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My Living Room
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Do you have enough room?


Do you have enough space?

Are you sitting in a chair?
Are you sitting on the floor?
Are you sitting in a confined space?
Do you have enough room?


Say your answer then write it in the comments section below.

Room and Space

The word “room” has two meanings. One meaning is “room” as in “bedroom“, “bathroom“, “kitchen” etc. The other meaning is “room” as in “space”.

Time and Space

Time and space are basic concepts. Events take place in space over a period of time. Time is expressed in periods or points. Space is expressed by long detailed descriptions and with short phrases that show location:

1. Short Phrases That Show Location

in the corner
on the desk
at the window
by the window
next to the window
under the bed
between the bed and the desk
through the window
above the window
over the bed

2. Long Detailed Descriptions

Tell us about the room where you live. Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Describe it. Tell us what is there. Look at these examples:

My room is about 2.4 by 3.0 metres in area and there is a little adjacent area, about one and a half metres by three metres, which is the cooking area. There is no bed. I sleep on a rolled up mattress. I take it out at night.

In one corner there is a shrine. There is one window.It is in the east wall. Through the window I can see a pumpkin vine. It is growing in a window box.

There is a wardrobe in one corner of my room. I keep all of my clothes in it. It is an old wardrobe. It belonged to my mother. There are some books on the top of the wardrobe. There are also some boxes with clothes in them. I have a lot of clothes. I need them for work.

When I am alone in my room, I feel good.

Here is another one:

I share a room with my brother. It is about three metres by two metres in area. Before my whole family lived in this room. My parents have moved away.

Like any room, my room has four walls. They are yellow. I like yellow. It is a good color. It makes me feel good.

There is a music system in the corner of my room. There is a table and there is a television set on top of it.

Where are you?

Where are you? Add your location to the map below and describe the area where you live. See the examples already added to the map.

Note: you will need a Google account to participate. Once you are logged in, just click the edit button, choose a placemark, and add your description.

View Where in the World Are You? in a larger map


Describing a City
Phrasal Verbs Page
Prepositions Page
Space and the Planets – The Planet Page

World English Course

There are lots of things you can learn in the World English Course. There is a place where you can talk about work and there is also a place where you can find a job and a place where you can find staff. There is a place where you can have fun and there is a place where you can talk about food or family. There is also a place where you can talk about money or love or philosophy. You can study anything you want anytime you want. You can do it once a week or every day or any time you like. Have fun! Work hard! Tell your friends and family members! Enjoy!

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  1. hayat says:

    i have no special room for me, i sleep with my two sisters in one room.i sleep in abed which i put on the

  2. sorn pov says:

    I have been loving in a small roomster and all night,i sleep on the bangber.

  3. neesa says:

    i have one room for me and my husband. there is a bathroom inside too. on the corner of south east place, there is a bed for sleep. it is large enough for us lying on the floor. there is still available of one desk, one table for our laptop, one wardrobe and rack for our sandals. it is a new one, so that the space is large enough and the property is still little. ^_^

  4. neziha says:

    My room is 3.5 by 4m in area. There is a bed. On the left side of the bed there is a table and a chair.Opposite to it is the Desktop Computer.There are two windows in the east wall and three in the west wall. My bedroom is bath attached.There a wardrobe and i keep all my clothes in it. On the bottom of the wardrobe i keep some of my old books.But I sleep in my sisters’ bedroom.
    It’s really nice to sit alone in my room. I have a special attachment towards my room.Whenever i am sad or angry with someone i sit inside my room with the door locked and i talk to the walls, all my sadness. Everything in my room is like friend to me.I love my room.

  5. Abdul Damda says:

    I’m really grateful to you and all your sharing with me although I couldt check my emails due to shifting to saudia. I feel so great to continue with such a nice teacher who is always been a great help to me to update my english languag.

