Techniques for Learning Languages – The Tip Page


There are many different learning styles and there are many different techniques for learning languages.

Learning Style


What is your learning style?

Are you a visual person?
Do you remember things better if you see them?
Do you have a photographic memory?

How do you learn best?

Do you learn by listening and hearing?
Are you able to learn just by listening?
Do you learn by moving and doing?
Do you learn by seeing?
Do you learn by writing?

How do you learn?

What different learning styles do you know about?

Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


What is your technique?


Which technique do you prefer?

Are you able to use multiple techniques?

Learn by Speaking

Learn by Listening

Learn by Learning Grammar Rules

Learn by Buying Books

Learn by Reading

Learn by Memorising Vocabulary

Learn by Studying Grammar

Learn by Doing a Language Exchange

Learn by Studying Phonetics

Learn by Living in a Foreign Country

Learn by Doing

Learn by Talking about Learning

Learning by Talking to Yourself

Learn by Doing Practice Tests

Learner Profile

How old are you?
When did you start to learn English?
How many years did you study?
How did you do? (How successful were you?)
How long have you been learning now?
What technique did you use?


Talking to Yourself
Foreign Language Study

World English Course

There are lots of things you can learn in the World English Course. There is a place where you can talk about work and there is also a place where you can find a job and a place where you can find staff. There is a place where you can have fun and there is a place where you can talk about food or family. There is also a place where you can talk about money or love or philosophy. You can study anything you want anytime you want. You can do it once a week or every day or any time you like. Have fun! Work hard! Tell your friends and family members! Enjoy!

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  1. siva says:

    i in difficult in writting any word in english and pronunication
    help me ……………

  2. gopi says:

    The English learning techniques have many ways which is reading books watching English movies and imitating or repeat the songs.

    speaking conversation with colleagues/peers and practice new vocabulary and keep on trying to comply grammar rules and Protocols.

    Testing your skills by writing and many other techniques but best way is practice and understanding of Grammars.

    Learn English by using more ways Keep on trying to succeed !!

    I am also very beginner for English learning …Keep rocking with your confidence

  3. Mike says:


    My idea below may be important to you to improve your English materials.
    As you know word combinations (collocations) in speaking are unpredictable. There are different word collocations/phrases and synonyms to convey a thought in English.
    It’s possible to encompass in ready-made materials a wide variety of English phrases for each conversation topic. It is a good idea to prepare a potential list of phrases with sentences on each conversation topic, for example fixed conversational phrases that do not require English grammar knowledge (greetings, forms of addressing a person, thanks, well-wishing, apology, agreeing, disagreeing, emotions, etc.).
    Practising English with such materials can help a learner easier choose the most appropriate word combinations to convey a thought.
    Multiple frequent reading of such sentences in English will gradually ensure firm memorisation of English vocabulary and contribute to developing good speaking skills.
    By combining the most inclusive English phrase books, conversation books, general English thematic dictionaries, software, audio and video aids and websites you can create the most practical and thorough content for mastering each conversation topic in English for all levels including a wide selection of ready-to-use phrases, vocabulary and sentences for daily use.
    Your own ready-made materials could be superior to (more helpful than) any conversation book or a phrase book in terms of useful comprehensive content and vocabulary. Let me know what you think about this issue.

  4. Michael Shelby says:


    In order to have good skills in listening comprehension and in speaking in English, a learner should practise listening to audio and video aids in English (dialogues, thematic texts and narrative stories). It is preferable to have English transcripts of audio and video material. I suggest that learners practise listening comprehension with subsequent speaking on a variety of topics and with materials for all levels on a regular long-term basis in the following sequence:

    1. Listen to each sentence several times. At the same time see each sentence in the transcript.

    2. Make sure you understand everything clearly in each sentence in terms of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

    3. Without looking into the transcript, try to repeat each sentence (say it aloud) exactly as you have heard it. Being able to repeat a sentence means that a learner has remembered its content.

    4. Listen to that particular conversation or text (story) in short paragraphs or chunks, say each paragraph aloud, and compare to the transcript.

