A Field is an Area

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The simplest meaning of the word “field” is a place to grow crops:

A field of wheat
A rice field
A field with vegetables in it

The Field of Wheat in the film, Gladiator

Did you see the field of wheat in the movie, “Gladiator”. The hero of the film walks through a field of wheat and lets his fingers brush on the wheat stalks.


Wheat is a cereal, like rice, barley, rye and corn. The name cereal comes from the Latin god Ceres.

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Which cereals are grown in your culture?
Which cereals are eaten in your culture?
Does you society produce its own food?
Do you eat a breakfast cereal?

Write your answers in the comments section below.

Abstract Meaning of Field

When we talk about a field we can refer to agriculture as in a field of wheat or we can refer to the area that somebody works in or studies.

– What is your field?
My field is medicine. I am a doctor.

– What is your field?
– My field is education. I am a teacher.

Tell us about it in the comments section below.


People play sport in fields. A sports field is a flat grassy area. It is usually rectangular and it usually has a fence around it.

Before you play sport, it is a good idea to jog around the sports field. This will warm your body up and help to prevent injury.

The Use of the Verb “Help”

It is possible to say:

This will help prevent injury.
This will help to prevent injury.

The verb help is unusual. It can form combinations with other verbs. Look at these variants with and without “to”. Both are possible:

Can you help me carry this?
Can you help me to carry this?

Word Family

He walked through a field of wheat (noun)
One team is batting and the other team is fielding. (Verb)
He fielded the ball. (Verb)
He hit the ball into the outfield. (Noun)
Education is not my field. My field is business. (Noun)
He kicked a field goal. (Compound noun)


What is your field?

Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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