The Sister Page

Do you have a sister?


Do you have a sister?

What does she do?

What is her job?

Where does she live?

How old is she?

Is she married?

Is sh an older sister or a younger sister?

Do you get on well with her?

Write about your sister. Write about your sister in the “comments” section below.

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  1. S.Muthuramalingam says:

    Dear sir

    conversation was very interesting and useful.kindly many like this.



  2. Som Singh Banga says:

    Oh yes i do have two sisters and both are house wives.Their daily job is to prepare food in kitchen ,cleaning house and washing clothes and keep watching bore serial on TV.My one sister lives in Jagraon and other one in Jalandhar.One is 55 yrs and other 50 years old.Both are married and elder to me.They are happy in their home and often i get in touch with them and ok both are very nice to me.

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