  6. Zafar says:

    I have a room that I share with my wife. There is a small table. There are two cupboards for clothes. There are three windows. My room is vetilated and so lighted. I have a telephone in my room. That is fully carpeted room. Its carpet color is brown. Its paint is off white. It si neat and clean room.I also have a TV in my room.There is attached bathroom. I like my room.

  7. Ati says:

    My room at work is a small room, painted light blue all around. I hate this colour actually..and I’m going to paint it with a cool, relaxing colour soon. I can’t wait for that moment to come. I have a big shelf for putting all my references and my pupils exercise books and school projects. There’s a big working table for me where I put my laptop and a printer. It’s a bit messy right now…waiting to be cleaned and tidied by anyone who would like to come and give me a helping hand..!

  8. hager says:

    hello eveybody
    i will describe you our house espisially my bed room
    i live in abig house with my famaily i like my bedroom its the best place in ahouse for me becouse most of the time i be in it
    in it there is two windows ane some pictures on the wall and there is atv and acomputer for studing alsoo there is abookshlef and sofa
    that is all

  9. hager says:

    i live in ahouse with my family,my bedroom is big there is two windows and some pictures on the wall also there is abookshelf and tv

  10. Enkhnasan says:

    Hi teachers. My name’s Naska I live in Ulaanbaatar city. It is pleasure improving my English. Thanks.
    From Mongolia

  11. maria says:

    I live in big a room this color is purple i like it, The room’s size is 50m2 on second floor of my house, have a big bath and big closet, large windows and one door and a big balcony.
    My room is very quiet and ventilated has a big bed i love it.

  12. Maria Evans says:

    I live in a small apartment but very divided. It has a large bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and a balcony.
    In the room I have a king bed with two side raised, a desk, drawers and frames on the wall. I just do not like the white walls. But my next project will be painting the wall of another color that I have not yet decided due to some alterations in the decoration of the bed.
    Also dont really like to keep things under the bed and it is very common here, but unfortunately I have to do this because I do not have many places to keep that things. My desk is on the corner near the window. I have two favorite pictures on the wall above my bed.

  13. yakoob says:

    i live in bedroom but i sit on the floor between the bed and capin
    but i sleep above bed with my wife , some time sit on the window

  14. yakoob says:

    i am yakoob aldubay

  15. Bui Thi Nhung says:

    hi everybody,
    both my small family live in a small room for hire. it is about four metres by five metres in area. in one corner is about one and a half metres by one metret which is the cooking area, there is a desk next a bed, on this desk has a computer and a lot book, on the bed has a lot toy for my daughter..hi..hi. on the other table has a television, there are two wardrobe next the window, one of them is for parents is I and my hurband, one of them is for my daughter

  16. saman says:

    hi teacher . l live in a small room it ‘s enough for me because l live alon . it hase one bed and 2 a chair olso a computer and TV . l like my room it has nice color . near to bothroom . when l get bed l feel good . thank you

  17. nhu yen says:

    my house where i was born have a room for me but now,i live in a rented house with my classroom in another place.i think this house is nice with two floors,and i live in upstair with three friends.they come from many diffrent provinces in Vietnam.it’s about 16 quare meters.it don’t have any bad because we sleep on the ground.every corner,it have a computer or laptop.we have many books and clothes,hehe.it has a window and isn’t enough light for our studying so we usually turn on the light all day.we usually talk to each other in it,sometime we quarrel.although i have lived in it for one year,there are many happiness and sorrow.and i love it.I hope i can live in it longger in the future.

