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What do you do for fun? Answer the question aloud and then write your answer in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

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What do you do for fun?

Choose a topic that you like and click the link.

What do you do for fun?

I like Books and Reading.
I like Movies and Television.
I like Social Networking Activity.
I like Shopping and Coffee.
I like Bars and Restaurants.
I like Sports and Games.
I like Travel and Adventure.
I like Health and Beauty.
I like Spiritual and Religious activities.
I like Study and Learning



Fun” is a noun but “funny” is an adjective.

We use “fun” like this:

It was fun.
It was really good fun.
I had a lot of fun.
We had a lot of fun.
Did you have fun?

It is difficult to translate. How do you translate it in your language?

Funny means “it makes you laugh” but it has two separate nuances. It can also mean “strange” or “weird” so when somebody says:

That was funny.

We say:

“Do you mean funny-strange or funny-haha?”









“it makes you laugh”.

When we enjoyed something, we do not say:

It was funny.

We say:

It was fun.


I had a a good time.


I had fun


I enjoyed it


I enjoyed myself.

“It was funny” has quite a different meaning. In fact it has two meanings:

“It made me laugh”


“It was strange”.

What do you do for fun? Do you have a hobby? Do you have anything you do regularly to pass time?

Do you want to talk to another person about hobbies?

Leave your contact details in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page, like this:

Hi Everybody,

My name is Muhammed. I am from Iran. I am really interested in cinema. I see as many movies as I can and I want to learn about what themes and topics are popular in films in other countries. I would like to be a film-maker one day.

My skype ID is: mfilm (not a real ID)

You can also leave your details at the Conversation Page and click the links to the pages for separate leisure activities and leave your details there too. Leave your details in a few places and have different types of conversations with different types of people.

Note: We’re still working on some of the pages below. Come back later to see some new pages and leave your details there.

Books and Reading
Movies and Television
Social Networking Activity
Shopping and Coffee
Bars and Restaurants
Sport and Games
Travel and Adventure
Health and Beauty
Spiritual and Religious activities
Study and Learning

Did you have fun?

You can talk about this topic in any language. Leave your email or Skype contact details below or go to the Live Language Linkup page and leave them there.

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149 Responses to “Relaxation and Enjoyment – The Fun Page”

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  1. omair says:

    my openion about the relaxation and enjoyment is that , it will be a great time and a great oppertunity for us
    i will go to the beautiful sites ands really enjoy the great thing .

  2. Thanh Minh says:

    For fun, I think I must meet some friends and talk some crazy story.

  3. Thanh Minh says:

    For fun, I think I must meet some friends and talk some crazy stories.

  4. soheila says:

    Hi everybody,my name is Soheila,I m from iran but I can speak both persian and turkish.I m interested n reading books,actually novels,famous ones.I dont like to read horror books but i sometimes read just for fun.I am also interested in movie and Tv programes.I used to watch korean romance series.

    • mohamad says:

      hi h r u?
      soheila iam from rasht north of iran . can you introduce some funny story which you have been read already and i can reach them inner of iran. tnx happy new year

  5. gaurav says:

    Well, I didn’t read that but want to. Thank you so much.

  6. suhel samad says:

    It was really good fun. it’s really fun in English Conversations. thanks AJ.

  7. Carlos says:

    There are many activities I do for fun: Reading, watching TV, walking around, listening to music. I really enjoy writting on Facebook Mure to my friends.

  8. negar says:

    my fun is speking with my family and writting dairy

  9. Rozanna says:

    i do lots of things to have fun, number one is to be on ur site and reading ur interesting pages 🙂
    I love watching football pretty much , my friends find it Funny-strange because i’m a nice lady 🙂 not tough (as they say), but this is just their opinion Actually i admire football and talented players like oh u donot have to know ,also i love americans movies and travelling to the most beautiful lands. I love NATURE , unfortunatley my country is so much hot and doesn’t have nature, but someday i will travell to see how god is truly an artist 🙂 BYE i gotta go to see FCB match 🙂

    • H says:

      hi rozanna
      three are many things to have you said one of them is watching our favorite matches but with nice friends together..i like watching FCB as crazy about it.i play football may not as well as you do…lol..may i ask you where you are living that is hot??and does not have nature??
      best regards

  10. fernando says:

    hi for all

    to fun i like to use differents topics to talk about football or race cars
    and also i like to go at disco for dancing.
    and watch tv

  11. gaurav says:

    Hi Friends,
    I like net surfing. If I find it boring then I’d like to read some english learning books and listen all the conversations of my respected sir Mr. Mark and Mr. Aaron.

  12. Wadhah says:

    I am fun when I find a miserly man who did not collect a lot of money and then enjoy the thief came and stole this a

  13. Salam Siddig says:

    I would like to conversate every body and Like to make fun like haha and about like advancher, travell chat my ID skyp salam5865 and yahoo ID is salamsiddig. Thanks and have a good day

  14. Woinherg says:

    I Like to laugh with funny people . Which is I have alot friend to get fun thanks

  15. Rania says:

    For fun.. i would like to spend time with my friends and make alot of joke and funny stories also, coz iam very witty nature person and i enjoy moments with my friends, family…


  16. Khetsun says:

    Outgoing is the funnest for me!!!That is my hobby.
    If anyone know more about outgoing, contact me or mail me on

    Thanks a lot…..

  17. zahraa says:

    hi i’m zahraa. i love english and need someone to practice speaking with.

    • H says:

      hi zahraa
      i think we can practice and speak together in order to improving our English language. because a need someone too.
      if you agree we can do it.and i will be so happy.

    • Nair says:

      Hi Zahraa
      I’m Nair from Argentina. I’d love to practice English with you, It would be great!. We can speak by e-mail ( or Skype (Nair Noya – Nair N).
      Greetings! 🙂

  18. Bilal says:

    Hello everybody,my name is Hafizal.I like to surf internet internet and watching television.If I have time I will bring my wife and daughter to go somewhere else that far from our house like a beach.

  19. H says:

    hi everybody
    i wanna improve my English language and i am interesting in reading and exercising English texts. but i do not have do you keep continuity?
    i was wondering if you help me.
    thanks a lot.

  20. masoud says:

    my hobby is watching movies but i love classic old movies.
    I,d like to write and talk about movies and express my feelings about some masterpieces in cinema with someone.
    if you like cinema,please send me an email.
    with thanks.

  21. Wedha says:

    I’m fun if I do activities that I like such as Browsing,listen to music,and watching tv.It all is the most fun for me,cause that activities can make me relaxtion and enjoyment…

  22. yitayal says:

    Hi, my name is yitayal. I like reading books and watch films.

  23. Luis Rogelio Lopez says:

    Hi everybody, my name’s Rogelio, I’m from Mexico City, and I like reading books or watching movies.
    Great day.

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