    5. Listen to the whole conversation or story without interruption several times, and try to tell the content of the whole conversation or text (story) you’ve heard. You can write key words and phrases, or main ideas as a plan, or questions on that particular dialogue or text to make easier for you to convey the content in English. It is important to compare what you’ve said to the transcript.
    When practising listening comprehension in English, it is expedient to record one’s speech on audio to compare it with the original audio/video recording containing listening material.

    I believe that for practising listening comprehension and speaking in English it is a good idea to include various practical topics for potential needs of learners with comprehensive vocabulary on each topic. As you know the content of materials matters a great deal.
    Thematic dialogues, questions and answers on conversation topics, thematic texts (informative texts and narrative stories), grammatical usage sentences and sentences with difficult vocabulary on various topics, especially with fixed phrases and idioms can be used in practising listening comprehension in English.
    It’s possible and effective to practise English (including listening comprehension and speaking) on one’s own through self-check using transcripts, books, audio and video aids to provide additional solid practice and to accelerate mastering of English.

  5. mark says:

    -first adding new English word a day
    -try to imitate and understand
    -u can also have to use English translation book every time u cant understand what the point is
    -try to make a simple word in your mind and make it in sentence.
    -also enhance your communication capability such as chatting, conversation.
    -reading with voice not your mind also can improve your diction and confidence
    -confidence also eradicate your nervousness during live conversation.

  6. mark says:

    i think learning English in a sens of listening and trying to speak out what you have in your mind. reading also is the most important to improve your comprehension. using dictionary help us also to understand certain word.

  7. nahed says:

    i learn by listening,hearing,moving and doing, and writing

  8. VanDinh says:

    Hello Master.
    Learn good english I need to do to achieve good results. as necessary to apply any method? To practice listening, speaking, reading and writing without teachers?
    Thanks maste

  9. Levi says:

    Hi, I’m studying English a lot, writing speaking reading hearing, but i don’t have a big memory, i forget many things but i want to learn, so, i’m here every day.


    • mark says:

      -where you from?
      -just enjoy learning in English. Motivate yourself by studying every now and then because maybe fluency will adopt on you. will you try to reach me up..on my ym to have conversation with you because i just want to improve also my capacity through communicative skills.

  10. Lisa says:

    hi everyone…
    My nickname is lisa. I am learning English by reading, watching movies, and practice grammar with my friends at school. But I still feel that my English is terrible. can someone help me???

  11. Maiyia says:

    Hi every one keep up the good work I tell you learn English is not easy I lived in the United State for long time my English never get better. I can talk better than my writing I find grammar is the hardest for me. I have try for long time but never get any better may be it’s my age.

    Thank you.

  12. Juvinal says:

    Hello good morning…

    I am greet to use this website, cause with this site I can understand how to learn english well. my learning style, I always use many web and reference related english course and sometime I use radio to listening, audio clip.

    thank’s for provid best website.

  13. majid says:

    Hi dear

    I usually watch the film and cartoon in tv . I think this is a good way for to be better in english .

  14. dia says:

    hi m dia m a learner of english language oz this is my 2nd lang
    so tell me how 2 talk with ur self

  15. ha says:

    i learned EL for many years, but I realised that my EL skills hasn’t improved. i was born and lived in rural areas. in the past, i only lerarned by reading notebook, no conversation with foreign people, no listening EL. i’m not confident to speaking EL. and now, i am making an effort to learn EL better by listening more, speaking with friends, learning on the internet. but i don’t have many chances to talk to foreign people. i hope i can improve my EL skills gradually

  16. Latif says:

    I have migrated to Australia about three years ago. I am living in English speaking country, where you have a great chance of improving your English. However, my English conversation is not getting better. plse help me out with a method so I can get to have better conversation with the people.

  17. francisco alves says:

    I practice English by litening a lot, however when I speak I do not remember what to say

  18. Carlos Magalhães says:

    I believe that a person has many forms to learn a lenguage, but there is a maner more eficient to learn. I learn more listenning and writing. when I listen I can improve my pronuciation and when I writn I can improve my write.
    Carlos Magalhães

  19. abdullah says:

    hello friens
    this is my first particepation in english comunity
    i would like from you to accepet me as friends
    about the learning techniqe listening is very powerful method.

