Art and Love – The Heart Page

Who are you?


Are you a student?

Are you a teacher?

Who are you?

There are many ways to answer this question.

You can talk about your work or your family.

You can talk about how much money you have or how much money you want or something that you want to do, but does that really answer the question?

Who are you?


Who are we and why are we here?

How do you answer this question? How should we answer this question?

Who are you?


Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Here is an example:

I am a philosopher. I do not know why I am here but I am trying to find the answer. I read and think and talk to people. I work as a quality control engineer in a big plastic factory. It is quite an interesting job because I work with a lot of different people and I have to solve technical problems on the computer. My work is not everything however. I work to live but I do not live to work.

Who am I? I am a human being? What does that mean? I am not sure yet. I am learning. Where will I end up? I don’t know. I don’t know where I will I end up. I don’t know what will happen in the future. Life is always changing.

Here is another example:

I am a cashier in a supermarket. I don’t like my job very much because sometimes it is a little boring but it pays the bills. I live with my family. My family is very important to me. Religion is important to me. When I am confused I pray and I try to listen to god. I can hear the voice of god in my heart.

Here is another one:

I am a mother. I take care of my children. We are god’s children. God takes care of us. Sometimes we do not know it. Sometimes we do not notice it. Sometimes we are not aware.

Just as our children lose themselves in their play, we lose ourselves in our lives and we forget that god is looking after us.

Who are we? We are the children of the universe.

Here is another:

Who am I? I am an artist. My art is my life. I live my life try to achieve my full potential as a human being. I use my art to express my soul and to say what it is that I have to say. What do I have to say? I can not put that into words. I prefer to say it with pictures. I am a painter. A picture is worth a thousand words. No! It is more than that. A picture is worth a million words.

If I did not paint, I would not exist. For me painting is everything. Life is like a huge painting. Who am I? I am one of the painters who lives inside this huge canvas.

Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


We don’t have to answer the question literally. We can answer it figuratively. That means we can answer in poetic language. We can use metaphors. Do you know what a metaphor is? It is an important figure of speech. It is a type of idiom. You need to learn metaphors to reach a high level in English. Check out the metaphor page:

The Metaphor Page

Are you a student?
What is a student?
Are you a teacher?
What is a teacher?
Are you a string on a guitar?
Are you a flower on a tree?
Are you a song in the heart?

The Heart as a Metaphor

Are you able to forget yourself? Can you forget yourself and your job and your family and live only in the heart?

What do you think of that idea. You can listen to a conversation about the heart at this link:

Are you a speck of infinite light in the heart?

(a real conversation with Sarasvati-swami)

Who are you really?

Are you a speck of infinite light that shines in the heart?

Art is Life – Art as a Metaphor for Life

You are an artist.

Everybody is an artist.

You are an artist and your art is your life. Your medium (link to media page) is yourself and this world. Your brush is your hands and your clay is your body and your art is everything that you do.

There are many things that you have to do. You have to study and work to realise your ambitions and dreams. You have to get along with your family and other members of your community. You need food and clothing and shelter and money. You have to have money to pay for things like transport, education and entertainment. You need money for all these things.

In the modern world, unless you are very isolated, you usually need money. Most of us have to work to get our money. Unless you are rich, you have to work to get money.

What do you think?

Are you an artist?


Work and Money

Do you define yourself by your work and your money? Do you define yourself by your job and what you do? Do you define yourself by how much money you earn? How important is money to you?


Do you work for money? Do you earn a good wage? Are you paid enough? Are you underpaid? Are you overpaid?

Who is overpaid in your society? Who is underpaid in your society?

How much do people earn in your society? How important is money? Does it contribute to gross national happiness?

Your Relationship to Work

What is your relationship with your work? Do you have a good relationship with your work? Do you define yourself by your work? Does your work tell you who you are?

How important is it?


If you have a good relationship with your work, you will be happy. If you do not have a good relationship to your job, sooner or later problems will surface. Sooner or later you will have problems. Sooner or later you will get into trouble. What do you think of that idea?


Your Life is your Art.

There are many things you have to do. There are many things you have to do for money.

