Habits and Routines – The Routine Page

What is your Daily Routine?

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Listen to the audio and answer the question.
Now look at the examples below.

My Daily Routine

I wake up at seven thirty.

I get out of bed.

I go to the bathroom.

I wash my face.

I comb my hair.

Do you take a shower in the morning?

I go to the kitchen.

I make coffee.

Do you drink coffee or tea?

I get dressed.

I put on my shoes. (link to the Imelda Page)

I leave the house at about eight thirty.

I walk to the bus stop.

I catch the eight forty bus.

It takes me twenty minutes to get to work.

I start work right on nine o’clock.

I work from nine until twelve.

I take an hour for lunch.

In the afternoon I work from one until five.

I work Monday to Friday.

I work thirty five hours per week.

After work I sometimes go out with friends.

We meet at a coffee shop.

We eat in a restaurant.

Sometimes we go dancing.

Sometimes we sit and talk.

Sometimes we walk by the river.

I always go to bed early on week nights.

I sometimes stay up late on week-ends.

We use Present Simple Tense to talk about routine.

The Clothing Page

What is you daily routine? Write your answer in the “comments” section below:

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19 Responses to “Habits and Routines – The Routine Page”

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  1. umama malik says:

    I wake up at 11′ oclock. then i go to washroom .after few minutes ,i make my breakfast with my friend after this, i start my studies first of all, i make my practical copy then offer zohr prayer .then we think about lunch i eat biryani in lunch . then again start my studies .

  2. Anand sahu says:

    I like up

  3. Ishuchopra says:

    I getup at 6 and get out of my bed.
    I go to the bathroom wash my face and comb my hairs.
    I do exercises for half an hour.
    I brush my teeth and take a bath.
    I get dressed and make tea for everyone after taking tea i help my mom in preparing breakfast .
    I have my breakfast at 9.
    I read my notes and do my homework for 1 hour
    In afternoon i watch TV for sometime then i help my mom in preparing lunch and have my lunch at 3 then i get ready and go to the academy for spoken english classes at 4 and came back at 6 afterthat i take rest and have some tea.
    I watch television for sometime .
    At night I make dinner for everyone and i have dinner at 9 .
    I go to my bed at 11.

  4. muruges says:

    I get up at dawn.I wakeup at 7 oclock. I wash my face and brush my teeth comb my hair.i put on my make up. i have breakfast at 9 clock then i study english for 3hours after that i make lunch and i wash the dishes.and i go to my office

  5. Susannah says:

    I much prefer intvamrfioe articles like this to that high brow literature.

  6. arjun says:

    How to change this sentence in to past tense and project it as a routine past activity”They cometo the park regularly”

  7. mehrnush says:

    I get up at 7:30 o’clock. I wake up at 8. I take a pill for my illness. I wash my face and brush my teeth and comb my hair. i put on my make up. i have breakfast at 9:00 o’clock then i study English for 2 hours after that i make lunch and i wash the dishes then check my phone and i make a phone call to my manager

  8. I get up early in the morning and offer my prayers then again sleep far a while . At 7 I get up and give breakfast to my kids and husband . I also take a cup of tea wit biscuits.. After that I get ready for school. I m principal in a school . I look after all the issue in school . I come back home at 1:30 . I prepare lunch and we ll family eat our lunch. After lunch we take nap for half an hour . At 4 my tution kids come , I teach them and my own kids as well . I get free at 6:30 . In during teaching I offer my asar prayer. Then I offer magrib I just think about dinner. Sometimes we do lunch from out and sometimes at home. Every day we go out for refreshment . At 10 I offer isha and at 11 go to bed because I have to wake up early in the mornind

  9. bokhari says:

    I wake up 4 o’clock morning.

    I take one glass of water.

    I take shower.

    I offer the morning pray (fajar)

    I change my dress.

    I go to the dining hall for breakfast.

    I take one cup of tea, one boiled egg, one piece of bread with kiri.

    I move to the car & move to the work site.

    it takes 10 minuets drive.

    11 o’clock I have lunch break for two hours.

    I move to my room.

    I do lunch & take nap for 15 minuets.

    I Offer the Zuhar pray.

    Then I play the game for 15 to fresh my mind & take one cup of tea.

    I move to my office again 1 o’clock.

    at time ends at 5 o’clock evening.

    I back to my room take shower & change my dress.

    I offer the pray & go for my dinner.

    I come back from dining hall.

    I talk with my family for one hour.

    I go to sleep nearby 9 o’clock night.

    Good Night….

  10. Radhey says:

    I wake up at about 6:30am.
    My children wake up almost with me.
    I goto washroom after having a glass of water.
    Then I have a cup of tea after brushing my teeth.
    Sometime I help my wife to get ready the children for school.
    In the mean time I also get ready for going to office. I go to office by bike.

  11. Jimale says:

    i get up 5:00am
    i go the bathroom
    i brush may teeth
    i make ablution
    i pray the Salatu Subah
    i read the holly Quran
    i get my dress
    i eat my breakfast
    i comb my hair
    i go my Job 7:30
    i9 do my Job
    2:00 i return our Home
    i have take few rest
    then i pray salatu Asar
    and i go my university
    i talk my friends
    i sleep at 9:00pm

  12. Mark White says:

    I get up before dawn.
    I get up before dawn and I start to write.
    Some times I write stories.
    Sometimes I write poems.
    Sometimes I write emails.
    Sometimes I write all of those things.
    At seven thirty I wake the children.
    I wake them up.
    They get dressed.
    They get dressed by themselves.
    They get dressed by themselves while I prepare their lunches.
    They get dressed by themselves while I prepare their lunches for school.

    Tell us about your routine………..

  13. uma says:

    I wake up at 6’oclock
    I go to bath room
    Ifinish my breshing and bath
    I prepare coffee to my houseband
    My children wake up at 7’oclock
    They finish bresh and bath
    I prepare breakfast for them
    They eat breakfast and then go school
    My houseband go to office
    I work in the school
    I go to school

  14. zohreh says:

    sentences is right excuse me:)

  15. zohreh says:

    nihanth reddy there are some wrong sentenses in your sentenses i have breakfast . i do work is wrong u should saia i work and do chatting is wrong and in the night is wrong u should said at night 😉 thanks

  16. nihanth reddy says:

    i wake up in the morning.
    i go for the fresh-up.
    i do breakfast in tiffin centre.
    i go to office at 9am.
    i do work at my office.
    i come back to my home in the evening 6pm.
    i watch television for 1 h.
    i also find the people on social networking sites and do chatting wih them.
    i take supper in the night at 9pm.
    i go to bed in the night 11pm.

    this is my daily routine.

  17. Faisal says:

    It’s very nice way to learn English conversation .

  18. claude legagneur says:

    These short sentence can make me confident enough to teach people
    how to speak english. I love them.
    Thank you guys.

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