  20. Lyra says:

    Good evening!!! I want to take the test IELTS for continuing my education in Europe. Does anybody have such experience? Thanks, Lyra

  21. Muzammil Hasan says:

    Hello friends,how are u doing.Friends if u want to improve your communication skill,what u have to do,there is only one thing u need to HARDWORK,there is no substitute of doing hardwork.Actually i am also improving english by listening english newschannels,reading newspaper,talking with my friends in english etc…..

  22. goli says:

    i don’t know how i can learn English.please help me .
    although i think i can learn by writing.

  23. I do not konw how to learn English.I like the method from I found out that my pronunce is bad

  24. malihe says:

    Hello everybody!
    I learn by listening and speaking

  25. alora says:

    Hi all learners
    My nickname is Alora and I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am 47 years old. I don’t nou when I start learn English. I like English very much and all very important news in different area – sport, science, technology, forums…etc. is write or speak on the English and knowledge the Englis is very important skills for normal and beter life. Good program or method for learning English has different results and succes for various learners English, because all learners don’t have initial knowledge. I think English skills improved every day step by step. Today need exercise the option which reduces problem enviroment for learning English is learning English by chat. This is good method for release of the panic and very important is writing words, sentences, questions, answers… etc. I am used a lot of – Livemocha program for learning English, and TOEFL, etc.
    Good luck

  26. Mohamed Saleh says:

    I’d like to learn using mulithings such as listening , writing and reading
    i need materials to get more advance in addition the current stories

  27. leakhena says:

    My name leakhena i am 21 year old,i finist my graduation at 2008 and now i just start contiued study at university,
    I have been learning English for four years, however, my speaking and listening skill are very bad because I don’t have English-speaking environment. In my opinion English-speaking environment is the most important factor for improving speaking skill. I love English language I could bacular digree it in future . I learn English every day by translation newspaper,read story book and by writing letter/emails to our meber . At home, I also try watching films with subtitles on TV conversation with my brother, and one more i really fail Gramer what can i do ?
    Finally i wish you help me for specking quikly and easily used Gramer rule
    thank you very mauch !!!

  28. Memorizing is my great problem

  29. Adam says:

    Also I do learn by writing and listening.

    I could appreciate if you send me materials to master my English skills in future.


  30. Tarik says:

    I am learning english by listening to the caste and writing. I thing my writing skill is good but my listening and speaking fluency are no good. It is my problem, but I persist learning, how to speak english?

    My SKYPE: tarikalsalhi2

  31. SHAMEEM NAVAS says:


  32. hi every body . I ‘m learining english and i want someone who can speak english better that me. to check take my e mail address . thx

  33. azade says:

    hi I am learning english by reading and practice grammer and speaking with other student in my class because i am going to the english class as a student .

  34. khangnt says:

    Hello. I have been learning English for five years, however, my speaking and listening skill are too bad because I don’t have English-speaking environment. In my opinion English-speaking environment is the most important factor for improving speaking skill. I love English language and I wish I could master it in future :). I learn English every day by handling information, i.e.customers’ requirements and by writing letter/emails to our customers. At home, I also try watching films with subtitles on TV as well as learning grammar with my children. They are good at English.

    • Enrique says:

      Hello there,Your affirmation it`s true , but not for that we have to limit our possibilities to practice and improve our english knowledge.
      Have a nice day.

  35. Deyar says:

    Hi,Iam learning English by reading,listening,waching movies and browsing websites.But I have problem with speaking.Iam trying to talk to myself.So,I need your advice how I improve my speaking skill.

  36. Ibrahim Abdel Razik says:

    Dear all
    I’m an english learner like most of you , i thank these comments is a great idea to improve our language , whether by learning from the mistake of the other or by contacting each other , so it would be a good chance if i somebody added me as a friend to arrange how we be in a contact . my e mail is :
    with my all best wishes for all

  37. Ramadan says:

    hi i want to learn spoken english by listening through Ipod in MP3 format can you send few lessons or can you send any website to download it my email is

  38. Ramadan says:

    Hi, I learning english daily by reading, listening, watching english story and trying to speak to native english peoples, i need more practice with speaking with english programme staff to improve my english. my email

  39. Shin Thant Phyu says:

    I have been learning English for 3 years. I am learning Eng by reading, writing and listening. I don’t really have difficulties with reading, but I have difficulties with writing and speaking. I wonder if you could suggest me how can I improve my writing and speaking skill and send me some lessons.
    Thank a lot!

