The Story of the Sixties – Ram Dass and Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert were two Harvard professors who experimented with consciousness in the sixties.

LSD was legal at the time and they were used as part of the scare campaign that led to the war on drugs which began in the Reagan era after the sixties.

Adjectives as Opposites

conscious – unconscious

Noun Phrases – Consciousness

the unconscious mind
the Jungian idea of the unconscious
the collective unconscious
the Tao

Harm Reduction – Medicine not Weapons

Has the UN changed its “War on Drugs” policy to a “Harm Reduction” policy and begun to treat drugs and medicines as part of general health issues rather than military and criminal enforcement issues?

We are living in .. and many of us in this room are part of ..

an epidemic .. an epidemic with as yet unknown causes and as yet unknown effects

nowadays what do you think

one percent or two percent of the use of the drug

in the parlors
on the beaches

the problems or affairs of the real world outside

the real world outside
the real world inside

what is the critical level

before we begin to have trouble in keeping the ploughs and machines going

They may be right.
He may be right.
You may be right.
They may be right.

what will happen to the society

Richard Alpert, who later became Ram Dass

i have had as i say LSD over three hundred times

It really reminded me of four guys up there on

and all they could see were the problems

they are not even interested in that

and that is all you can expect

and that is what i call vested interest in the ongoing game.

How did we get hung up this way?
How did man get into this kind of cultural limits ..

Change is Forbidden

I was at a lecture the other day … Buckminster Fuller. We now know there is enough to go around but none of us can break through

World Hunger

when we are collaborative with our resources

the jungle

and now to be able to really shift that ethic is a very difficult thing to do

I am reminded of a slogan

all wars are civil wars because all men are brothers

There is no “other”.

there is no they

that is one of the components of the LSD experience

it is all one

the relation of the background to what stands out

now in our culture we have been trained

brighter dumber richer poorer

put them in categories and treat them that way

in the ways in which they are separate

one of the dramatic

and experiencing the fact well yes indeed we are brothers in the true sense of that which is essence in you and essence in me is indeed one!

What does this do to the free enterprise market system

to a colaborative kind of enterprise
which means tat I am not working in order to beat you out

you and i are working in order to both make it

we are separate but there is something similar

for example i might look down and this is another .. another external hallucination this sweater

PhD what does that mean? and that assures me of something or other

that would be the external symbol of the same thing

it is an identity that i have taken on
i learned this whole business

all that is learned along the way

you see all those learned things


a point of awareness

all of my games were going off in the distance

I got this terrible panic

and it is the panic which precedes psychological death

the wise old Timothy says: Trust your nervous system.

We as souls

and in between

it is such exquisite .. mechanism
Can you imagine

you have picked mother and father
picked the time in history
we were to live
you have picked the people you even walked by on the street

and so all the rest of us

we interact ……

sighs (seeking words to describe the breadth of the concept)

You have ..the best way to live life .. is as a soul .. dancing in and out ..of your incarnation …
a witness … a witness of both internal and external paradigms (?)

We are awreness. You are an awareness and i am an awareness and our awareness is not separate. An awarness is one name for god and we are fingers of consciousness for the one consciousness.
timothy leary

it is an altogether new thng

you actually can have a religious experience

and it can be even more important than reading the Bible six times

or being a Pope
leary denied there were dangers and began a propaganda offensive

whiky drinking generals

They gave me the good lines i the show.

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

this is an experiment

in mind formation



scramble confuse

focus unfocus

your mind

the natural state of the brain

we are dealing with a complexity of information

the first thing to do is

a pleasant state of chaos

this is the state of the brain when it is ready to be informed
that is

the human brain contains one hundred billion neurons. Each neuron as powerful as a large computer

which is incomprehensible

who is extreemely important

took a fatal six storey plunge to her death

I am under arrest!

I want you to stay for a while.

You are sixty years old.

Can you hear me Art?


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