect passive tense)





The Cheese Page (coming soon)

Do you know how to make cheese?
How do you make it?

There are many varieties of cheese and not all of it is made from cow’s milk.

goat cheese

sheep cheese

camel cheese



cottage cheese


Butter or Oil?

When you make a sandwich do you use butter or something else?


in the fridge
out of the fridge

This page is still under construction

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Milk products are a large part of our diet. They come in various containers of various dimensions.


five hundred grammes of butter
half a pound of butter
three hundred and seventy-five grams of butter


a litre of milk
a carton of milk
a can of milk (condensed milk)


a slice of cheese
a block of cheese
a piece of cheese
a morsel of cheese (literary)

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Aesop’s Fables Interactive Stories


a bottle of cream
a bottle of sour cream
a jug of cream

Devonshire Tea

Devonshire Tea is tea (with milk and sugar) and scones (made with flour and fresh butter) with jam and fresh cream.

Could I have a cup of tea and some scones, please?

Would you like a cup of tea and some scones?

Have you ever had tea with milk and sugar and scones with jam and fresh cream?

Write your answer in the “comments” section at the bottom of the page.

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