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I was sitting in the back of my friend’s car
I am sitting in the front of my friend’s car

Continuous tenses are important.

we were driving back from his place
we are driving back from his place

Do you have a car?

He is giving me a lift home.
He is giving me a ride home.
He is helping me out.

It is nice to help people.

It was really nice to meet your sister.
It was really nice to meet your brother.
It was really nice to meet your mother.

Do you get on well with your mother?

I was just on the phone to her.
I have just been on the phone to her

Do you spend a lot of time on the phone?

she thought you were a really really special person
she thinks you are a very very special guy

Is there a special guy in your life?

I think she is really nice too.
I thought she was really nice too.

I am so glad to hear it.
I was so happy to hear it.

I think there is some sort of chemistry
I thought there was some sort of chemistry

Did you study chemistry at high school?

She is a very very nice person.
He is a very nice person.
She was a very nice person.
They were very nice people.

We talk about people having chemistry. It means they like each other.

She is a great person.
He is a wonderful guy.

Everybody is nice here.
Everybody was nice there.

Is everybody nice in the place where you are now?

This was such a great place.
This is such a great place.

Are you in a nice place?

I was so happy to be alive.
I am just so happy to be alive.

Are you happy to be alive?
You should be.
Life is great!

I did have a bit of a problem though.
I do have a bit of a problem though.

Do you have any problems with the bank?

What is that?
What was that?

I got some free accommodation in the hotel.
I was given some free accommodation in the hotel.

Do you live in a hotel?

I had to leave my hotel and get my own place.
I have to leave the hotel and get my own place.

Do you live in a hotel or do you have your own place?

I need a place to live.
I needed a place to live.

Do you need a place to live?

I have to think about finding a room or an apartment or a house somewhere.
I had to think about finding a room or an apartment or a house somewhere.

Are you looking for somewhere to rent?

I have got a pretty good job.
I do have a very good job.

Do you have a good job?

I might rent a house.
I may rent a house.

How much does it cost to buy an apartment?

What is Brooklyn like?
What was New York like?

Brooklyn is in New York.

Is that a nice place to live?
Was that a nice place to live?

Is the place where you live, a nice place?

Brooklyn is pretty good.
New York was pretty good.

Have you ever been to New York?

There is a banana leaf hut.
There was a banana leaf hut.

Have you ever slept in a banana leaf hut?

You can rent that.
You could rent that.

Would you rather rent a house or buy it?

I am only joking.
I was only joking.

Do you know any good jokes? Write them in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

I have got another place.
I have got another room.

He didn’t say either of those things, did he?

You can use it.
You could use it.

there is a swimming pool
there was a swimming pool

Have you got a swimming pool?

I have got to get my own place
I do have to get my own place

The second one (with “do”)is more emphatic.

I mean you are very generous.
I mean he was very generous.

Do you try to be generous?
Generosity is important, isn’t it?

Do you like a sauna in the mornings?
Do you like a sauna in the evenings?

Have you ever taken a sauna?

Yes, I do.
Yes, I did.

You should answer “yes, I have” or “No, I haven’t”! (to the sauna question)

I do like exquisite gardens.
I like gardens.
i like gardening.

Do you have a vegetable garden?

A hydrogen powered motor launch?
A gasoline powered motor launch?
A solar powered motor launch?
A diesel powered motor launch?

Do you know about free energy?

This is too much.
That was too much.

I was embarrassed.
I am embarrassed Peter.

Do you often get embarrassed?

You were very kind to me.
You have been so kind to me.

Kindness solves all problems, doesn’t it?

Everybody has been so good to me.
Everybody was so good to me.

Has everybody been good to you?

This is just too much.
That was too much.

You were so kind.
You are so kind.

I am overwhelmed.
I was overwhelmed.

Do you find some people overwhelming?

It was so beautiful.
It is so beautiful.

Beauty is important!

Life is good
Life was good
Life is so good
Life was so good

Life is not always good, is it?

What do you think?
Tell the truth.
It is a waste of time to lie.

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