Academic Language in Context – Conclude

concluded that it was an inside job — the talks were ultimately inconclusive — concluding their investigation — to draw conclusions from the evidence at hand
concludes his presentations with a question — we draw incorrect conclusions
be sure that your conclusion is not just a repetitive summary — strong but inconclusive evidence which suggests — conclusive evidence that drilling practices
have found conclusive evidence that — concludes that the fire was deliberate

1. After investigating the circumstances of the robbery and interviewing all the witnesses and suspects, the detectives …….. .

2. The police are just …….. now and we will let you know the results of that investigation as soon as they are available, however since this may involve criminal charges, it may be necessary to delay the results until arrests have been made.

3. There is …….. that exposure to radiation will significantly impact on health outcomes.

4. A group of researchers in Kansas have not found …….. are linked to specific seismic events however they have recommended that more studies be carried out to better understand the effects of injection wells on the environment so we still do not know for sure if fracking causes earthquakes.

5. It is easy …….. but it is very important to be sure that the sample of the population you have chosen is a representative sample as obtaining evidence from a non-representative sample will make it likely that …….. .

6. The lecturer always …….. and answer session so that any unclear points can be cleared up and members of the audience will go away having understood the content of the presentation.

7. Scientists from a university in the States …….. hailstones are formed by crystallizing the ice around a nucleus of biological materials, namely atmospheric dust.

8. The meeting of European finance ministers was called to discuss a road-map to financial stability but the various parties did not see eye to eye and …….. . It is expected that another meeting will be held within the month.

9. When you are writing an essay, try to finish with a flourish and …….. of all that has been said before as this reduces the overall impact of the argument you have presented.

10. If the representative from the insurance company …….. , then the authorities will be informed and an investigation will be launched.

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