There are many things you have to do for money but sometime when you are alone and feeling quiet (link to alone and feeling quiet page) and you get the desire to do something but you don’t have to, that is the beginning of art.

A lot of work is just dull drudgery or slavery and you have to do things when you are tired and unhappy even though you are tired and unhappy but there are some things you do that are not work. There are some things that you just do spontaneously or for fun. There are things you do on on a whimsy, in a moment of passion. Where do those things come from?

When you are free and sitting by yourself and relaxed and happy, you will get the desire to do something. Where does that desire come from? What is that thing?

That is art.

What kind of art do you like?

Who are you really?

Where are you?

Does “you” include all that you love?

Does “I” include all that I love?


We are always making new pages and updating pages so be sure to come back and check for more links.

The Parts of the Body

The Romance Page – Matchmaking

The Advice Page

The Auntie Stephanie Page

The Story of the Bodhisattva

The Art Page

YouTube Links

What is enlightenment?


A Romantic Young Man in Japan


This page is dedicated to Nicholas and Helena Roerich

“To behold with the eyes of the heart; to listen with the ears of the heart to the roar of the world; to peer into the future with the comprehension of the heart; to remember the cumulations of the past through the heart; thus must one impetuously advance upon the path of ascent. Creativeness encompasses the fiery potentiality, and is impregnated with the sacred fire of the heart.”

Agni Yoga – Heart I
Full Text

World English Course

There are lots of things you can learn in the World English Course. There is a place where you can talk about work and there is also a place where you can find a job and a place where you can find staff. There is a place where you can have fun and there is a place where you can talk about food or family. There is also a place where you can talk about money or love or philosophy. You can study anything you want anytime you want. You can do it once a week or every day or any time you like. Have fun! Work hard! Tell your friends and family members! Enjoy!

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  3. Fidel says:

    Who am I? I don’t know who I am. I like that people judge me. I can not find my self defects. Therefore, I only know , I have an willing to be helpful to my parents, friends and all that are poor without possibility te take on meal per day. I fight injustice and corruption. I dream for a world where everyone has a job and win in return his /her wage. For me, by the job, we win our liberty; liberty to choice how to eat, what to wear and where living.
    Liberty is the firs right for everyone.

    to, I dislike gossiping and hypocrisy.
    God bless humanity.

  4. Sardar says:

    Hi i like more eng but i cant well speak

  5. Sardar says:

    Hi I want know more English

  6. Maria Reis says:

    I really appreciate all you have done for us. This site it is very helpful. My English now is much better.I have learned a lot of things. Thanks a lot.

  7. noorullahsadat says:

    hi iam sadat i want to improve my eng conversiation

  8. Hi I am Faheem Momand I Would Like to Speak English too much to anyone but i can’t Speak well

  9. hocene says:

    I am a teacher of maths in the middle of education level,married and I have four children ,I don’t know English well but I have a great desire to learn it to help my children to learn English , English is international language US IN ALL UN organisation ,us in all fields of sciences,spoken by milliards of people over the world so it is really a very impotent language to communicative with other people around use in all directions.

  10. agt. says:

    I am a fashion desingner, I have two children, I worked as a freelance because I wanted to take care of them. It made me very happy. I could see them how they were growing up, besides we could share almost everything, I knew how each one felt, and they could ask me any doudts that they could have. Now they are not in home. They went out of our Country in order to complete their professional careers. I wanted to do diffrent things, among them; learn English so I thought that now was the opportunity to try it.
    Thank you for your help.

  11. Hanna says:

    Dear All, I’m nurse from Europe. I would like to improve my English.

  12. Ali says:

    I am an english teacher. i like to have someone to accompany me in developing our english. this is my email:

  13. maryam says:

    Hi.I am Maryam.Nowadays i am so sad that i do not feellike doing anything.i feel confused about the every thing i dont understand my around word and people.

  14. Shiv Singh Rawat says:

    Neither I’m student nor a teacher. I am trying to work to my ambition and dream, which is not still clear. It would be my pleasure to work somehow for people live in hilly region of Uttarakhand (India) are suffering from unemployment problem. Youth escapes the village and farm led barren.

