They Say there is Magic in the Air on Broadway

English is spoken in the United Kingdom and the United States and in many other places. It has been the vehicle of a huge contribution to the art and culture of life on planet earth.

Broadway is a Street in New York City

Listen to this classic song about a street in New York called Broadway.


Look at these key words from the text:


“To get the blues” means “to be depressed”.

What do you do when you get the blues?

“To sing the blues” means to sing about your troubles.

Do you sing when you have the blues?


What exactly is magic?

Do you believe in magic?

Word Family

magician – person
magic – noun
magical – adjective
magically – adverb

Look at these examples:

Gandalf is the magician in Lord of the Rings.

He has magical powers.

He magically appeared then disappeared again.

Magic is supernatural power.

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Broadway is a Street in New York
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