    • Piroska says:

      Shin Thant Phyu

      Visit these sites by Google: http://www.Many
      Learn English with VIDEOS-Watch Videos ESL
      Here you have to make registration free
      Another one:
      Gook luck.

  40. Mentari says:

    Hi everyone!
    I learn English by reading, watching movies and listening to english songs.
    I don’t really have problems in reading, but I have difficulties in speaking. Whenever I start to speak english, I have to translate my origin langguage first in my heart to english, then begin to speak. It takes a few minutes for me to start a conversation. I wish I can speak english fluently.

  41. tiruwork says:

    Thank you very much for asking my English Skill, I want to learn English language perfectly speak & listing in addition to this geramer part.

    Many Thanks

  42. Thank you very much for asking my English skill, i want learn English language to flonetly speak & listening perfectly, in addtion to this gremar part i want improve.
    thank you Tiru.

  43. Thanks for your visiting!, i like to share and practise English by sharing/ chating but a bite for reading and seldom nearly never listening. my listening abite bad.
    for listening in my computer is dificult because in the office not for learning.
    I like learning English, thanks and need practise more.
    Thanks you, tiruwork

  44. Thanks for your visiting!, i like to share and practise English by sharing/ chating but a bite for reading and seldom nearly never listening. my listening abite bad.
    for listening in my computer is dificult because in the office not for learning.
    I like learning English, thanks and need practise more.
    Thanks you, Susan.

  45. Manal says:


    I learned English using all of the previous techniques. I am now an English instructor and translator. I find it interesting and highly lucrative to make use of your English lessons in teaching English to my students.

    Many Thanks

  46. bassant says:

    i am learning english by speaking and practice with native English speakers, by living in a foreign country , reading and listening to people orwatching programmes on TV .

  47. laila says:

    i learning english in statuite for foure year but upto didnot have fluenty im very sad if you can help me thankful this my emil

  48. MOHAMED says:

    in fact , i have used a lot of styles when i was learning english including the four skills of learning any languge, writing,reading speaking and listening, all of them were very important but the most important one was listening, esp when i am listening to real english speakers, real english conversations

  49. ali says:

    I prefer learn english language by practice every thing such as talking, listening, reading, watching american movie.

  50. Krishna Kumar Lama says:

    I prefer to learn English by speaking with counterpart online and by writing,and listening.I chat with people from around the world mostly on Friday and Saturday. that’s right navigation to help me improving my English.


  51. Dayan says:

    I Learn English by myself,,,make conversation with my self and sometimes with my friends…

  52. Huda says:

    I started learning English in school for six years, but it wasn’t very good, because it was all about Grammar, and memorizing and it didn’t focus on using and communicating through English. At that time I tried to learn by myself and relay on text books outside of the school’s curriculum. The thing that helped me the most was watching movies, programs, and everything on TV in English. I think that makes me an audio learner. I also talk to myself all the time in English, I thought that it’s kinda crazy at the beginning, but latter on everyone was saying how good it is to improve you speaking skills, and I felt great, and kept doing it 😉
    Now I’m a third year English student in college, and everyday I enjoy learning English in all the different styles and techniques 🙂

  53. eefa says:

    I’m learning English by listening, reading, and watching at the first time and now… I could by writing, speaking and chatting with the others, right. So we could improve our English.

  54. Kurosh says:

    Hello everybody.
    I think one of the suitable way to improve foreign language is chatting with others. So I invite you to chat with me! in this way each of us benefits lot! My yahoo id is: so add me if you want to be in our English chat groups

  55. saeb says:

    Dear Administrator
    I think I can learn a lot more by writing and speaking. However for English exam such as IELTS each ability (writing, reading, listening, and speaking) is necessary.And my weak point is speaking. I am really good at others.

  56. riska apriliana says:

    I still remember, the first time I learned English was when I was a teenager.
    I frequently listened to *MLTR song*, I didnt understand the words at all at that time, but it made me curious to find the meaning, so I grabbed a dictionary then looked it up to find some words of the lyrics…
    Since then, I like to learn English.

