Is there or Isn’t there? – The Existence Page

Is there a king in your country?

Are there any castles?

Is there a hydro-electric scheme in your country?

Are there any nuclear power stations?

Is there a war in your country?

Are there any refugees?

Is there a lot of poverty in your country?

Are there many foreign aid workers?

Write your answer in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.


Compare these three patterns:

1. is there/are there

2. do you have

3. does … it exist

When we speak generally about existence we say:

There are a lot of refugees.

When we speak in a personal way, we say:

We have a lot of refugees.

When we speak in an abstract impersonal way, we say:

A significant refugee problem exists.

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16 Responses to “Is there or Isn’t there? – The Existence Page”

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  1. Maria says:


    I am Maria and I am from Slovakia, which is asmall but beautiful country. we do not have sea but a lot of mountains. The highest peak is 2655 m above the sea level and its name is Gerlach. How to get there? Only with a guide. Gerlach belomngs to the High Tatras mountains, which are protected and are part of the Tatra National Park. In the mountains you can see also the braun bear and sometime if they are hungry come down towards our xdwellings, push down the trash containers, and eat the food, which was in. Interesting no?

  2. Michel says:

    I’m French, in my country there isn’t a king but a president of the republic.
    We have many castles. Medieval castles, renaissance castles, and more recent castles. They witness our long History.
    As there are a lot of high mountains in my country, we have any hydro-electric factories. Also there are nuclear power stations.
    Happily, we have lived in peace since the second world war.
    Yes, there are many refugees, but many countries in the world aren’t able to give a good way of life to their population.
    There is always too much poverty in all the countries and never enough foreign aid workers.

  3. Yvonne says:

    I’m from Holland and we have a king, his name is Alexander.
    There are still castles in my country. You can visit them or hire it to celebrate your wedding in.
    There is no nuclear power station in Holland.
    It is a peaceful country and fontunately there is no war going on.
    Refugees from other countries come to Holland to live here.
    Since the crisis there is some poverty in our country but you cannot compare that with developing countries.
    Holland is a fine country to live.

  4. Shahid says:

    In my country there is no king but life style of Elected representatives is like a king,it is because they have a mind set of king.In my country there is no real democracy but I am not hopeless because light is there in the shape of Mr.Imran Khan.
    People which are in power politics keep Castles.
    There are some hydro-electric power projects in operation and some Nuclear power stations as well.
    My country have been suffering in war since 9/11 incident.
    There may be some refugees.
    Poverty has been increased due to war of US.

  5. basel assalman says:

    Hello, everybody. am basel
    I live in jordan, last year i had been to Ajloun city we have Al-Rabad castle there . It,s so beatiful and huge , it,s belong to many many years , consider as one of the most important famous ruins in Jordan .

  6. basel assalman says:

    It,s so exciting , amazing and I was intrigued with

  7. Mark White says:

    In my country there is no king but there is a queen. Queen Elizabeth is the queen of Australia.

    There are no castles but there are big houses that are like castles and there are copies of castles in Europe .. for tourists.

    There is a lot of hydro-electricity in the Snowy Mountains. It is a clean way to generate power. I have heard that it is possible to do it easily on a small scale.It is not necessary to have a huge dam.

    I think there is one nuclear power plant in Australia.

    There are undeclared wars in my country. The soldiers from my country go to Afghanistan and the Afghanis kill them and I think if Afghani soldiers came to Australia, Australians would kill them too. People are very territorial.

    I do not support war. I especially do not support war as a way to improve the economy and make a lot of money for big corporations and banks. The whole thing is disgusting.

    This is our life! This is our planet!

    The issue of refugees is a very topical one in my country. My country is a first world country and it is popular for refugees. The government is trying to stop refugees coming by sea. They say it is a safety and security issue but I think it is also a control issue. The government tries to control people. The selfish fools who control the government through banking and legal contracts want to control everybody so they can make more money.

    I am afraid that they will create fake pandemics and epidemics and false flag operations like the World Trade Center bombing (which was a trick to allow the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq) just to make more money. We have to find a way to stop these evil powerful people!

