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Are you interested in philosophy?


“Philosophy” is an old word which describes all the things you can know.

The Meaning of Philosophy

Long ago in ancient Greece when men wanted to know things they loved to know and to understand and they were called philosophers. We all love to know and understand so we are all philosophers.

Humans are different from animals because they can reason and understand. Thought and understanding is what separates us from the other creatures.

Do you agree with that?

Do you think that animals are as perceptive as we are?

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The History of Words


Did you know that the Greek word for things is “physis” and the English word “physics” comes from that Greek word?

Have you ever studied physics? Are you interested in physics?


The Greek word for “things” is “physics” and the Greek word for “after things” or “beyond things” is “Meta Physics”

One of the branches of philosophy is metaphysics.

Long ago men studied “things” (physics) and “what comes after things” (thoughts about things).

Nowadays language has evolved and we use many other words to differentiate branches of knowledge. Different branches of knowledge or study are sometimes called different disciplines

List of Disciplines


Do you know the names of all of these disciplines in your own first language?

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The Metaphor Page

Is your head able to contain all of these ideas?
Is it full?
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World English Course

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