What Country are you from?

Which country are you from?


Which nation do you come from?

but the idea of the modern nation state is comparatively new in many parts of the world.

Germany and Italy

Germany and Italy were not unified until the 1870s.

Two Meanings of “Country”

“Country” can mean “nation” as in “Colombia”, “Brazil, “Japan”, “Spain” but it can also refer to “the countryside”.

A Rural Area

I live in the country


I live in a rural area.


Do you live in the country?

Tell us about the place where you live in the comments section below.

Rural Areas and Urban Areas

Rural areas are country areas with farms and trees and animals and easy access to nature.

Urban areas are cities with lots of buildings and traffic and limited access to nature.

Vocabulary of Difference and Comparison

They are different.
They are not the same.
They are not the same as each other.
They are different from each other.

Country People and City People

Country people are different from city people.

Country people are not the same as city people.

Country Music

Country people often listen to country music.

Do you listen to country music?

Listen to the classic country song in the lesson at this link:
You are always on my mind.

Contact with Nature

Country people usually live close to nature and have contact with animals and trees and nature.

City people usually do not have as much contact with nature.

Are you a country person or a city person?

In some ways a country person in Colombia or Japan is more similar to a country person in the US or France than to a city person in their own country because they are comfortable with nature. They are more natural and open and friendly and spontaneous. But not always.

Do you agree?

In some ways city people are the same all over the world. They are in a hurry. They are always in a hurry. They do not have time to talk. They do not have time to relax.

What do you think?

Where are You?

Click the link to see map of location of other site users. Make friends with people in other countries all over the world and practise English:

Where are you: Map

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