  15. Bahador says:

    I am an English learner. I really like it. Speaking English is fun to me. I’m going to take the IELTS examination next month. News anchoring is my favourite job, so I would do whatever to achieve it. Being live on the media is really interesting. Because you inform the people of what is happening around the world.

  16. Pure Poison says:

    who am i??? well i’m a sixteen year old life is quite empty..i’m not good at anything in this life, i don’t know if i’ll be someday.. i really love this language although i’m not that good in it but i’m trying so hard 2 be good at it and that’s who i am i guess 🙂

    • Bahador says:

      Hi. I am Bahador. I read your comment. According to what you said your life is guite emty. I can fill this empty place by speaking English and help eachother improve our skills if you like.
      Look forward to hearing form you…

  17. yaqob says:

    hi i am yaqob 5th year student at the training teacher i like speaking english and also i can speak english but not very well some times i cant explain what i want .it my problem .i dont know how can improve my english .please help me

  18. VanDinh says:

    I’m an electrical engineer. I like learning English, but I do not have much time for it. I want to read, write, listen and speak English fluently. I thank AJ.Hoge teacher taught me a lot of free English courses in email. Thank you.

  19. iman says:

    iam ateacher of english i like my job very much and i hope to find some one to speak with him english most of my students are weak in english and i want to help them but i do not know how?

  20. anna mohid says:

    i am anna moh, teacing in a school and i teach to o level so always in search of new techniques thatcan be helpful for my students.i joined n studies AJ Hoge efforless english lessons but then i left….and now once again i am here as i find them very interesting and helpful for me and my students.
    thankyou aj.

  21. LeNhat says:

    I’m a student. I love English, but I don’t have enough money for trainings english. I known AJ Hoge by my friend.And I really enjoy these mini-story.
    Thank you, AJ hoge!

  22. QuangKy says:

    i am a normal student. i thought that. actually, i do not like my major. it is too hard to me. i have to learn hard my major and my English. i have a happy family. God always take care of us. i have not known my mission in the life yet. i just try to do everything best and to enjoy my life. i hope that my family and everyone all over the world always feel happy.

  23. Lynda says:

    i am very glad to join in this course
    I studied English many years ago, but still now I can not speak English well. I can not express my thinking althought I studied many vocabulary.
    Please help me how can I improve my english ?
    Thanks a lot

  24. Crlos says:

    I´m love, I am the life getting movement, Im in the no empty space and living among thousands of thoughts and finally Im a thought in mi own mind. Im a softly whisper letting hear, and I am between you and me the only one that i can named as “I”.

  25. SUBASH says:

    Hi Everybody,

    I am Stenographer and working in Periyar University, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India.
    I used to write and draft many kind of letters to my Vice-Chancellor.
    When I go through this Website I used to learn many useful things.
    I need more friends to share my experience and feelings what I am got.
    By way of this I’d like to improve my English Knowledge!
    So, If anybody would like to communicate with me please try these e-mail IDs,

  26. map xinh says:

    hi all
    im Thu, and now im a student of last year. I am preparing to graduate university. I love english as people. Everyday i study english. i want to develop my english grammar so much, and i really like to find a partner to speak english with me.
    every lesson you sent me, it was helpful. i hope that we will be good at english in the near future.
    i love all
    if anyboy want to add me, please contact me following the ID: hoatuyetxanh1705
    bye, take care and nice time

  27. Miguel Angel says:

    I send you the written, for you help me to check it.

    I am an engineer. I work in private IT organization, I like work in this kind of media, because I know different technologies. I believed that people should use the technology to build better things that help to improve the life ways.


  28. thuhang says:

    Hi!I am the third year student of Viet Nam maritime university. I like learning English. But I don’t know how to learn. This website is very good. I hope that it will help me to learn English better.

  29. iman says:

    I am an English teacher. I like teaching. The problem is I need someone to talk in English to improve my English. I am a mother. I have four children. All are successful in life. I love them too much. Love means to me giving all what you can to the world. Art in my opinion is the key to happy life. If you are an artist you know how to draw happiness in this life for all humanity,cause happiness is something we have inside ourselves which we are able to make and grant to all people. I hope that the world will find the means of happiness and live in peace.