  18. fantaye says:

    Hi HI
    I am living in small room which is 4 x4 ,i have one bed with dressing table
    0ne TV 25 inch,there is one window in my room ,one shower room ,i like my room
    it’s clean & i have one wordrob for my cloth

  19. Eamd says:

    Dear friends,
    If you ask me about my room, in fact I’m at work place these days far away from my parrents,wife and cheldren and my room at the company in good condition and all requirements with it are available, but not too big.
    About my room at home it’s realy very nice and fantastic I like it I miss it

  20. Eamd says:

    Hi gents,

    I am realy happy with this website learning English language with nice way, I hope to keep like this and actually I have never seen like these teacher.
    best regards to all

  21. nermeen says:

    hi every body,
    i live in asmall room with my only sister ihave 2 beds one for me and the other for here on my bed many of games ilove it very much.ihave 2 wheel one for me and the other for my sister but my wheel is larger also ihave atable my sister but on it her books also there is achair and acarpet on the floor my wall panted with white on the east wall there is windows ihave abalcony when i stand on it see the street,people,cars,marckets

  22. yoga mandalas says:

    I have a room. it is a dormitory room. The size is only 4×3 mtrs. this is a small room with one window and one door. I am alone in here but I like this room because the place is strategic

  23. fery says:

    Hi, my room is big and it has a bath and big closet and high windows with one balcony curtain is gold color and there is a fireplace with one little library and one desk and chair. I like it

  24. p.f says:

    I have a spacious room on the second floor of our house.I like it very much, but beacause there is a large window to the alley , there is a lot of noises and I can’t sleep well in it.

  25. Fuad Osman says:

    Hi every one my room is too big but,i don’t no exatly how much it. i live alone it’s temporary accommodation because i live in a hostelit’s it’s a litel bit difficual to find own flat in London, and it’s bainted pink. I have many things in side my room i have flat screen Tv, laptop and a singel bed.I think it’s enagh!!!

    Thaks foe helping!!

  26. ila says:

    hi, I just want to say something and make sure that what I want is provided here. thanks very much.

  27. hamid says:

    hi,I’m Hamid i live whit my wife. we have a small flat .our bedroom is big and nice. we live in Germany in doserdurf but abut 5 years. my bedroom is about 4m by 6 metres. we have two wall wardrobes in on west corner wall in bedroom my kitchen is near flat out door,we have a mirror, two bed side tables, a carpet on bed room,and four pictures and one picture is my wife and i, it’s wedding picture .there is a window in on suit corner wall

  28. Momos says:

    My room is about three meters by five meters in area. There is not bed in this room.
    I sleep with my wife and my children on the mattress. It is by the door. In the left corner, there is a computer desk, i put on the top of it a laptop and computer books.
    In the right corner there is a wardrobe. Between the computer desk and the wardrobe there is a window. Through the window i can see the road. We don’t have Air Conditioning. To cool the room, i use the fan. It is under the computer desk.

  29. mitra says:

    I have just come to Austrailia and my family and i rent an apartment in canberra its not small not big . it has two bedrooms , one sitting room ,a kitchen and a bathroom .canberra is a very beautiful city.too luxuriant and largeness and then sparsely populated

  30. aliah says:

    I have an apartment it has two room ,it comfortable ,and there is a kitchen it is a big .Also I have a living room there is every thing you like in it .The two room be bed room one of them for me and my husband ,the other for my child .

  31. nancy says:

    i live in abig house i have big setting room and ihave two rooms one to sleep and other lving room and big kitchen and two bath rooms

  32. Mohammad Fokrul Islam says:


    I M living with my family in Dhaka city. I living in our house. My room size 6ft by 8ft.I have one breedroom there is very happy placce in the world i belive. I have one personal computer on the table and beside a read table on the table books self. In the room one big mirror i look my self. In the corner one little cooridor i spend past meory time also think big future. It is my short explain abot my room i m feeling very comportable and love uncountable.

    Thank everybody


  33. carol says:

    talk about my room. umh…i live with my sister anh her husband. we rent a small room, about 6m*6m. there are 2 chair, 2 desk, tv and ,computer and some small thing. i live there for 4 year and i love it

  34. hi, i live in small house with my husband and two children.
    I have 5 rooms,i have everything that i need.
    i like it because is always suny.
    thanks for your lessons.

  35. jenny says:

    hi, i live in a three rooms apartment with my family. Now i am in my living room. in my living room i have one set sofa, a center table, a tv and tow book shelves.naw i am sitting on a single sofa and working with my laptop.

