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How are things?


“How are things?” means:

How are you?
How are you doing?
How are you going?
How is life?

A thing is an object.

The word thing has many idiomatic uses. (Coming Link to The idioms Page)


Milk comes in a one litre bottle.
A bottle is a container
A litre is a measurement of volume.


Sugar comes in a one kilo bag.
A kilo is a measurement of weight.
A bag is a container.


A cabbage comes as itself.
It comes as itself or as a half of itself.
It comes as itself or as half of itself or as a quarter of itself.
(Coming link to The Fraction Page)

A cabbage is not a measurement or a weight.
It does not have a regular dimension.
It is not a container.
It is just itself.
It is just a thing.
A cabbage is just a thing.
It is a thing.

It is just a thing and it is alive.
It is a living thing.
A cabbage is a living thing.

There are lots of different kinds of things.

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

A cabbage is vegetable.
A turkey is animal.
A stone is mineral.

Children play a game called “I spy with my little eye”.

One child chooses a thing he can see and the other children try to guess what it is by asking questions.

Have you ever played this game?

Concrete Things and Abstract Things

There are concrete things and abstract things.

Beauty, love and thought are abstract things.

Stone, wood and flesh are concrete things.

Perceiving the Concrete and the Abstract or “Perceiving and Seeing”

You can see the manifestations of love and beauty and the effects of thought and you can perceive these things but you can not see them literally with your eyes because they are qualities. They are not concrete things. We perceive beauty, truth, thought, love etc with the mind’s eye. Now what is the difference between the mind, the heart, the mind’s eye, the soul and all those things? Do you have any idea?


What do you think?

Say your answer aloud and then write it in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

This is rather a philosophical question.

Are you interested in philosophy?


Categories of Things

1. concrete things and abstract things
2. general categories and specific things
3. animal vegetable mineral
4. liquid solid gas

Physics and Metaphysics means Things and Beyond Things

The Problem of Translating the word “thing”. (coming Link)

Objects in our Daily Lives

Look at this list of objects in our daily lives:

a bottle of milk

a kilogram of flour

a kilogram of sugar

a kilogram of rice

a hundred grams of butter

a kilo of tomatoes

a 500 ml bottle of cooking oil

a kilo of potatoes

a cabbage

Each thing is a container or a weight or measure. The cabbage is the odd one. Why is it the odd one out? Write your answer in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

Why is it the odd one out?

This page is still under construction

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