    • olga says:

      So amI.I like my job.I’ve been teaching since 1977. The main problem is if I Iknow it good enough! I’m a mother like you (2 children),but more important that I’m a grandmother (4 grandchildren). I like your words about love.I’m an artist deep in my heart.Everybody has its special colour.I’m orange.I’ll try to paint my world in my colour. I share your hope for finding means of happiness for all mankind. Would you like to connect with me. My e-mail is Best wishes

  30. Gudsi says:

    iam a student.i also work security.i try to find know in inside of me.It is not so easy.Everyone does during his life.Someone can but someone not.It does not matter how much you earn or something else.It depends on your facilities your manners and others.

  31. hi! Im a mom and i love to work. i want to talk to a people that can share their good experience to me. i want talk ,talk, talk especially if the topic is politics.My hobbies are reading books.

  32. abdullqahar says:

    I’m a staff member in the Department of State and I love my job and I work all day and has additional work in a shop to repair the computer and God and luck to all the people.

  33. shosho says:

    Hi, I’m a teacher of English.i like English. when i’m a lone, i feel sad. When i teach i feel as a bird flying in the sky and my pupils are my wings.i’m so happy and proud to be Egyptian .I love my country so much.i hope to find myself “in shaa Allah”when i meet a gentle man, love him,marry to get very nice babies

    • Teara93 says:

      Hi! I feel u’re a good teacher 🙂 Soon I’ll take a entrance exam to get a chair in university. I think I ‘m gonna be a Eng teacher like you.
      Can u tell me what is “in shaa Allah”?
      HAND! 🙂

      • shosho says:

        i hope for u excellent future especially in English
        “in shaa Allah” means “god willing” or when Allah helps us and we achieve our wishes

  34. rose says:

    Hi,i am student,like java programming and web programming, but i don’t know how to be a good programmer as the other, i don’t known what was stop me to be that….
    please help me…sometime i am jealous with coz my friends they can understand easily about the coding what the our lecturer ask us to do..

  35. rose says:

    Hi,i am student,like java programming and web programming, but i don’t know how to be a good programmer as the other, i don’t known what was stop me to be that….
    please help me…sometime i am jealous coz with my friends they can understand easily about the coding what the our lecturer ask us to do..

  36. muuna says:

    first thanks for allah

    holl my name is muuna . I like computer net

  37. Bhaswati Dutta says:

    Hi! I am Bhaswati, working as an accountant in a Construction Company. Also I am playing different roles with my sweet family. As a mother, wife and daughter-in-law.I love my job as well as I like singing, travelling, reading and some times gardening.I am a nature lover so sometimes I enjoy my personal moment with nature.

  38. Maria Santos says:

    Hello everyone! I´m writing straight from Brasil. I´m just like you, a human being with dreams and expectations… a sensitive woman, a housewife and general administrator of my family, mother of the most beautiful three kids :), a wife of a loving husband and a lover of the same loving husband. I believe that “God is willing to take you as far as you are willing to go”. Never say ” I can´t do it” when you are a true believer of Jesus Christ. Whatever I work on, I do as if I´m doing for Him, for his glory, and keep my eyes on eternity where life will really make sense. Why Am I here? What is the purpose of my life? God created me and allowed me to be part of this world to glorify His name and make a difference where I am. Blessings to you all!!!

  39. Thanh Phuong says:

    Hi ^_^
    I’m a normal human. Now, I’m a specialist about safe food. on the day I’m working and night I’m studing at school to improve knowledge and to service my jod in the future. I don’t like my job now because i can’t apply my knowledge which I learned in my school or may be say that it don’t accordant with me. I hope I will find a good job and it accordant with me. I try to improve my level english. I feel unselfconfident when I talk with people by english.
    I’m not yet love anybody so i can’t say what love is. But I know that poeple can live because love or die because it and love can do to vary a human.