    At that thime, I improved my English by making a list of new vocabs everyday (at least 5-10 new vocabs per day). and this worked effectifully…

    And now, I have graduated from English major.
    Mostly, I learn English by audio visual methods.
    Besides, I also always read some books or any printed media to enlarge my knowledge,
    I look for some difficult words, find the meaning, then apply them in making sentences and in daily life conversation.

    I also watch some films and listen English song, so I can learn and listen what they say or what they express.

    Anyway, I have some foreign friends, I usually practice my English with them, by speaking directly or facebooking, chatting or mailing with them.

    I frequently do browsing to search some English articles and lessons, take a part in some quizes, doing online conversations.

  57. napu says:

    i’m using listening guys and don’t be afraid to make a wrong. be confident


  58. Suhartono says:

    Hi My Friends,

    I study English since secondary school now. I have problem if I speak the other person, sometimes I do not know the meaning of the word they are saying so that I can not answer what they say to me. In my opinion, the best way to learn English is that we must dare to speak with other people although often do wrong though. Besides English I also studied Japanese language, both very difficult if not ever exercise to talk with others and better if we can talk to strangers. I work as staff in the Jakarta Provincial Government which in charge of the sister city relation between Jakarta with other cities for example Tokyo, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin etc. Sometimes my office assign me to accompany officials to abroad. this is a good time for me to practice my English because we have to speak English.

  59. morwas says:

    hi thank you for your advice

    i started to learn English by speaking alone

    it works better for me i want to practices my English

    here is my sky-be adress morwas89.

    my best regards

  60. Engy Sobhy says:

    hi, i prefer learn english language by practice every thing such as talking, listening, reading, watching american movies, writing.

  61. feri says:

    hi, i learn english by reading a book or an article from internet, memorizing and then try to speak with native speaker.

  62. bandar says:

    I Learn by Listening , Grammar Rules, Reading, Speaking .

    I am 21 years
    The study began a year ago
    I am learning a month ago
    I did not use technology to do language exchange

  63. alyaamalik says:

    I do learn by speekin ,writing ,listening and reading.

    please I am looking for assistant to improve my poor English skills whit good material by you.


  64. monica jubay says:

    my english is very week places can you help me

    monica jubay

  65. mitra says:

    hi, iam learning by speaking and listening, and practice with my friend every day.

  66. poul says:

    Well the technique i use is moving with repetition… It works for me….. bye bye


  67. HAKIMA says:

    hi please help me to improve my english

  68. Deuscelia says:

    Hi teachers. I’m trying to improve my englisg by reading books(novels,romance,etc), watching films and listening news.(that’s where I have hard time-listen to news). I’m a visual person so I’m bad in listen to. I wanna improve it. Thank you so much for attention.

  69. sarah says:

    Hello every
    I am an English teacher and i want to make my english better.
    Thanks alot

  70. gamar says:

    I am trying to improve my English by listening and reading short stories with dictionary.I am please to improve English by conservation sometimes with my colleague and foreign guests.
    Thank you for your Club

  71. Hengki says:

    I learn English by listening, watching movies, and reading. The most often technique that I’ve been implementing to keep English always works for me is interacting with my students in my classes.

    • Piroska says:


      Look at this site: http://www.Many where you can find
      Interesting Things for ESL/EFL teachers
      All the Categories,Image Menues and Others are very useful.

  72. alsayeda says:

    I Just start to try so thanks for you with regard
    Alsayeda meshref

  73. Koestomo says:


    I’m Koestomo, 78 years old as you can see … my E-mail address. Is it too old to learn language? Frankly speaking. besides learning English, it is also a bussiness and killing boring in my life. I usually learn English by speaking, listening and reading and never writing. Finally, I render thanks to you of helping me to learn.

    My best regards,

    • Mr. bag says:

      Hi, koestomo. nice to meaet you. I think you are indonesia people. because your name is usually used by indonesian paeople, right. please inform me about your excact we can join practicing english together. thanks

      • Koestomo says:


        Nice to meet you too. You are right, I’m Indonesian. My location is in Jakarta. I live here is about eight years, I am from East Java.
        Well, as you know, I am old enough, seventy eight years. Speaking and improving my English is just for helping me , adding a spirit of life and not being lonely. Thanks. Bye, bye.


