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How many pairs of shoes do you have?


]Write your answer in the “comments” section below. Tell us about your shoes. What is your favorite pair? Where did you buy them? When did you buy them?

Are you wearing shoes now?


The shoe is on the other foot – the tables have been turned

This page is dedicated to Imelda Marcos. Do you know Imelda Marcos? Do you know who she is?

Why do you think this page is dedicated to Imelda?
Click the link on her name and go to the wikipedia article about her. read about her then try to answer the question. Post your answer in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

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4 Responses to “Shoes and Footwear – The Shoe Page”

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  1. Subhendu Biswas says:

    Imelda Marcos is the widow of former Philippine president Ferdinand Mercos and served as First Lady of Philippine from 1965 to 1986.

  2. Subhendu Biswas says:

    Yes, I know Imelda Marcos.

  3. Subhendu Biswas says:

    This page is dedicated to Imelda Marcos because this page is for all about shoes or footwear and she has a great zeal about footwear and she has about 3000 pairs of shoes she is famous for that.

  4. Ana Maria says:

    I own around 50 pares of shoes.
    I´m wearing red shoes now.
    Imelda Marcos is Ferdinando Marcos´ (president/dictator of Philipines) widow. She is best known for wasting public money on shoes (once it was said that she owned 3,000 pairs) and other expensive items, while the population was starving.

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