The Library

A library is not a book shop. It is a free lending service.

Do you go to the library?
Is there a public library near you?
Are you a librarian?
Have you ever worked in a library?

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3 Responses to “The Library”

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  1. Mark White says:

    I like to walk into a huge library and smell the rows of books. I walk up and down the aisles looking at the books and smelling them and following my feeling till I feel an urge to cast my eyes this way or that and as I walk I skim the colours and spines of the books reading one here and one there until my interest falls on a particular book then I will sit curled up in the aisle and study it until I have found what my strange instinct told me I was supposed to find in it, then I will move on to the next until I am exhausted.

    When I was in Paris many of the libraries were closed to the public and you could not walk in the stacks. You had to know the author and title and number and wait fifteen minutes for an attendant to get you one book.

    It was terrible. It was like starving to death on the doorstep of an exquisite restaurant.

  2. sewar says:

    I like reading very much. I think I inherited this habit from my father.I like to read any kind of books, but I interested more in literary books.
    My uncle is a librarian, so I envy him, because he has alot of books in his library which he has read a lot of them. This summer I have made a deal with him, I ofered to help him in the library on the condition that he allows me to read book a day. My uncle is very kind, so he agreed.

  3. Ha My says:

    I usually go to the library. On my school campus, there are 3 libraries. One of three libraries is japanese library. Sometimes, I go to the national library that has many book such as historical book, science book and magazine, geographical book, etc. Specially, the national library has very many foreign book. I am really interested in it. However, the national library is quite far from my house, I have to spend 1 hour to go to there.

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