  74. Djoko says:

    I learn English through this forum. I write in translate column of Google, before write in this forum. After I have written in translate column of Google, I read the sentence loudly. Then I click the observe button to listen the sentence and I move it to Word Program to check the grammar. After I do of all, I copy from Word Program to this forum. So each I do this program, I learn writing, speaking, listening and grammar. I think that my English is improved through this program. I would like to teach Indonesian Language for everybody who want to learn it, because it is my mother tongue.If you want to learn Indonesian Language, don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is

  75. hi,I’m fourty yers job is coach.i started English 2 yers.
    i learn English by writing,reading and listening.
    i learn a lot with you and i need your help to become a good speaker.
    please send me more e-mail.
    thanks a lot.

  76. osama says:

    Hi every ithink we are ineed to this videos to prve or language, so if any one can get this videos or he know the way to get it, plz teel us at once.
    thx u.

    • Piroska says:

      Hello Osama
      If you would like to watch the videos which I have recommended in my comment on November 11.2010 at 4:1o make registration to the sites
      or EnglishCentral videos.At the Home page there are instruction and demo
      how to use these videos and it will control your pronuntiation by
      feedback at once.
      But if you use Mark’s lessons these are the best what you can find on internet.
      Click on the green letters and you get detailed information from grammar,from
      listening and you can follow more detailed on Wikipedia all the information
      abaut countries etc.
      Good luck!

  77. MARY says:

    hi how are you!!!WELL i dont speak english very well but i hope to learn because i want to be i teacher in mi country in this moment i am study but the grammar is difictly for my.can you help me please..have a nice day GOD BLESS YOU BYEEEE

  78. mujeeb says:

    i have learnt english last 2 year and i want talk to fluent please tell me konw what should i do for improving my communcation………………..thanks

  79. Fuad Osman says:

    Hi everey body i’m learning English by speaking,listeing and writing at college in London.I have been at college one year and still my English fell not good,so i need more practice for speaking and listeimg. I’m good for writing and spelling.please continue you help me. Thanks!!

  80. HAKIMA says:

    HI HOW ARE U EVERY ONE i am just a pupil want learn english

  81. Rozanna says:

    Hi, Mark and Aaron.
    well, am a visual person. I hate memorizing anything, so what i do for learning English ?first of all am enrolled in Languages departement at college as a first step. Also, I read amusing books whenever am free, listening and watching English materials .
    But I do believe that this is will be in vain if i do not travell to a country in which English is natively spoken, because i think that practice the language all the time and in all situations i expose to , will enable me to master the language. All what i need now is practicing just practicing.
    Bye 🙂

  82. ahmed says:

    may mail is i am ready for practicing English conversation with u send your mail my name is Ahmed i am waiting you

  83. Mr. bag says:

    I hope i like learning english by staying a place where the people use englisg it self. but now i learn english by speaking and listening by myself. So if i have a chance and have much money i go abroad to learn english. I hope there any grant to finance me to do it. at least …. somebody wants to learn together.

  84. Murugan says:

    I need to practice by speaking with more people. I think it is a better to speak early for me

  85. Huma says:

    and my English is very poor
    and i did not make any thing to improve it
    if i read any thing i understand it
    but i cant speak with good vocanlory or write any thing with perfect grammar
    i hope that i find any help from this website

  86. Huma says:

    I listened all lessons and really i learned alot only the thing is making me confuesed that some time I couldn’t get accent of my teachers, baysically i am an assistant teacher in school, this is British school, the enviorment is completely British, I am lucky to have this atmosphere but still some time I get confuesed to understand their accent and some time i loose my confidence front of teachers that makes me embarresedand so please give me some tips how can i increse my confidense i am here for 1 more hour, if you would like to reply me I would be great ful to you.

  87. Ramadan says:

    Hi every body, i learn english by reading,speaking,and listening and someone to help me by english vedio and audio to improve my english. please contact me to continue the learning, Thank you very much.