    Maybe people say there is not a lot of poverty in Australia but what is poverty? How do you define it?

    Spiritual poverty, intellectual poverty .. thinking that money is important is a kind of poverty of spirit. … hmmmm ….

  8. agt. says:

    In Bogotá the river is overflowing and flooding some palces of city especially where there are dampness which belonged to the river, and now there are neighborhoods, and palces where are by the river. In Colombia the winter this year is stronger than last year. This country is so mountainous, and now for the rain the mountains break down and fall over the roads and houses the poor people who live near the roads.
    I hope that you can understand me. Thank you.

  9. agt. says:

    I live in Colombia a tropical country, wherw there are not four seasons, we have only two sunny and rainy, you can find here all kinds of weathers just a few hours each other, we have almost all natural resources like natural gas, petroleum,coal,emeralds,gold, we have different kinds of fuits, exotic flowers, diversity of birds and butterflies, we have two seas The Atlantic and Pacific. Most of the people are hardworking and very good, and beautiful too. Even though; there is guerrilla and a lot of poverty, it’s a pity. Today there was a big march to demand to
    the guerrilla no more murder, kidnapping and release all hostages.
    Thanks you very much.

  10. agt. says:

    In my country there is not a king, there are not any castles, but there is a war between government and guerrilla, of course we have a lot of poverty. Maybe
    there are some refugees from different countries who are fleeing from their countries for politics misunderstanding I suppose. But I’m not sure
    where they are, as you know the common people like me do not have to know that.
    Thank you very much for these excelent lessons.

    • Mark White says:

      Which country are you reporting from? What is the location of your country?

      • Pedro says:

        Hello, everybody. I report from Brazil. Brazil is in South America and despite what most people in Europe, Canada and in the USA believe, we don’t have monkeys on the street. We are a prosperous country with wonderful people and motherfucker politicians(sorry for the language). My state is located in the south of Brazil. It’s Santa Catarina. And my town is nestled in a Valley called Itajai Valley. The nearest know citiy is Blumenau due to its OKTOBERFEST. I am very happy here. I came to the south of BR in 1995 because of an invitation to give classes at a popular English course. That’s what I did for 7 years. The school reached a number of 260 students in August 2002 when I left due to my ex boss misbehavior. Again, sorry for the language, a scumbag, a dickhead.
        Sorry, I got carried away. You just wanted to know where I reported from, right?
        Well, that’s it.

  11. eric says:

    We have no king in our country but a President because we have a government were democracy is prevailing. We also don’t have hydro-electric scheme here and castles but, we have a nuclear power plant somewhere in Bataan,one of the provinces here in the Philippines. Based on my knowledge we have a few refugees that came from different countries but I’m uncertain where they are settling now. There is no war in our country but there are poverty here in various places specially in distressed are of our region and also there are foreign aid here that were assigned in different regions of our country.

  12. ligia says:

    In my country,Mexico, there aren´t any castles . ther is a President that is elected every six years.
    Talking about refuges, there aren´t so many ,but there are from different countries that have been in war, some other are traveling with any document ans have alot of problems through the journey som the south to the North trying to reach the border with USA, then to ge the American dream like a lot of people from Centralamerica dream of.

  13. Rani Mathew says:

    There are so many kings in my country and castles too.Some of the casteles had been broken because of the war. we have nuclear power station.
    Yes, there are some refugees came in our country. Some of them became milliares and others are till suffering poverty.In my knowledge we had so many poverty but now it reduse. The peoples are very smart to work hard, make money and raise their family. If they gets everything free most of them will became lazy.It’s my opinion to all kings who ruleing the earth.

    • sanikhan says:

      Hi, I am sanikhan

      Yes, This story is real. But now a days this story is not usually for my country.
      It is right there are so many kings in my country and castles too.some of the castles was broken reason of the war.We had had a nuclear power station but now we do not have nuclear power station.This right some refugees came in our country and now more refugee come in our my knowledge we had not poverty in the past time and no a days we have a lot of poverty in our country. In the past time people very hard and strange they do hard work and now a days people do not do hard works they leave a hardek worke.

      your sincerely


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