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What do you do for fun? Answer the question aloud and then write your answer in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.
What do you do for fun?

Choose a topic that you like and click the link.

What do you do for fun?

I like Books and Reading.
I like Movies and Television.
I like Social Networking Activity.
I like Shopping and Coffee.
I like Bars and Restaurants.
I like Sports and Games.
I like Travel and Adventure.
I like Health and Beauty.
I like Spiritual and Religious activities.
I like Study and Learning



Fun” is a noun but “funny” is an adjective.

We use “fun” like this:

It was fun.
It was really good fun.
I had a lot of fun.
We had a lot of fun.
Did you have fun?

It is difficult to translate. How do you translate it in your language?

Funny means “it makes you laugh” but it has two separate nuances. It can also mean “strange” or “weird” so when somebody says:

That was funny.

We say:

“Do you mean funny-strange or funny-haha?”









“it makes you laugh”.

When we enjoyed something, we do not say:

It was funny.

We say:

It was fun.


I had a a good time.


I had fun


I enjoyed it


I enjoyed myself.

“It was funny” has quite a different meaning. In fact it has two meanings:

“It made me laugh”


“It was strange”.

What do you do for fun? Do you have a hobby? Do you have anything you do regularly to pass time?

Do you want to talk to another person about hobbies?

Leave your contact details in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page, like this:

Hi Everybody,

My name is Muhammed. I am from Iran. I am really interested in cinema. I see as many movies as I can and I want to learn about what themes and topics are popular in films in other countries. I would like to be a film-maker one day.

My skype ID is: mfilm (not a real ID)

You can also leave your details at the Conversation Page and click the links to the pages for separate leisure activities and leave your details there too. Leave your details in a few places and have different types of conversations with different types of people.

Note: We’re still working on some of the pages below. Come back later to see some new pages and leave your details there.

Books and Reading
Movies and Television
Social Networking Activity
Shopping and Coffee
Bars and Restaurants
Sport and Games
Travel and Adventure
Health and Beauty
Spiritual and Religious activities
Study and Learning

Did you have fun?

You can talk about this topic in any language. Leave your email or Skype contact details below or go to the Live Language Linkup page and leave them there.

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149 Responses to “Relaxation and Enjoyment – The Fun Page”

Read below or add a comment...

  1. Luis Rogelio Lopez says:

    Hi everybody, my name’s Rogelio, I’m from Mexico City, and I like reading books or watching movies.
    Great day.

  2. yitayal says:

    Hi, my name is yitayal. I like reading books and watch films.

  3. Wedha says:

    I’m fun if I do activities that I like such as Browsing,listen to music,and watching tv.It all is the most fun for me,cause that activities can make me relaxtion and enjoyment…

  4. masoud says:

    my hobby is watching movies but i love classic old movies.
    I,d like to write and talk about movies and express my feelings about some masterpieces in cinema with someone.
    if you like cinema,please send me an email.
    with thanks.

  5. H says:

    hi everybody
    i wanna improve my English language and i am interesting in reading and exercising English texts. but i do not have do you keep continuity?
    i was wondering if you help me.
    thanks a lot.

  6. Bilal says:

    Hello everybody,my name is Hafizal.I like to surf internet internet and watching television.If I have time I will bring my wife and daughter to go somewhere else that far from our house like a beach.

  7. zahraa says:

    hi i’m zahraa. i love english and need someone to practice speaking with.

    • H says:

      hi zahraa
      i think we can practice and speak together in order to improving our English language. because a need someone too.
      if you agree we can do it.and i will be so happy.

    • Nair says:

      Hi Zahraa
      I’m Nair from Argentina. I’d love to practice English with you, It would be great!. We can speak by e-mail ( or Skype (Nair Noya – Nair N).
      Greetings! 🙂

  8. Khetsun says:

    Outgoing is the funnest for me!!!That is my hobby.
    If anyone know more about outgoing, contact me or mail me on

    Thanks a lot…..

