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“You say you want a revolution … but when you talk about destruction … you can count me out”

– John Lennon


Are you familiar with these lyrics?

John Lennon

This page is dedicated to John Lennon.


A revolution means a significant change. We use the metaphor of “revolution” to describe the cycle of life and the changing circumstances of life.

Phrasal Verbs

count me in
count me out

“Count me in”


“Include me”


“Count me out”


“Don’t include me.”

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Noun Phrases

The French Revolution
The American Revolution
The Iranian Revolution
The Russian Revolution
The Chinese Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
The Green Revolution
The Velvet Revolution
The Agrarian Revolution
The Agricultural Revolution

List of Revolutions

We see “revolution” as a synonym of revolt and rebellion and violent change. John Lennon spoke against this.

Are you interested in history?

What revolutions have taken place in the history of your culture and society?

Is there a revolution now?
Is a revolution taking place no?
Is there a revolution taking place now?


What is it?
Tell us about it.
Say your answer then write your answer in the comments section below.

The Revolution of the Earth

The earth turns on its own axis at it goes around the sun.

One revolution takes about twenty four hours (23 hours 56 minutes 4.091 seconds).

Half of the day is dark and it is called “night”. Half of the day is bright and it is called “day”.

The earth is our home. One revolution of the Earth takes about twenty-four hours. Our home is moving. We are all travelers. Our home is revolving slowly. With each revolution we see the sun appear and disappear and we count the passing of time by watching the passing of the hours.

There are twenty-four hours in day.

The earth revolves on its own axis and it also revolves around the sun. One revolution takes one year.

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Learning by Visualizing and Imagining

Look at these parts of a wheel:

a wheel
the axle
the spokes
the hub
the rim
the tyre
the tube

Draw a picture of a wheel and mark the parts of the wheel on it.

Have you finished? Now look at the picture and make a mental note of all the things on it. Now turn it over and try to imagine the picture with all the words written in the correct places. Lie back and let a picture form in your mind. Are you able to see it?


These verbs describe spinning:

go round
go around

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