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My Living Room
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Do you have enough room?


Do you have enough space?

Are you sitting in a chair?
Are you sitting on the floor?
Are you sitting in a confined space?
Do you have enough room?


Say your answer then write it in the comments section below.

Room and Space

The word “room” has two meanings. One meaning is “room” as in “bedroom“, “bathroom“, “kitchen” etc. The other meaning is “room” as in “space”.

Time and Space

Time and space are basic concepts. Events take place in space over a period of time. Time is expressed in periods or points. Space is expressed by long detailed descriptions and with short phrases that show location:

1. Short Phrases That Show Location

in the corner
on the desk
at the window
by the window
next to the window
under the bed
between the bed and the desk
through the window
above the window
over the bed

2. Long Detailed Descriptions

Tell us about the room where you live. Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Describe it. Tell us what is there. Look at these examples:

My room is about 2.4 by 3.0 metres in area and there is a little adjacent area, about one and a half metres by three metres, which is the cooking area. There is no bed. I sleep on a rolled up mattress. I take it out at night.

In one corner there is a shrine. There is one window.It is in the east wall. Through the window I can see a pumpkin vine. It is growing in a window box.

There is a wardrobe in one corner of my room. I keep all of my clothes in it. It is an old wardrobe. It belonged to my mother. There are some books on the top of the wardrobe. There are also some boxes with clothes in them. I have a lot of clothes. I need them for work.

When I am alone in my room, I feel good.

Here is another one:

I share a room with my brother. It is about three metres by two metres in area. Before my whole family lived in this room. My parents have moved away.

Like any room, my room has four walls. They are yellow. I like yellow. It is a good color. It makes me feel good.

There is a music system in the corner of my room. There is a table and there is a television set on top of it.

Where are you?

Where are you? Add your location to the map below and describe the area where you live. See the examples already added to the map.

Note: you will need a Google account to participate. Once you are logged in, just click the edit button, choose a placemark, and add your description.

View Where in the World Are You? in a larger map


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