  9. Rania says:

    For fun.. i would like to spend time with my friends and make alot of joke and funny stories also, coz iam very witty nature person and i enjoy moments with my friends, family…


  10. Woinherg says:

    I Like to laugh with funny people . Which is I have alot friend to get fun thanks

  11. Salam Siddig says:

    I would like to conversate every body and Like to make fun like haha and about like advancher, travell chat my ID skyp salam5865 and yahoo ID is salamsiddig. Thanks and have a good day

  12. Wadhah says:

    I am fun when I find a miserly man who did not collect a lot of money and then enjoy the thief came and stole this a

  13. gaurav says:

    Hi Friends,
    I like net surfing. If I find it boring then I’d like to read some english learning books and listen all the conversations of my respected sir Mr. Mark and Mr. Aaron.

  14. fernando says:

    hi for all

    to fun i like to use differents topics to talk about football or race cars
    and also i like to go at disco for dancing.
    and watch tv

  15. Rozanna says:

    i do lots of things to have fun, number one is to be on ur site and reading ur interesting pages 🙂
    I love watching football pretty much , my friends find it Funny-strange because i’m a nice lady 🙂 not tough (as they say), but this is just their opinion Actually i admire football and talented players like oh u donot have to know ,also i love americans movies and travelling to the most beautiful lands. I love NATURE , unfortunatley my country is so much hot and doesn’t have nature, but someday i will travell to see how god is truly an artist 🙂 BYE i gotta go to see FCB match 🙂

    • H says:

      hi rozanna
      three are many things to have you said one of them is watching our favorite matches but with nice friends together..i like watching FCB as crazy about it.i play football may not as well as you do…lol..may i ask you where you are living that is hot??and does not have nature??
      best regards

  16. negar says:

    my fun is speking with my family and writting dairy

  17. Carlos says:

    There are many activities I do for fun: Reading, watching TV, walking around, listening to music. I really enjoy writting on Facebook Mure to my friends.

  18. suhel samad says:

    It was really good fun. it’s really fun in English Conversations. thanks AJ.

  19. gaurav says:

    Well, I didn’t read that but want to. Thank you so much.

  20. soheila says:

    Hi everybody,my name is Soheila,I m from iran but I can speak both persian and turkish.I m interested n reading books,actually novels,famous ones.I dont like to read horror books but i sometimes read just for fun.I am also interested in movie and Tv programes.I used to watch korean romance series.

    • mohamad says:

      hi h r u?
      soheila iam from rasht north of iran . can you introduce some funny story which you have been read already and i can reach them inner of iran. tnx happy new year

  21. Thanh Minh says:

    For fun, I think I must meet some friends and talk some crazy stories.

  22. Thanh Minh says:

    For fun, I think I must meet some friends and talk some crazy story.

  23. omair says:

    my openion about the relaxation and enjoyment is that , it will be a great time and a great oppertunity for us
    i will go to the beautiful sites ands really enjoy the great thing .

  24. hala hegazy mahmmond says:

    i like watching movies and travel around he world

  25. Luz A. says:


  26. Luz A. says:

    i visit new places and read a good book

  27. Enkhee says:

    Hi everybody, My name is Enkhee.I’m from Mongolia.I’m really interesting English, but my speaking is so bad.I can read and write English well. I need to practice in English. I like to do sudoku in my free time and also like to watch TV,listen to music. If you want to practice English with me-my SkypeID is-Enkhay

  28. Cholee says:

    Hello everybody!!!
    My name is Cholee.I’m from Thailand.I’m at university now.I’m learning how to run my own business.I also study chinese language. Languages as well as Business have become a strong interest of mine.

  29. mhmd says:

    I play with my kids , thats all becuase almost the time I am very busy in my work.

  30. Rabab says:

    Hi everyone ,
    My name is Rabab Iam from Saudi Arabi . I like to speack English language to can speack with defrind people.

  31. enas says:

    hi, im enas from iraq
    i like learning languages especialy english ,im ok in english but i like learning french
    for fun i like traveling , i like surfing net and meeting friends from different countries this is my real fun

  32. syed shahzad naseem says:

    its funny that i wrote my comments and then receive an answer that u have written these comments before so i changed my comments.

  33. syed shahzad naseem says:

    i am shahzad i like readind books i want to improve my linguastic skill in english i like ur english lesson

  34. Mahnaz says:

    Hi everybody,
    My name is mahnaz. I’m from Iran. I’m really interested in English. I spend my free time by readin novels or other interesting books. I’m also interested in calligraphy and having a good pen. I usually go to calligraphy classes in my free time. I think it’s very important for everybody to have a good hand-writing because it’s a part of our personality.

