The Story of America – Jack Kerouac and the Beat Poets

The Beat Poets were Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg, Neal Cassidy, Gary Schneider and others.

Kerouac’s most famous book is probably “On the Road”
Have you read it?

Anyway I wrote the book because we are all gonna die …

That was future “going to” tense!

in the loneliness of my life

Are you alone?


Are you lonely?

my father dead
my brother dead
my mother far away

the common dark of all our deaths

something that we all have in common

my heart broke from the general despair
and opened up inwards to the lord

a time phrase ………

just for a day or two
just for a couple of days

The Country

we had just been back and forth across the country

the country
the countryside
la compagna


different phases of our lives
different phases of my life


a moth-eaten coat



walking off alone
walking off together

Parts of the Body

eyes on the street ahead

A Past Participle!


Time Phrases

In America when the sun goes down ….
In America when the sun comes up …

that raw land that rolls in one unbelievable huge bulge over to the west coast

tonight the stars would be out

on the prairie
on the plain

complete night
complete darkness

the blessing of the earth


Nobody knows what is going to happen to anybody.

I think of Dean Moriarty

You don’t have to understand everything!

Dean Moriarty was based on the real character: Neal Cassidy.


Kerouac Television Appearance

Stage Fright?

Do you get stage fright?

Are you nervous now?
Are you scared now?

No. No, I am not. I am not nervous.
Yes. Yes, I am. I am nervous.

Time Phrases

How long did it take?
How long will it take?

three weeks
five weeks

seven years
two years

On The Road

“On the Road”

is the title of the book.

I was on the road once for ..

a long time
an interminably long time

the other way around
this way around
that way around

A Roll of Toilet Paper?

one big roll of paper
a roll of toilet tissue

Literary Style

when I write narrative novels
when I write poetry

Where do you get them?

For narrative, it is good.

How would you define the word “beat”

Well ..sympathetic.

Sympathy – the ability to “feel with”

sym PLUS pathos – Greek Root

sympathetic -sympathy
compassionate – compassion

not self involved
turned on to the suffering and ecstasy
(and everything in between)
of those around them

The Nature of Truth (simply put)

Those stories were true because I believed what I saw.

I saw in the clouds
a great image of god
with his forefinger pointed right at me

index finger
little finger-pinky

go moan
go groan
go roll your bones alone

Timothy Leary talks about Kerouac

Like Kerouac who shared with me a fascination with athletics

giving pep talks to the players

one of the classic lines of the psychedelic movement

“Walking on water wasn’t built in a day” … meaning
It isn’t going to happen as quickly as you want it to.

Alan Ginsberg

Alan Ginsberg was a great Beat generation poet

Link to Ginsberg

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