  88. malaak says:

    hi this is the first comment in the website
    my English is very poor
    and i did not make any thing to improve it
    if i read any thing i understand it
    but i cant speak or write any thing
    i hope that i find any help from this website

  89. I study english listening, then reading. I sudy a lot every day. Speaking fluently is my goal however I feel I do not improve very much. I can understand Water Car without any problem.I would appreciate your suggestions.Is it possoble to learn English by myself. I am lack of money to contract a private tutot.Francisco

    • Piroska says:

      Hello Francisco
      Try what I have recommended to you.The videos are with subtitled sentences.
      You can stop the lines,to write the words if you don’t know look up them in the dictionary and learn the new words.You can repeat the text loudly and the system
      corrects your mistakes. There is a demo on this side how to use these videos.
      After every sentence you will get points and and you will see if your pronuntiation
      was “good” “you can speak better” or “marvellous” You need registration and a
      password at the first time and they will send the new videos by e-mail too.
      This way you can save a lot of money.
      Good luck

    • Piroska says:

      Francisco Alves Abrantes

      Look at this site by google:

  90. Piroska says:

    Hello Everybody,
    It is very difficult to find the best method how to study and speak English.
    Some advice is to practice grammar but another is try to speak free without
    fear.I think the best thing is to read easy English stories ,watching films
    with subtitle and follow the story.
    If you speak to yourself there is no control for your pronunciation and you
    will memorize your mistakes.
    I recommend to look at or EnglishCentral videos where
    you can find short videos with feedback which controls your pronuntiation
    at once and you can repeat as many times as you want.

  91. Abdul Qahir says:

    i want to learn English language by speaking,writing,lisning and watching what shude ido.pleas help me.

    • ameerah says:

      hi salam Abdul Qahir,
      How to learn english very fast we should communication with people who can speak english….If u dont mind we can talk and chat to improve our english…just add me…..see u…

  92. Marah Dardar says:

    Hi, I enjoy learning English by listening and reading . I listen to an audio English story while I read it, then I listen to the audio story without reading it . I find it’s a good way to speak English well . but I think the best way to learn English is to talking to other people . Talking to myself is also a good way to learn but I think it will be a boring way to learn English . I like to contact to some one to talk with in many subjects . I think read grammar books and studying English books and practice books won’t help me to improve my language or made me talk quickly and automatically . So I hope you help me to talk with some American people to learn the wright speech of English . and thank you very much .

  93. Jamshi says:

    how are u. I thinks your fine.I have wish speak in English very fast and fluently . but could`nt speak . what can i do .pleas help me


    • sarah says:

      hi Jamshi
      the same was my problem i studied englisg at my college but i didnt speak english before . now i am better than before its just need practice
      try to speak alot and you will be better

  94. candy says:

    I learn English by reading,writing,and learning. sometimes I am watching movie. But until now I am feeling my English still less.
    I hope you can give more information to help me by email.
    thank you,Chandy:)

  95. fantaye says:

    I try to learn engliah by listing,by speaking with my boss because my boss is english speaker
    i learn by learning Grammer sometimes by reading. I have started study english language by site over a year eventhough i don’t have that much improvment
    it might be my age or my school back ground ,while i was in high school english language was not given as important lesson .If my learning interest would have been
    like this have not faced all this complication in my working area
    anyway I belive on it “try ! try ! until u die “

  96. fantaye says:

    I try to learn engliah by listing,by speaking with my boss because my boss is english speaker
    i learn by learning Grammer sometimes by reading. I have started study english language by site over a year eventhough i don’t have that much improvment
    it might be my age or my school back ground ,while i was in high school english language was not given as important lesson .If my learning interest would have been
    like this i have faced all this complication in my working area
    anyway I belive on it “try ! try ! until u die “

  97. linda says:

    I’ve been living in english speaking country over 10 years but i’ve never been to school to learn english language. I’m regreting now that i should have gone to school when i came here first. Time is flow by fast and so my age. Now i’m trying to learn grammar by reading and studying. It’s not that easy learning other language by yourself. I think that i could speak better than my writting. I’d like to learn English language by speaking to others and sharing a same experience with others too.


  98. susana says:

    Dear English Course Training team.