  35. najla says:

    am najla i am from libya. i started today … just i want to say alslam alekm

  36. Noor Sabah says:

    Hello everybody
    my name is Noor Sabah,iam from Afghnistan,i realy enjio watching TV at my free time,i like watching Discovery and amazing programs and going some recreational place.
    Noor Sabah

  37. Noor Sabah says:

    Hello everybody
    my name is Noor Sabah,i am from Afghnistan,i realy enjio watching TV at my free time,i like watching Discovery and amazing programs and going some recreational place.

  38. Saboor says:

    Greeting to all,

    I really like it, so beneficial for learner.

    Abdul Saboor from Afghanistan

  39. natz says:

    its really fun to study, but when you read some of the comments here, its so funny Hi folks i am from Manila Philippines, want to be my friend send me a message. i love it…

  40. Tethkar says:

    Hi Everybody,

    My name is Tethkar. I am from Saudi. I am really interested in studying and learning. I read as many books as I can and I want to improve my english skills. I would like to speak english fluently some day.

    My skype ID is:

  41. sak says:

    i am very thank you for teaching with me and another person,i am studying English and job,because of i am arrived here Wi state i am very happy, the government support with me for 8 moths,and i looking for job and go to school GED, i like it translation and English and burma and English and MON and English and thai,some time i have free time i studying English peom, i dont know how to writing, but i like it writing ( but now i writing Mon story and Mon peom and Mon novel) for Mon people could receipt with Mon peom ) English language only i trying for next year step by step, thank you so much

  42. I love sport, my job is funny because i am coach
    i love too learn real english

  43. hi, everybody.
    i am Tien, i am from Vietnamese.i have many hobbies but just some of them make me really funny and laught.i like gardening, go cycling along some paths in the countryside, i really relaxed at that time.these activities rarely make me laught, just when my friends make jokes to me,i will laught.oh, there is one thing is really special i want to share is that i like taking on a picnic with my group, among ours best friends, all of us alway gather memorable moment and laught a lot.

  44. Rabab says:

    My neam is Rabab , I like to learn another language like English , I can read and wrait but the spelling sometime its not good. I hope to found somebody to help eachothger . Thanks

  45. Rajeshkumar says:

    Question _What do you do for fun C???

    Answer _ to get fun I open the site

    Rajesh (india)

  46. Ha says:

    Hi everybody ! Iam HA , Iam from VietNam. I really enjoy cooking .do you like Viet Nam food ? it is easy to make. At home, especially at weekend , I often make some special food for my family.It makes me happy . I also ate some kind of other countries’food .It’s taste is good .I hope to know How to make them ! I’d like to share your feeling to me about my country and otter places in the world .Bestwishes !

  47. Aan Nur says:

    Hi, everyone…I am an accounting teacher from Indonesia. I like to to watch tv or cook for fun. And also listening to music, the most is i like to watch korean dramas for fun. I’d like to meet and share, learn english together with all people over the world. U can add me at

  48. meriem(mia) says:

    wow!algerians here!!?hello everyone i’m algerian girl too i have problem with accent .i speak english with arabic accent, this my real problem,the second problem is grammar, i’m not good in grammar .who wants to be my angel she/he have to teach me and make me speak english fluently.mia the friend of all the world.

  49. sheila says:

    heloo guyz, my name is sheila. i can read and write english but my problem is that i have got limited vocabulary in my mind when i speak and my pronunciation is so bad. so hard for me to speak up and my confidence is fading. thus i need some to converse with to improve speaking. thank u

  50. Yulius Ibrahim says:

    Hi..! dear friends,
    Chatting in English is a good fun for me, because beside I can practise my English I can share information or experience to my friends in other countries and otherwise. Eventhough I don’t speak grammartically, but they can get the main idea what I mean, it is funny. Sometime they do the same.

