Broadway is a Street in New York

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Most of the streets on Manhattan Island in New York City run north to south and east to west, but Broadway is different. It is a broad avenue which runs diagonally across the grid of NS and EW streets.

Broadway is a famous theatre venue. If you want to see a live show in Manhattan, you should go to Broadway.

Broadway is a combination of “broad” , which means “wide” and “way”, which means “street”, in this context.

Broadway is a Theatre Area

If you travel to New York, you can see a live show on Broadway. Travel broadens the mind and theatre also broadens the mind. Travel allows us to see other ways of life and theatre also allows us to see other ways of life and other perspectives on life.

When we say “Travel broadens the mind”, we are using “broaden” as a verb. “Broad” is an adjective. Compare these other verbs which are formed from adjectives by adding “en”:

Adjectives and Verbs

Wide – widen
Broad – broaden
Short – shorten
Deep – deepen

“Broad” means “wide” but it is less common when we talk about physical things. We say “wide streets” although “broad streets” is possible. The opposite is “narrow streets”.

Wide streets
Broad streets
Narrow streets

Broad has an abstract connotation. You can say:

He is broad-minded

But we never say:

He is wide-minded.

Tolerance and Acceptance

“Broad-minded” means being open-minded and accepting of others. Imagine that the mind is a broad street which allows all kinds of people to pass by. If your mind was a narrow street, then the number and type of people who could pass by would be limited.


A poster at the front of an immigration office in Australia features the following line:

We offer advice and assistance on a broad range of migration fields.

In this context, “broad” is an adjective. It refers to a wide range of fields or areas. Here is another example:

A broad outlook
A narrow outlook
A broad perspective
A narrow perspective

If you are broad-minded and tolerant then people will say that you have a broad perspective or a broad outlook.

If a person is intolerant then people will say that person has narrow outlook or a narrow perspective.


An adverb is a word which tells how, when, where, why.

Broadly speaking travel expands the mind but this is not always true. A trip to a prison cell where you will spend the next twenty years does not broaden the mind. Although this is not necessarily true. It is a generalisation.


In the novel, “Papillon” by Henri Charriere, the author meditated in his prison cell and found that he was able to travel to other parts of the universe through a combination of exhaustion from physical exercise and then meditating.

We have to be wary of generalisations. They are generally true but they are not universally true.


Are you broadminded?
Do you try to be broad-minded?
Do you think it is better to be broad-minded or narrow-minded?
Have you been to Broadway?
Have you ever seen a live show at a theatre?

Tell us in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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