  36. Learn says:

    Hi there!

    I live in a small house with my parents and my brother.I have my own room and I just love it!.

    I don’t know the room’s size exactly, but I have heard my mom saying its around 10*10ft.It is quite small but very comfortable.It is painted in blue and has a huge, cozy bed towards the north wall.I like soft toys, and recently I got a big fat teddy who sits over my bed always along with a deer gifted by my mom and a cute little yellow ducky gifted by my friend.

    My room has a big window in west wall that keeps it always ventilated and well lit.Through the window I can see few pots, kept in the balcony, with small green plants.

    There are 2 wardrobes opposite to my bed, one for my cloths and another for my books and a mirror next to the book’s wardrobe.There is an attic in the wall opposite to that of window’s, where spare pillows and folded mattress are kept and there is a book shelf below the attic in which I keep my story books, novels and drawing stuff.

    On the walls, there are couple of colorful posters with my favorite sayings.. “Fly high in your dreams”, “Just cos something is difficult that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, that means you should just try harder” , “If you don’t climb the mountain, you cant see the view!”,”Inspiration and imagination goes hand in hand”.. and few more.. and there is a real cute, all happy and excited doggy poster on my room’s door which says..”Smile!It costs nothing 🙂 “.

    I am totally in love with my room where I sleep, draw, listen to music, chat with my friends, play with the kitten that jumps in from the window, read books and on and on..

    I thank my mom and dad for giving me such an awesome room:) and I thank you for working persistently and unselfishly towards helping so many of us to learn, share, understand and grow.

    Thanks for your time.

    God bless you! 🙂

  37. fantaye says:

    Hi , I am in my office , i am an accountant ,i have realy well expriance in accounting.My office not that much big realy good for me . I like my work

    i have two gust chairs , one book shelf, one file cabnet & two flower pot
    in my office . my office table is big ,i have one Dell laptop, one printer
    The only problem in my side is i am not good in english language .
    What shall i do ? if anyone to help me i am ready .

  38. Susana says:


  39. soha says:

    I live in a big house with my family .It has two bedrooms,two bathrooms,big hall;one big kitchen and sitting room.My room is big enough for my sister and me.We have two beautiful beds.In the corner, there is a computer.In the opposite of our beds, there is a wardrobe for our clothes.We have one window . When you open it, you can see beautiful tree. I LOVE MY ROOM.

  40. laila alshami says:

    i live in big room alone it about 4-5meters it has bedroom with abig wardrobe and desk for my compyter and printer and small freidge and telephoe and table near the bed and towel rack near the window our partement very big it has 6 room with 4 bathroom and kitchen

  41. pheba says:

    I am in my work place. My room is little adjacent area but it is enough for me,

    There are two cupboard behind my chair I need them for work.

    In one corner there is one door.It is in the east wall.

    There is a wardrobe in one corner of my room.
    When I am alone in my room, I feel good.

  42. Wesam says:

    Hello every one.
    I built a house with garden,it’s 250m has 3 bedrooms,kitchen and 2 rooms for guests.
    The bedroom 5m*4m and the kitchen 5m*5m and the guest rooms 5m*5m.

  43. Thank you very much for the teacher who is always trying to improve our English knowledge.
    At present I am living in a small room on rent, alone and far away from my family because of my employment. I don,t have comfotable facilities in that room but I am living there happy. Small bed is keep in the corner, and the table is near the bed and the towel rack is keep near the window. Those are the furnitures available in my room.

  44. naseem says:

    Hi! My name IS Naseem uddin
    my room is 5m by 6m,very comfortable and clean. i live my wife and daughter. there are one bed,desk, TV, PC and carpet. lot of furniture.i love my flat its to good.
    my wife want to paint it , but I’m busy to help her….but i try on sunday

    thank’s all
    from snu

  45. Jamshaid says:

    Hi i am living in one room my own, i have computer hp in my room only living i am my computer, tv, tape and etc

  46. Dipika says:

    Hi, I live in one room on rent, with my sister. Color of my room is light purple.