  51. hasuba says:

    hi iam hasuba from sudan i love the moves and i need practise to learing this language like english people put i havent time to sat and read because i am very buzy with my work so ineed some one frome you to speak with me and making the good relaction
    thank u very much

  52. nona says:

    shopping and reading are my best thing to do fun

    also chatting with diffirent languages

  53. amal says:

    i have a lot of fun to chat with others, special which are in diffirent languages

  54. ganesh says:

    i am ganesh. i like reading book, seeing movie, listening music as fun. i like to make trip on holidays.

  55. shireen says:

    I like Health and Beauty for Fun, I like fun which make people laugh. Laugh for enjoyment not to harm people. If you make people laugh, it medicine for broken hard. When you make people laugh it will improve their health, which will make people beautiful.


  56. mrmr says:

    hi everyone. i am from egypt. this question is very interesting because when you think what does one make for fun?! i think everything i do, makes me feel fun. for example i run four days in a week.when i go for a walk or when i go to work and spend 9 hours with kids that is fun. when i set with my family watching television in the evening or hanging out with my friends that is fun i think the most important thing that you live for today not for tomorrow

  57. Bart says:

    hi everybody, my name is BART and i like traveling, meeting new people all the time, but i would like to learnd english very good, i’m still learning and i’m having fun right now, i live in lafayette, LA
    i want to meet more people who are intersted in learning new things and new people, i’m a people person.
    my hooby is going out, reading and movies. bye

  58. zahra says:

    HI every body
    really i like to have fun for long time ,but i do not have?
    i am busy beause iam working and studing in master micribilogy
    can i help me to happy me?
    i nead to help me


    • Djoko says:

      Hi Zahra,
      Why are you not funny? maybe you are very busy. Are you unhappy in your job and study? Please pray to God, because only God would understand your problems. I am sorry, if I am wrong in interpret your statement.

  59. farah says:

    Hi everybody.
    What do I do fun?
    really I like to have fun for do my hobby.It is paint and internet.
    certainly my job is teach of paint so my job is fun too and i tanks from my God that my job is interest me.
    funny Mark and Aaron


  60. sabartsk says:

    Hi, my name is Sabar, i am Indonesian, thank you for this lesson, perhaps future this website moderator will be give more and more important lesson, and improve our english in funny…bye

  61. trang says:

    hello everybody, my name trang.i’m a student i love english and i like cooking. ok, cooking is my hobby. i often cook some favourite dishes and enjoy by myself when i feel sad or stressed. at that time, i balance my mood, i keep my optimistic attitude toward everything that i meet in my life. ok, of course that is not all but cooking help me feel relax and calm. thank so much for your interesting lesson once again.

  62. trang says:

    hello everybody, my name trang.i’m a student i love english and i like cooking. ok, cooking is my hobby. i often cook some favourite dishes and enjoy by myself when i feel sad or stressed. at that time, i balance my mood, i keep my optimistic attitude toward everything that i meet in my life. ok, of course that is not all but cooking help me feel relax and calm. thank so much for your interesting lesson once again

  63. abdu says:

    so proud to share in this side ,, im eager about learning english ,,becaz , i like it ,,, this lesson is gorgeous,, it contains important word that we use it alot.. so ,,what is clear is that change my understanding about the using of the word

  64. radhakrishnana says:

    hi iam baskar,
    This is very good meterial for learning english.\

  65. leili says:

    Hi everybody.I’m leili from Iran.painting,listen to music,traveling have fun for me and make me happy.I love that I could speak english as well as native people .It’s one of my wishes.

    • adefirman says:

      Hi Lieli, glad to meet you. I think you could be speak english as your wishes if do more practice such as comunicating with friend from the others countries,wacthing TV News or Movie. Regards,

  66. Kenny hahaha says:

    Fun can be meant happy,
    happy is a emotional reaction.
    Emotional reaction is just a kind of chemical reactions inside your brain.
    for me… it can be nothing but feeling.
    let’s just face your daily feeling and control it.

  67. nima says:

    hi there,i love english and i think it,s necessary for living and communicate.

  68. Vitalis Ranggawea says:

    More and more you develop my English vocabulary and understanding.I wish your way of teaching English could be used in Indonesia. Thank you.

  69. Concepcion says:

    I want learn English, as soon as possible, I’m interested in conversation. I like your programs
    Thanks for your help

  70. Djoko says:

    Dear All,
    I am Djoko and I live in Indonesia. My English is very poor,therefore I would learn English more and more. This program is very interesting. Thanks for Mark and Aaron.