    Thanks for your visiting!, i like to share and practise English by sharing/ chating but a bite for reading and seldom nearly never listening. my listening abite bad.
    for listening in my computer is dificult because in the office not for learning.
    I like learning English, thanks and need practise more.
    Thanks you, Susan.

    • wimal says:

      My SKype address is wimalhulanduwa,Please call me

      • saeb says:

        Dear Susan
        My name is Kurosh and such as you i nedd someone to chat with! so if you don’t mind please add my yahoo id in your messenger list in this way we can get in touch with each other and practice speaking and listening and also wariting whenever we like! my yahoo id is

  99. qabeelah says:

    hi started learen english by reading ,listening ,speaking and writting but i feel that i need more practice to improve my siklls in english so please any one can help me .

    • Piroska says:

      Look at these sites by Google

      Learn English with VIDEOS-Watch Videos ESL
      /download the 66 pages grammar with exercises/
      Good luck.

        • BODIN AGNES says:

          J’ai 50 ans je n’ai pas fait d’Anglais depuis la troisième et je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de pratiquer la langue jusqu’ici. Aujourd’hui je suis en relation avec des touristes Anglais dans le cadre de mon travail comme vendeuse en chocolats et je fais visiter l’entreprise régulièrement et je suis très limité pour entreprendre une conversation.

          Je retiens mieux en parlant avec une personne mais aussi par l’écoute et en travaillant sur des textes.

          Depuis Octobre j’ai commencé des cours avec le CNAM et je souhaite compléter par un échange avec un correspondant et de l’écoute régulière afin de m’habituer.

          Merci de votre réponse
          A bientôt

  100. NOOR says:

    hi i like learning by listening and writing
    thank you

  101. hamed says:

    hi ilike learning by writing.

  102. hameed says:

    hi i started learn english by listening, hearing and writting.
    ineed to know more about learning method so ined some help.
    thank you

  103. juliet says:

    I learn by listening, speaking and by doing. I started learning English since my elementary grades but until now I still have the difficulty of communicating in English. I am hoping that by the lessons you email me, (which I find has helped me so
    much) I can become a good speaker of English someday. Thanks a lot…

  104. hamid says:

    hi, my age is 25 and my job is electronic repairing or repairman. i started english last years ago.I’m to e1 class. i whould like to practice with you writing and spiking english language also i need to your help for improve my english please send me e-mail. i have hope to you .

    tanks a lot

  105. Teera says:

    I learn english by listening,practising and writing
    And also I learn it by speaking with other people in another coutry.

    Please send more activities which can improve me more especially grammar

    Thank you for your help

  106. Natasha says:

    I learn English by reading, writing and watching movies.Sometimes i am chating or writing english test.I want to improove my english by traveling in other countries and seach good job.

    Best regards Natasha

    • maxamed c/raxmaan says:

      i like to learn by speaking and writing
      thankz lot

      • Hartoyo says:

        thanks to remind me for speaking and writing regular, but I always bussy to set a time for study, I try and trya…. be better>.

    • issam says:

      Hi Natasha,
      I reading your cumment yes that thers is very good to improve your speaking in english and i think there are more the way to improve and practice your english.
      I am suffering too and i see you about may persson mail

    • Bui Ly says:

      Hi Natasha, I’m Ly from Vietnam. May I make a friend with you? pls add my skype nick as: buily.indochinatours-online if you like. I had been a tour operator for an inbound travel agent in Vietnam, but now I have changed my job already. I am looking forward to your reply.

    • Andrés says:

      Hello Natasha!
      Iam Andrés and I come from México. Iwold like to talk with you add me at your skype andres661130

    • mehmet says:

      I want to improve my english by traveling and speak?ng just like you.?f you want you can write me where do you live.

  107. mohd makshud says:

    i whould like to practice with you speaking english language so improve my english
    please send me e-mail i have hope to much you.Thank you,

  108. I do learn by speekin ,writing ,listening and reading.

    please I am looking for assistant to improve my poor English skills whit good material by you.


  109. khadra says:

    I learn english by doing and practise with foregien peaople.
    I can say practise makes prefects so this is the way you can improve
    your laerning english. I was laarning this language for one and half year
    now my english speaking have improvet and I can communicate any one


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