    In my room you find Me, My sis & computer. this is not Small & not so big but


  47. shimba says:

    there are books,a comuter, chairs,a carpet, some pictures of Iran nature & Mossadegh(oil movement’s leader in iran in 1950)in my room. that’s medium but I like it for its 2 windows.

  48. weditha mosqueda says:

    I am here now in cafe…hello everyone…by the way, I live only in a small square shape room, without aircon, without electric fan, and made only by an plywood so in sunny day, my room is very hot and in rainy day, my room is a little bit cold.:D that’s all thank you…

  49. weditha mosqueda says:

    This teaching is interesting so I am trying to sign up this one even I don’t have computer. I’m just checking here in cafe but not always because I don’t have money to pay here because I’m just poor. I want to improve my english so that anytime I can encounter person that is good in english or I can encounter a foreigner, I can answer them in a good gramar and also I can understand more words that I did not yet know until now.T hank you teachers… I am a filipina and I am coming from a poor family so I’m not really practicing english when I am young because I’m really a shy type person,that’s why until now I am afraid to speak english specially in people around me.

  50. Abdulrahman says:

    HI every one .
    thanks teacher for this nice topic 🙂
    I’m living in small Villa with my wife and tow children ( boy and girl ) .Our room size is about 4 *5 meter ,there is a big window on the south wall and big wardrobe contains my wife’s and my clothes . On the Maddie a huge bed ( 2m*2m size ) and to table sides .AH ! there is also a disk with mirror for my wife stuff :).

    my wife want to paint it , but I’m busy to help her <<< lazy 😉

    that's all

  51. LIGIA GALAZ says:

    Hi! My name is Ligia Galaz. I live in the state of Mexico, in a place called, Nezahualcoyotl City, which is sorrounding the D.F, in the Mexican Republic.

    In my neighborhood there is a lot traffic, it is very insecure and people have to wake up very early in the morning to work to work, in the D.F. or on the other side of the State of Mexico ( Naucalpan, Tlalnepantla, Ecatepec, etc) to mention some of them.

    I work in a school nearby la Villa in the North of the D.F., it takes me one hour and a half to get there, by bus or the METRO and then a bus.The school is next to a Supermaket and the students are very special for me, because I like to work as a teacher

    I live in my parents´house with some of my brother , it is not very big but it has enough room to live in so that we can feel well and enjoy our place. My room is not very big but is 3 metres long and 4 metres wide then as you can see it is big enough to have my own bed and some other little things there.
    I don´t have any children and I like the way I live in my beautiful hpme.

  52. Na says:

    Hi my room is 5m by 6m,very comfortable and clean. i live my wife and daughter. there are one bed,desk, TV, PC and carpet. lot of furniture. left corner wardrobe and desk. north wall bed, south wall furniture and TV. space is medium. 1 window there is a big. i can see through city. our red carpet on the floor. 1 defect is my dauthter toys, very confused. but she small. she can’t arrange. that’s all.

  53. Hi, my name is Lan
    I am living in the large house, but my room is very small not enbough for four people. I have two children: one daughter and one son, I and my husband. We have many things in my room including: only small bed to slpeep, two desks to study for two children, two bookselves, one wardrobe, one bookcase, one television, one safe and many many other things.
    I have one kitchen room, one toilet that using with many people.
    What do you think about my everything and my room where I am living. But I think, I am still very lucky more everyone in the world.
    I have dream that in the future, I will live in my house’s own.

    • Atula Dissanayake says:

      I don’t know how to gather enough words to express my thank and gratitude to all teachers who try to improve my english knowlege in many ways.
      At present i live in a room which is very far away from my country. Actually there is enough room in that. It is not very big but “little bird contents with a little nest”. So do I. It gives me a great relaxation to my mind as well as to my body. It is only my room that knows correctly about my aloneness. I am counting days to go back to my motherland. Till then this little room is everything to me.By the way you all are warmly welcome to my beautiful room.