  71. love u and love me says:

    thank you

  72. hiba says:

    hi, i’m from algeria i like to improve my english that’s why i want to have some friends we can talk about hobbies food and other things .My skype id is:nerimane1917.please i want to chat with fluent speakers to help me

  73. sozy says:

    hi every body!
    the subject ” fun” is very important and amizing. I enjoyed myself by doing many things. such as: dancing for about 2 hours and sometimes chatting on net wit my friends. I like watching funny films and it can help me relax. fasion and shopping is my best things I do for fun. I advise everybody to have fun coz life is very short. byeee.


  74. Anh Thu says:


    I am Vietnamese.I like cinema and music very much. I go to cinema when I have time.
    The fashion is my favorite too. When I have trouble, I like traveling with my friends. I always wish that I can speak English very well. I learn it hard. Unlucky that I have not a lot of chances to use it usually. I hope we will contact with each other to practice E in which our skill are going to be improved more and more.
    Have a good time.

  75. JayC - Thuy Linh says:

    Good afternoon, everybody ^^
    I’m Vietnamese. I’m studying at International Relations Faculty in University of Social Sciences and Humanities, so I have to learn English too much and use it frequently in the future. But my English level is limited, I have to study more and more. Thanks for your site, It’s so useful.
    I’m very interested in reading and sports. I play many sports, such as: badminton, basketball, volleyball, chess, and so on. In addition, I usually go out with my friends or my relatives in the evening.
    I do everything what I want, which make me feel the life more wonderful ! 🙂
    Have a nice day !

  76. phouvong says:

    firstly , i must thank for your leassons , i catually like it because it is really important thing for my pratice , hence i might be better than previous time

  77. B.Singh says:

    Hi Everybody
    Have a wonderfull day to you
    I like play, see cricket, know everyday new and read english stories
    I wanted more about english conversation . This site give me more
    Here we can read latest word we can injoy here.
    this site very good for english conversation.

  78. fa says:

    Hi eveybody
    It was very good point about different between fun and funny. I am very busy and don’t have enough time to fun. Some times that I have time I prefer to go trip and see newplace especially in nature. It is very fun. I think some of my children’s works are funny. I laugh about them. thanks

  79. Yulia says:

    Hi! I am Yulia from Kazakhstan. I like to knit and embroider for fun. Also I like to study English. If you want to practise English with me – my Skype ID is bratvolodas

  80. khangnt says:

    Thank you for giving us opportunities to express our ideas and feelings. I’m a woman from Vietnam. I have a lot of ambitions. I not only want to affirm myself at work but also to be a good mother of 3 children. Like other people I have also hobbies. I like reading short stories, watching TV programs about international Cultures, beautiful landscapes around the world and of course traveling. I like cooking, too. I always try cooking new dishes for my family at the weekends. One thing that I encourage my children is to learn English with joy and passion. I love English and wish I can master English in one day :).

  81. gerges says:

    I have a lot of fun by reading this lesson and reading all friends talking specially the optimistic Sergio from Brazil thanks a lot evrybody

  82. Quynh Nguyen says:

    Hi every body,
    Have a wonderful day to you,

    My hobby is to watch TV, read Books and newspaper in my freetime. I always thrist to improve my english so that I find the website which help me to improve my english. I verry enjoy this website. I can write all thoughts and share my thoughts with every body at website.
    I can learn all new words at here and the way to use it.
    Thank you for all

  83. ray says:

    this lessons is wonderful, thanks

  84. henry hernando says:

    Hello everybody my name is Henry and I am from Colombia South America Iam really interested in learning English maybe for my age it has been a bit hard (I am 51 years old) but I keep trying. I have to say thanks to the people who are teaching me by this way. I am really grateful with you.

    • Peteris says:

      Hi, Henry
      I am happy to see somebody in my age(48) who trys to improve English. My English is bad & sad, I know some words, understand similar sentences, but I can’t start to make contact in english. Let do it together.
      I am from Latvia.

  85. nadoo says:

    thank you
    it’s very good

  86. Eliane says:

    Hello everybody. I love this site. I´d like to improve my English and I think on the net it´s a good way. By the way, I´m Eliane from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bye Bye.

