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Each person’s life is a story. Our lives are stories. The story of your family is the story of history.
Are you interested in family history? Tell us the story of your family.

Say it then write it in the “comments” section below.

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Where do you live?
Where did your mother grow up?
Where did your maternal grandmother come from?
Where did your maternal grandfather come from?
Where did your father grow up?
Where did your paternal grandmother come from?
Where did your paternal grandfather come from?

Are you interested in talking about family history?

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8 Responses to “The Family History Page”

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  1. sandhani says:

    We live in India My maternal mom came from a town called vinukonda
    My maternal Grand Mother and Grand father came from the same town
    My paternal father came from a village near by my mother’s town
    My paternal grand mother and grand father came from the same village where my father live

  2. aliano says:

    My story is realy sad so I dont want to bother you. Now i’m happy and I try to forget the pass.

  3. .Abdusalam Mabrouk Dufan says:

    i was born in Tripoli,Libya that locates on the north of Mediterranean sea and i grew up in it too, my parents were born in Geryan it is out side of Tripoli” west of Tripoli” about 80 KM from Tripoli ” on the mountain it is a very nice place and also has a wonderful climate. and my paternal grandfather and grandmother were born in the same city that my parents were born in wife and my two children were born in Tripoli and were grew up too.
    now i live in a nuclear family because my parents have died since five years.

  4. fateme says:

    i was born in tehran,iran but my parents was born in firuzkouh(a small city in tehran) , one of my brother was born in tehran but another one was born in esfahan,my younger sister borned in chabahar(small city in south of my country)

  5. zelia says:

    My parents already died.
    but before of died they lived with us your children in a small town, at the inland of the state of São PaulO (BR.) called Pirapozinho. at that town we grow and we study and we married too.
    Now I live at the neighbor small town. But my sisters ,may brothers and my relatives still live there.

  6. Jgon says:

    My parents live in a small city in Brazil. But my paternal grandfather and grandmother comes from different cities and states in northest Brazil. My father lived up to his was 12 years-old in the city where my mother was born and grew up. But, my father was born in another state and city. And my maternal grandparents comes from another city and state.

  7. Kaveh says:

    We live in Boroujerd. My mother grew up in this city too. Also my maternal grandmother comes from this city. My maternal grandfather comes from a town near to Boroujerd.My father grew up in Boroujerd just like as my mother. My paternal grandparents come from Boroujerd too.

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