  54. samphorsaing says:

    i have one room i live with my sister my room is small and don’t have lot of thing
    have a lot of book don’t have TV and don’t have computer i hope one day i have a big room and have a lot of thing is good for me.

  55. tamy says:

    hello my lecture…
    I live alone, I hire a room close to my office. Its about 3.0 meters and 4.0 meters. I love to live in there because i have my privasi, I can sleep quietly and comfort. Ican free with all my stuff…
    Thank you…^^

  56. riska apriliana says:

    I have a small room, it’s about 2.5 by 3.0 metres with a small bath room. it has white color. My room has very good lighting. My room is fully furnished. there is a bed, a PC, a wardrobe, a table, a chair, a mirror and a small shelf. there is a window in the west wall. But I dont have any fan on my room, so if I feel hot, I can just open my window and door to get fresh air.

    I really like to tidy and redesign my room, at least every 1-2 months. I do this to avoid the feeling of boredom. Besides, I sometimes create and make some decorations on the wall. I have a lot of photographs and an announcement board on my wall room.the photographs are about memorable events I’ve gone through with my friends. And the announcement board helps me so much to remind some important events or things to do, it seems like a reminder for me.

    I have colorfull bed cover and curtains. I choose same color and motifs to both my bed cover and curtains.I choose green color with flower motifs. I think the green color can give high motivation in doing any positive acts.

    I spend my leisure time for just staying at my room, watching TV and reading some books. I do enjoy doing this there since my room is very comfortable.

  57. joy says:

    Dear teacher,

    I’m in laos now, i’m very happy with helping me thank you, my room is not very big but it’s quite comfortable for me.

  58. thu says:

    Hi, teacher!
    I live in a large room, consist of 3 bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms and a cooking area. My private room has a shelf with my books, a table with many things: a Computer,a notebook, books, flowers on it because I love flowers, …
    In my room, the wall are pink, the window are blue colour and have an wonderfull view space. In the free time, I like sightseeing from view window to relax, …My prate room is also comfortable for me!

  59. ice says:

    Hi…all teachers
    I live in a village and my home is not big enough. We divide it into three parts, namely living room, middle room, and kitchen.In my living room, we use a part of it for small shop.There is no special bedroom in my home because we just split it with cupboard or table to link one bedroom to other bedrooms. It is so simple, right!

  60. Susana says:

    I have enough room at home: three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a cooking area. In my bedroom there’s a PC on a brown desk next to the window. While chating I can see trees through the window. The window is on the west wall. In winter the bedroom keeps warm in early afternoon but in summer it’s too much hot in it. In Summer I move to the other one bedroom which window is in the east wall.

  61. wlan says:

    i have a room. my room is very small, but i comfort with it. my room has a window, there is one wardrobe, one table and one bed. that is all about my small room

  62. Deuscelia says:

    Thank you so much for lessons. I live in apartment-3 bedroom, three bathroom, with large living room and kitchen-service area. In my room there is my bathroom, bed, a shelf with my books, cds, desk with my tv, radio, stereo, computer. Still I have a dresser, wardrobe. OK. I love staying in my room, that’s where I listen to music, read books, watch tv, videos,etc. I feel good in my room, the walls are white. Ah, There is also a window, There’s a nice view outside.

    • Susana says:

      I have enough room at home: three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a cooking area. In my bedroom there’s a PC on a brown desk next to the window. While chating I can see trees through the window. The window is in the west wall. In winter the bedroom keeps warm in early afternoon but in summer it’s too much hot in it. In Summer I move to the other one bedroom which window is in the east wall.

    • dalia_said says:

      my room is siutable its consist of chairs and sofa

  63. nick says:

    hi, my room is not very big but its quite comfortable for me..im my room has a bed, my desk and of course my wardrobe. this is the basic requirement for my room because im live in kampong/village. thk you for the lesson today..