  87. Sergio says:

    Hi everybody:
    That´s nice to drop a couple of lines commenting about the theme showed here. I have fun in the most things that I do every single day! Even working I feel myself a bright person and I have fun everywhere and with everything I join in.
    I have a lot of fun when I make a barbicue party in the week end ! Making jokes with all the people around me. I am quite sure that I can keep everyone chin up in the way I consider myself a right hand man. I am brazilian and I live in Rio de Janeiro city. My adress is:

  88. Angleica says:

    My name is Angelica and I use to have fun when I go to the beach with my family ,and when we spend time togheter. I think everybody has fun during the week or weekend I mean you can have fun just to watch a good program on the TV or just talking with your neighboors or just make a joke with one of your friends.
    Like now I am having fun writting something about fun.

  89. eli says:

    hi every one
    my name is from iran.I realy interested in painting.i have done it from child hood up to makes me feel relax,also i enjoy learning engelih and its my dream to speak fluently.
    my email adresses is :

  90. Naima says:

    There’s so many stuffs I do enjoy myself,just like reading magazines,watching shows on tv but my favorite hobby’s listening to American music and always spend my spare time on this way

  91. Rute says:

    I loved receive this e-mail with this lessons and explaneds words. I agree with Azhar about we need in ouer life the two kinds of fun and funny. I also agree with Ali, becausee I have difficult ( problems)in understand real English conversation. I think we need practice more lestening . I think this lessons are funny too. Thanks.

  92. charo says:

    I had fun going through all this lesson, in fact I´m a teacher and I think that this kind of lessons are really helpful to be more accurate to expalnations and such, I also happen to be a mexican teacher, so I guess my fun issues are related to studying and learning, thanks a bunch.

  93. Bahador says:

    I usually like to watch cartoons for fun (TOM & Jerry) that’s funny for everyone.
    And sometimes I listen to music

  94. Ali says:

    Hi. thanks for your e-mails I am really interested in learning new things. especially about cultures.I have a little problem with real English -real conversation. could you help? thanks again

  95. prabhu says:

    hai my is prabhu from india autually i can speak english but no so good ineed to talk fulently so please please can you help me. what should i do right now

  96. Jorge Beltrán says:

    Iam enjoyed is a very good and understanble lesson.
    I like the sports and ride in the wood.

  97. Hind says:

    Hi …
    I enjoy fixing computers and internet spacially Chatting, sufering and meeting new friends .. i found it fun to learn about others cultures.

  98. Wasif Ali says:


    I am Wasif from Lahore Pakistan, In my opinion, fun is happy moment that a person pass with joy out of worries with his loveone.

    I say fun for myself the time that i pass with my family members.

  99. Abdessamad says:

    Hi every body;
    My name is Abdessamad,I’m from Algeria too and I’m so proud once I’ve found names from Algeria like Amira and Sohila,I wish a very good luck for them.And many thanks for lessons I’m sure that they’ll help me to improve my level,because English lunguage intrigues me,thanks a lot again,great regards.

  100. shofiqul islam says:

    hello there, I am shofiqul Islam from Dhaka. your way of teaching English is excellent.I would like to learn english from this website with full of funn.I am really very much interested in learning English from my pls send me more topics with full of funn or whatever. I just want to learn English that’s what i understand at the moment.Thanks a lot for everything which you have provide me through this website.Hope to recieve your lessons as much as possible.

  101. flordeliz bantilan says:

    I been enjoying reading at the given simple words which is applicable to the beginners like of us and giving a wide notions for those who doesn’t really know the words being introduced and within in this we learn to speak articulately base from what we had pronounced. thanks a lot. I still have to continue my study within this kind of process but i had a problem in financial and so i could not afford produced or even to send a certain amount within this kind of program i know this concern of mind could hamper me to learn more.I thought it was free and there’s no conversation amount will be followed after learning those skills.

  102. wameedh A.KHDAIR says:

    Thank you

  103. lamiaa says:

    I’m Lamiaa from Egypt , i study medicine,

  104. Leila says:

    this is leila, i’m from Iran , I’m really want to learning and speaking like the english speakers,i need to more practice. one of my bigest fun is underestand all the english statements in the movies and talk show…I love it and i enjoy it .

