Weights and Measures – The Dimension Page

Things are measured and weighed and given weights and measurements in units of weight and measurement.



How much does it weigh?
How heavy is it?

Do you have a bag?
How heavy is it?


How long is it?

Have you got a surfboard?
How long is it?

Breadth (width)

How wide is it?
Can we go up the driveway?
How wide is it?


How high is it?
How tall is he?

Size (Volume)

How big is it?

Size (Clothing etc)

What size is it?


How many square metres is it?
How many metres is it in area?
How big is it?


Have you got a pool?
How deep is it?

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the Water page
The Science Page
The Physics Page
The Mathematics Page
The Chemistry Page (the periodic table)

Units of Measurement

Which units are used in your country?

Are there two systems?

Reading and Writing Practice

Use these wikipedia links to find the answers and write them in the comments section below

Which ones are metric and which ones are imperial?

pounds and ounces

feet and yards

miles and chains

metres and kilometres

feet and inches

Many objects or things come in standard sizes and are containers which are used to store things in units of 375 ml, 500ml, 1 litre etc or 250 grammes, 500 grammes etc etc. Have you been to The Container Page?


The Container Page
The Thing Page
The Metaphor Page
The Mathematics Page


You work for money but how are you paid and how much is everything? You use units of weight and measurement to answer these questions.


How much value do you put on money? Listen to a conversation with the richest man in Mosquito City – Mr Peter Bestluck
Are you able to understand difficult grammar like passive voice?

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