  40. Qasim says:

    Hello friend,
    I am dost, actually i read some of your question about the why we are here. you are right all have to know the reason so, if you want to get the key for your answer you can contact me.
    in fact we cannot answer it just for one letter just it need about 1 day time to talk about. if any one interested to know the answer directly contact me.


  41. agt. says:

    Who am I? I really do not know, but I think I am here beacuse I have to carry out a purpose in my life and life’s others, maybe my own family. I studied as a fashion designing and I work as a freelancer in my home.
    Thank you very much.

  42. el azizi says:

    realy I do not know myself even sometimes I make interpretations of my behaviours;even I give ideas about my personality,from time to time iam confused!who am I? I have idealistic dreams and irrational hopes and illogical thoughts;that’s very complecated….so who can answer me…who am I ????

  43. farah says:

    Who am I?I don”t know who am I but my favorite and job is art.I teach in university and enjoy it very much.I know the people birth and grow up to die.So every body believe to life after die and God are happy and useful for world.
    God love all of us and every body know it enjoy from life and like others.

    Best Regards.

  44. muntsa lacima riba says:

    Who am I? I am a human being, a woman and Catalan.

  45. Cynthik says:

    I’m a being with a divine soul. I’m trying to be a human being. I love animals. I learn a lot from them.
    I know that the are many many things that I don’t know like Socrates said.
    I’m just a curious being. I love freedom. I love art. For me, music, painting, literature, sculpture, writing…and much more things are the best possibility to get in touch with the Universe. I don’t have many friends, I love my two cats.
    I love to receive this lesson in Valentine’s day, because it made my day very sweet.
    It is interesting to think, that in the other side of the world, I have teachers like you. People who think about student’s happines. That is not a minor detail.
    Probably I’ll never see you, but let me say Happy Valentines for you too/two!. Anyway, you are in these lessons, and I can perceive the way you work. I feel that you put love on your tasks. So, answering your question about if love is important, the answer is yes. Love is fundamental.Without it, anything makes sense. So, thank you one more time, for your time, for your energies, for your presence beyond the oceans. Much love, Cynthia

  46. mugahed says:

    hi every body i am not good in english so i searsh to fo find afrinds to learning english and i want to send for me some cd converstion and i will be have thanks

  47. Md. Nura Alam Siddique says:

    I am an Accountant. Servicing at an NGO in Bangladesh.But I think its may be not a total introduction about myself.The earning profession must not be represent only me as well as other person also. I like to intriduce myself a poet heartly.I love poem, love reading, love men.

  48. Rafique says:

    Hi my name is rafique from jaipur (India). i am working in the vision house from 1 year. my english is not good but i learn every day with side. i feel that my english is improve before time and i hope will be my english is to good .

    Best Regards

  49. Hang says:

    Hi! I’m in Viet Nam and working as accoutant. My work is good and i am overpaid. But my boyfriend is in another country and very far from my coutry. We are going to get married. So…maybe i have to leave my job to come and live with him in a strange country. I think…I will meet a lots of difficulty ( like: finding job, cultures, lifestyle, relationship with new family…). But i love him and will to try to get over everything..So i think sometimes i have to quit something to have other things in life. and i will start do everything again. i don’t know who i am…but i will try to do everything to be with my love and have a happy family.

  50. bakho says:

    hi all, i learn English step by step for every day.
    The best way to learn that Internet and every day speaking.

  51. Beatrice says:

    I am a learner I always want to learn from everything and improve myself.
    I love the power of words.
    I think words can express the meanings of life.

  52. Muna says:

    hi all,,
    i’m here to study English and thanks for help…

  53. naz says:

    hi, my dear teachers:
    I am very happy to know you, I am Kurdish from Iraq ,the love is not important for me because my dream is completed my study in USA so the language is very important for me .. and i know my language is too bad but day after day i try to get best job,, when i get my goal after than i will think about the love…

  54. Piroska says:

    Valentines Day is not a Hungarian holiday.It is nowadays a
    copy of an American custom and good business for the florists
    in Europa too.It is an atificial expression of love what
    you feel really.

  55. Kate says:

    I am The AIM.. and I want to receive it.. I want to love and be loved.. I want to be happy!!!