  64. Engy Sobhy says:

    hi, My room is not very big, it is about 2*3m. it is a white (its color) , there are two bed (twin) in my room, one for me and other for my brother, there is also desk, on the desk there is a computer, my room has a window, there is one chair front desk for sitting on it during using computer, there is also Wardrobe and carpet on the floor. That’s all in my room.

  65. omaima says:

    yes I’m sitting in a chair now.
    yes I’m sitting on the fourth floor .
    yes i’m sitting in a confined space 150m.
    yes I DO .

  66. Susana says:

    I’ve got enough room at home: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and the cooking area. The walls in the cooking area are yellow; pink, white and light green in the bedrooms.
    In my bedroom, There’s a PC on a brown desk next to the window.
    The music sistem and the TV set are in the living room.you will see books on my night table because one of my hobbies is reading.
    In two of the three bedrooms, the windows are in the west wall. In winter these bedrooms keep warm early in the afternoon.

  67. Natalia says:

    I like my room.I have everything that i need:wardrobe for
    my clothes,small library for my books,computer to connect you,
    some flowers for oxygen.There is one window in the north wall.
    Through the window i can see fountain and walking people.
    My room is confortable for me.
    Thank you for your nice lessons.

  68. Natalia says:

    I like my room.I have everything that i need:wardrobe for
    my clothes,small library for my books,computer to connect you,
    some flowers for oxygen.My room is comfortable for me.
    Thank you for your nice lessons.

  69. Hi teacher,I’m glad to have you as my teacher,because you are going to help me improve my language skill.I have my own room,it has inside my bed,my cabinet,my wardrobe,my laptop and it also has a bookshelf into it.I paid someone to paint my room in blue,this is my favorite color and I love my room,this is my best place when I want to think about something.

  70. Natalia says:

    I like my room.I have everything that i need:wardrobe for
    my clothes,small library for my books,computer to connect you,
    some flowers for oxygen.My room is confortable for me.
    Thank you for your nice lessons.

  71. muaz says:

    i live in falt of 4 rooms..my room is 4 by 5 meter
    i have big window,,, and balcony,,,,i have desk where i put my computer

  72. branko says:

    My room is to big,6X5 meters.There are bed,wardrobe and shelf with TV.I have not window but room has windowwall.Through this window I have nice view outside.my wall is painted 2 years ago.I like pastel colours like a pitch.I like my room because it’s comfortable.

  73. Shafiqah Ali says:

    thank you for all your teaching and give us the new ways to improve our english information I hope to give us the increase of it

  74. Shafiqah Ali says:

    I live in small house contine two rooms and one hall, I like sitting in the bed room, it has new dicoration with some pictures like leaves made the room very beatiful and I like to watch to it every time and I have TV in it .

    the another rooms one of it 3.7 by 5 ablong which is livingroom ,but the other is parlor,I like my house because I build it by my money and I will build the another floor soon and the the description of it so no will be like the ground floor
    but some diffrent things will be go to change the design between them

  75. Zahra says:

    I live in a campus where i have to stay in a hostel with a small tiny room. I have a roomate, her name is Josie. its been 4 years i live with her as a roomate and its quite sad now to leave this tiny room where our memories belongs together..our tiny room which i called a ‘shell where i can coil’ only have couple of basic furniture like attached locker, desk, chair, and bed..All are in brown colour except for the chair that is in red colour. We are not allowed to change the arrangement of the furniture, what a typical hostel rules. But still i change it a little bit according to my likes. our window is grilled because there were several burglary cases where strangers from outside use the window as the main entrance to enter the room, what an impolite behaviour.now i feel like totally live in jail because every possible entrance to our hostel is grilled with metals just like in jail..but still…i will miss my room forever and ever,,

  76. Arma says:

    Hi,dear teachers.My room is not so big but rather comfortable.There is a big bed and a wardrobe,i also have a dressing table and some bedside tables,i try to make it modern using modern-shaped vases and abstract pictures.

