Vocabulary – Unlawful and Illegal – a conundrum

If you go to university and study law you will learn that there is common law that consists of the law of the land which goes back a long way in time .. it is the statement, in cases, of principles, of rights and obligations and laws by judges over time. Common law is found in law reports which are stored in law libraries. You generally have to be a law student to get access to them although they are part of our universal human heritage.

Law is a general term which means the statement of rules.

That is against the law.
You are breaking the law.
It is unlawful to do that.

People often say:

It is illegal to do that.

They think:

It is unlawful


it is illegal

mean the same thing.

This is not true.

Unlawful means it is against the principles of natural law or cosmic law or common law but illegal simply means that it is against legislation.

What is legislation?

Law students are taught that common law is seldom used nowadays and that legislation or statutes or acts of parliament have largely replaced common law.

acts of parliament

The problem is that

rules, ordinances, regulations, statutes, acts, orders. legislation

are not laws.

Laws come from the past.

They come from time immemorium.

They come from long ago.

They are a body of human culture which grew up over a long period of time and has existed for a long period of time.

Laws, acts, legislation, codes etc are all recent phenomena. They are creations of bureaucracies and bureaucrats. They are the creations of public servants or civil servants or politicians.

They are in the final analysis commercial in nature because unfortunately all the courts and governments and parliaments are commercial bodies, which operate as bankrupt corporations and receive administrative orders from their administrators who are the same clique of wealthy European and American shareholders who own the central bank, the private banks, the oil and military industrial complex and the pharmaceutical and media sectors as well as the entire financial sector.

The police, prisons, court system and parliament have been privatized, bankrupted and subjected to administration by their receivers .. the bankers.

So the rules that are made by these parliaments are not rules that are in fact law since these parliaments do not represent the interests of the people and do not serve the interests of the people but serve the interests of their receivers.

The government is owned by the bank.

The bank owns the government.

Would it be a good idea to nationalize the banking system and give the power to print money back to the government?

Would it be a good idea to release the government from the control of the banking system?

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