A Mountain Range is an Incredible Thing

Some mountains are isolated. They are separate from other mountains. They sit on a plain. Many mountains are part of a range. They are part of a mountain range.

A Range of Mountains

A mountain range is a line of mountains. If you look at a mountain range, you can see that it consists of small mountains (or hills) , slightly larger mountains and then quite large mountains. The mountains form a line which is called a mountain range. A mountain range includes different types of mountains.


We can take the word “range”, which describes a range of mountains and use it in a different situation. This is called a metaphor. Look at this example:

The electrical store stocks a range of electrical appliances.

That means the electrical store stocks a variety of electrical appliances.

Here is another example:

The immigration consultant offers advice on a range of immigration fields.

That means the immigration consultant offers advice on a variety of methods of immigration.

We can see that the word “range” generally means “variety”.

Verb and Noun

The word “range” can be a verb or a noun. When we talk about “a mountain range”, the word “range is a noun.

If we talk about “a wide range of products”, the word “range” is also a noun.

We use the word “range” as a verb in some situations. If we describe a class of students, we might say:

The students range in height from short to tall.

If we describe a group of people, we might say:

They range from young to middle-aged to quite old.

Present Participle

We often use the verb “to range” as a present participle. Look at this example:

We sell furniture ranging from inexpensive plastic kitchen chairs and tables to luxury living
room and lounge sets.

That means the shop sells a variety of different types of chairs, tables, sofas etc.

Texas Rangers and Park Ranger

The idea of a range to describe natural scenery is very common. When a cowboy gets on his horse and goes riding, we say:

He rides the range.

A ranger can be a type of cowboy who has a law enforcement role. The Texas Rangers are a famous law enforcement body in the United States. Their name comes from the range that they ride.

In national parks there is a type of environmental officer who manages facilities and overseas safety in the park. These people are called Park Rangers.


What is the tallest mountain in your country?
Can you name some mountain ranges?
Have you ever been to the Andes?
Have you ever visited the Himalayas?

Write your answers in the comments section below.

Advertising – Ford Ranger

There is currently an advertisement on television for a new model of car called Ford ranger. Ford is the company which was founded by Henry Ford to produce Ford motor cars. The latest sports utility vehicle is called a Ford Ranger.

The name “ranger” implies that the car has a wide range of capabilities. Look at these alternative phrases:

A wide range of capabilities
A broad range of capabilities

The name also associates the car with the idea that it can go anywhere – up and down mountain ranges like a Texas Ranger.

Have you seen the ad for Ford Ranger?

Advertising is a powerful force.


Do you have a car?
Is it an SUV?

Are you happy with it?

Do you think autonomous vehicles will replace the cars that we drive?


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