  56. Hong Linh Tran says:

    Hi, I’m from Viet Nam. I’m nearly a single mom of two son, one is 6 years old and the last is 4. I’m a house wife and now just begin as a distributor for Herbalife company. My marriage is not good as I’ve ever dream, we had separation and we have no contact for nearly 4 years. Now, my first som has live with my husband’s parents and now I still have some troubles with it. Independence about finance is my goal because it helps me win custody in court. I believe that I will overcome this challenge and try to all 3 we will be reunited in a year.

  57. Nahed says:

    Hi All

    I a legal consultant, I am married, I have two children, I am here to find friends and to study English, I love my family, I always want to see them happy in their life.

  58. Mel says:

    Hi, first of all HAPPY VALENTINE DAY >:d< to everyone even single ones!
    I'm a freshman. I'm studying international economics and maybe in the near future I'll become a diplomat. In fact, that's not my dream, exactly my parents' dream. The older I grow, the more complicated i fell about life. Life is a difficult riddle and i'm still chasing an answer to it. Sometimes i feel as if i'm leading someone's life, not my own life. I always have a strong desire for sth like a fairy tale with a happy ending, but it's still in vain. I spend some time pondering and actually i realize that i'm requiring so much and maybe i have to learn how to satisfy with what i have in life…

  59. lion says:

    I am a student. Everyday I go to university so that I can learn lot of knowledge. And I think it is really useful for my furture. I hope that I can be a good techology engineer and find a good job with a good salary. Who am I? I am me

  60. Yury says:

    Hi Mark and Aaron !

    Hope everything’s allright with you ?
    You asked interesting questions.
    I attended Brahma Kumaris World Spirit University (BKWSU) and
    learned some new ideas for me.
    First of all I’ll write about ones which comfort me:

    – I’m a soul, bright speck of light, eternal, that
    never was created, hence never’ll dye.
    – My body is a costume in which I play role in the World Drama
    – When my part is over , soul’ll take another costume
    – God is also speck of light, but His qualyties are infinite

    Second, the ideas I don’t like (or agree) with:
    – World Drama goes through 4 ages:
    Gold(age of happy), Silver, Bronze and Iron
    (age of disaster, we live in it now)
    Humanity has to cickle through these ages forever !
    That’s awful !

    I leaved BKWSU now.
    I have more to write, but have you time and desire to read ?

    Have a good time !

  61. jenny says:

    I am a student and I have a daughter. I want to do something. But my English is very bad. I want to improve my English language.

    I don’t know why i am here. Sometime this question really bothered me.

    • Rafique says:

      Hello Jenny.

      How are you. i give a suggation as a friend my name is Rafiqeu and my english is not good also but my friend said to me that u can improve your english you read english newspaper every day only 1 hour also lesten english news. & learn english with this side then your english will be good earlier.


  62. Mboany says:

    Dear teachers,
    Many thanks indead for your kind wishes , I wish you the same.
    I don’t know much who am I? and why am I here in this earth?
    but I know that I am a humain being created’s God and I belive in Him.
    All of my life I try to do the best.
    I belive in love too because God is love.
    life without love is never.
    See you later and good luck!

  63. ALFRED says:

    hi , im alfredo sylva , iam aircon technician , i use to work as a service technician and i have some foreigner client , thats why i want to learn more in english . i am so lucky that there is a people like you who really laike to help someone like me , and i am very thankfull . thank you effortless english club more power to youre company , cause ive learn a lot , god bless you all , really appreciate

  64. Andreea says:

    Hi, I am an air traffic controller and I am here to learn English better. I no not have the talent of conversing easily with people I have never met before and I must learn it better to trust myself first.

  65. Motasem says:

    Hi all, I am working in UNDP I dont know why I am here ? but I am looking for people to help me in this life ..

    I want to have Million friends all over the world .. and I need soulmate tobe similar me .

    thanx for all

  66. Hassani says:

    Hi all,

    Happy Valentines Day!
    I hope all is well there with love and life, today i have received a message asking about Love that is love important? answer is yes because life without love means nothing to do for our future and working or trying for not a clear goal.
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