  77. Ann says:

    i am in computer room and there is a mess^)

  78. NOOR says:

    dear teacher iam very hapy with helping me thank you

  79. yogachandiran says:

    I live in small bedroom. MY bed room has a two double bed. there is one tabel and two chairs and one skab,where i have lot of my and my wifes cloths. I paint my bedroom every year. I alwayes white paint.i have a light in side the bed. it is small light.I have a telephone in my bedroom.

  80. goli says:

    i have medium room.3*4 meter .it has asmall window .i rarely open it.i love my room.in my room there is a desk bed…
    it’s color is white.

  81. waad says:

    Ilive in abig room with my sister its about 4m by 5m. Every year we change its colour, this year we panted it pink,there is two waiht beds small carpt ,two wardrob and two small library for our books. in the west side of our room there is asmall varand its full of many kind of flower. Ilove my room beacaus I feel its the most comfortable place in the world .

  82. yaqub shah says:

    I have rented a small room here in abu dhabi. I and my friends live in it. it’s about
    14×16 feet area. We put four beds around the room. So it look very crowded with the beds, and every one have one bed space.
    there one one window toward the east so we get fresh air through window. we have one TV and some other entertainmnet sort of thing like VCR, DVD, etc. There are brief cases for the clothes and persoonal things.
    Every we get clean of it so it’s look nice and clean, if some guest come he like our room.But it’s rent is 3000 dhs.

  83. indira says:

    my bedroom is quite big. it is light yellow colour painted. there is one bed with 2 side drawer, one dressing table in front of bed one side wall cupboard and one desk-chair in the corner of my room. i always keep it’s clean. i kept some show pieces and hang some pictures on the wall. it looks beutyful and makes me cool. i always feel good when i am there.

  84. saber says:

    I have a medium room, it’s about 3 t 2 meters.the walls are light green. There is a PC on a brown desk there. there is a wardrobe too, I keep my clothes in it. The floor of my room cover with Persian carpet. it also has a big window, a clock hanged on the wall.

  85. Unuruu says:

    I live in a small room. I rent this room with my friend. I do not know my room space. There are two beds, a table, 2 chairs, a computer and a TV. These are our important furniture. There is a window in the north wall. I can see walking people, playing children and a garden through this window. By the way there is a wardrobe which contains all my clothes in one corner of my room. Sometimes I want to be alone in my room. But it is funny to be with my friends.

  86. Unuruu says:

    Hi teachers. I am glad to connect to you. Because your lesson is nicer than others. My english is improving. So I am happy.
    From Mongolia

  87. feven says:

    learning and speaking for quikly

  88. sms says:

    I have my own room. It is big and confortable. It is near to my bathroom. In it, there are desk and chair, small library for my books and my bed . I really feel more confortable in it. It was coloured by orange and beigh . I put flower in it and hang pictures in its wall. I always try to keep it more amazing and clean.

    • lovelyjain says:

      I have my own room.It is big enough about 13/12 feet.In the centre there is a double bed in the corner one big wardrobe is there I keep my cloths and other things in that.In the other corner one almirah is there some books are kept there and in one shelf I made temple.One attached toilet is also there in front of my room there is balcony in the evening usually Itake my tea there .

  89. Souma says:

    Hi, I live in a big room, about 4m by 6 metres, it has a pink color, I am with my sisters. There is a carpet and matters because we didn’t use beds. It has three small windows.
    In my room, you find a big stereo on a table in the west corner, we keep our clothes in two wardrobes, wich are in the corner.

    I like my room, specialy in the sleep time.

    • fozan says:

      hello nice room , i live in aflat 3 rooms, 1 hole, 2 bathrooms and kitchen but i have nothing in my kitchen cause i never cook but i can cook , you know to much messing in there , hahaha , i have many bags and my clothes still in my bags for 6 month cause always travel , hahaha , i have bed in my sleeping room but i dont like to sleep on it cause my TV in my sitting room so i sleep in my sitting room , hahahah amazing man

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