    • Angleica says:

      Hello Leila. I am from Mexico but I am living in California and I really interesting to help you practice English. We have the same goal and I need a friend who wants to parctice English with me.

      This is my email if you are inteersting we can make an online appoitment

    • Hafizullah says:

      Hello evreone i hope all friend ok and they have a good Eid i like english i want to fine a good friend and they will chat me and they will talk me thnaks

    • Behzad says:

      Hi Leila,

      I am Behzad, 29 from Tehran. I am an English Literature graduate from Urmia university.
      I would be happy to interchange ideas with you on every subject imaginable . We can learn from each other.
      If interested, please tell me more about yourself via my email:

    • Behzad says:

      Hi Leila,

      I am Behzad from Iran. I am an English literature graduate. Let’s get in touch to practice English together. I have a lot of resources for learning English.

  105. claude says:

    I enjoy to fix my car and my friend’s car.
    unfortunately, It’s not a water car.
    I also enjoy all these episode.
    Thanks a million.

  106. feri says:

    hi, thanks for the lessons, I like it. That’s great

  107. John Nahalko says:

    Hello everyone!My name is John and I am hungarian.I study English for five years.I write and read in English but my speaking is bad.For this help me these lessons that I learn real English as native speaker.Thank you for help.With love: JOHN.

  108. Feri says:

    My name is Feri. I come from Hungary.If I have a little time, I often play instrument. I can play several kind of instruments, not only guitar but clarinett and saxaphon to. My favorite instrument is clarinett.
    I prefer classic and entertainment music.

    • Cynthik says:

      I love listening to classical music. Im an artist as well. I paint!
      I love all these lessons. Im learning and learning. I like to read books and meet people from other cultures. Thanks a lot to Mark and Aaron for these possibilities to know that there are other worlds! love, Cynthik.
      Oh, I forgot to tell you, Im from Argentina!

    • Co Co says:

      My name is cocogyee.I would like to made frendship around the can call co co. I from myanmar

  109. Souhila says:

    umm, what I do to have fun? it’s simple…I go to sleep hhaha really that’s so sweet

  110. suhel samad says:

    Hay there….
    May name is suhel from Bangladesh.

    Yes A J. It’s is relly I like fun all time. that also good for health. thanks

  111. amira says:

    hi my name is amira im from algeria.i like reading and learning.realy i want to enrich my languages

  112. Elvie Zamora says:

    Hi. My name is Elvie. I come from Manila. I am interested in studying and learning. Right now I am taking a non-degree course in education. It is enjoyable. However I am not so good in speaking and writing. I wish that I could developed in that aspect.

  113. Ha My says:

    Hello everybody,
    My name is Ha My. I come from Vietnamese. I am really interested in reading book. I want to know more and more to help many people around me. I like reading book by english. However, my english is not good, I am quite hard to read book by english. I would like to write a book by english.

  114. fantaye says:

    the site is good to improve english language . i always tried to speak flountly but i am still not good i don’t know why

  115. Md says:

    I like traveling and swimming

  116. Jamal Nasser says:

    Hi my name is Jamal and I am from Iraq , i need your help tp improve my language ,
    my SKYPE jamalnassser

  117. Rabab says:

    It’s fun when I help all people they really needs help. It’s fun when I playing all times with my son. It’s fun when I art smill to the children feac .

  118. Tanja says:

    Very, very good lessons!!

  119. Azhar says:

    Hi everyone,
    fun or funny ,i like this 2 words ,i looking always about fun at my rest from work i need it for change my mood ,life without fun it will be hard and stressful,
    Thank’s to who designed this site.

  120. p.f says:

    I read books,watch movies and series in m free time.
    If there is vacation , I prefer to go traveling to other cities and countries

  121. hamed says:

    hi im hamed i like pigeonrace and i want liearning english .

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    I johar from pakistan.Its good method of teaching.Irealy appriaciated u

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    My name is Mohsen. I enjoy working on computer and spacially sufering on internet. I strongly intersted in reading world news on interent. everyday I spend about 8 hours on internet. I should mention I am really good in learning new softwar.

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