Academic Vocabulary in Context – Add – Answer Page

1. Education and Mathematics

1.Children are taught to add and subtract before they are taught to multiply and divide.

2. History and Literature

2. The first part of the novel was written before the Second World War and the second part was added later.

3. Accounting

3. She added up the bill then she added on the service charge and sales tax.

4. Cooking

4. Mix the raw egg with the melted butter then add the other dry ingredients and mix them in.

5. Health Advice

5. There are too many preservatives and additives so I don’t buy that kind of thing any more.

6. Mathematics

6. Addition and subtraction are usually learned before multiplication and division.

7. Customer Service

7. If there are any additional charges the customer should be informed before the purchase has been made.

8. Employment

8. The manager said that additional staff would be required so we put an advertisement in the newspaper.

9. Economics

9. If you add in The cost of parking, it is not really worth driving to work.

Link to audio – the water car

10. Accommodation

10. He told us where most of the accommodation was to be found then he added that it wasn’t very good.

Do you know where to stay in your city if you don’t have anybody to stay with?

Check into a Hotel – audio

11. Government and Housing

11. Employees are paid a monthly salary and in addition a housing allowance and a bonus on completion of the contract.

12. Product Development

12. The beverage originally contained a secret ingredient which was apparently cocaine.

13. History and Computers and Numbers

13. The original computer was just an adding machine and it could do a limited number of things.

Note – Headings

Did you notice the headings? The headings add context to the vocabulary phrases so you can learn the vocabulary in context. Much of meaning is in context and you should learn a phrase rather than just an individual word.

How did you score?

Tell us what your score was. What mark did you get out of fourteen. Write it in the comments section below. Write it like this:

I aced it. I got full marks. I got fourteen out of fourteen!

I got ten out of fourteen. I did reasonably well.

I only got four. I did not do so well.

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52 Responses to “Academic Vocabulary in Context – Add – Answer Page”

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  1. Nidal says:

    first of all the questions were 13 not 14, so, I got 6 out of 13
    I will try strongly to better myself at this phreses

  2. Natalia says:

    I aced it. I got full marks. I got fourteen out of fourteen!

  3. Ankit Shah says:

    I got 9 out of 13 but with the help of the list.

  4. I got 12 out of 14….FYI… it’s not 14.. Check it out… thank u

  5. Roman says:

    I got 13 out of 13.
    Thanks it’s a fabulous exercise.

  6. Jura says:

    I aced it. I got full marks. I got fourteen out of fourteen!
    Thank you for the test.My only deception is (is it correct to say like this in English?) that I still am unable to formulate these kind of sentences myself. I need practice, practice and practice. Your nice website is one of tools helping me in my task. 🙂

  7. Seham Ammar says:

    I got 9 out of 14 …. Thanks

  8. Efryl says:

    The total score is 14 because number 3 question has 2 answers. I got 11, not bad.

  9. Priyanka says:

    13 out of 14

  10. Mark White says:

    There are thirteen questions but there are fourteen answers.

    Number three has two answers, so it is thirteen plus one!

  11. Celal Senturk says:

    I got 12 out of 14. I thing it’s not too bad.

  12. Mapy says:

    I’ve got 12 out of 14. Pretty good, right?

  13. Eduard says:

    I have got 11 out of 13
    It was not too complicated, but interesting and required some concentration
    Thank you

  14. Laur says:

    I got 11 out of 13

  15. Sally Salah says:

    I got 14 out of 14 🙂
    thanks for this good, helpful, fabulous test 🙂

  16. Rama says:

    I got 10 points out of 14. Thank you.

  17. jai says:

    I got 7 out of 13. I need to improve myself

  18. moluty says:

    i got only 10 out of fourteen.but will try to get full mark in next section.

  19. yus says:

    I only got 11 out of 13 point. I was failed in no. 10 and 11.
    interesting and need concentration. i will do better on the next session

  20. jabri says:

    Really’ i got 11 out of 14.

  21. Lorenzo Depascale says:

    I got fourteen out of fourteen!

  22. Rohini says:

    I got 11 out of 14.

  23. Chetta Rella says:

    Good morning I was not able to insert the answers . Can you help me, please?
    Thank you.

  24. Nelly says:

    I got 13 out of 14 . I didn’t notice the blank space in number 3.

  25. marzuki says:

    Very good exercises and helping me to improve my english vocabulary, i’m scored 11 out of 14.

  26. olga says:

    I got 10.5 out of 14. I did reasonably well

  27. shaker says:

    Very good
    Thank you

  28. TALEA says:

    I aced it. I got full marks. I got fourteen out of fourteen!

  29. TALEA says:

    I took my time to answer. It was really interesting. I got 14 out of 14!

  30. P Mario says:

    I got eleven.
    That’s very fun!
    Thank you!

  31. yus says:

    i got 9, that is very interenting. Thanks

  32. Hilda Dogani says:

    I aced it. I got full marks. I got fourteen out of fourteen!

  33. Chetta says:

    I also got fourteen our of fourteen. I couldn’t insert the correct answer directly on the test. I had to copy and paste . Can you tell me why?
    Thank you.

  34. Preeti Billa says:

    I scored full. It was a very good exercise.


    it is very helpful. i have got 11. reasonably good!

  36. antonio says:

    I have got 10

  37. Reni says:

    I got eight out of fourteen. I did good.

  38. Sure, very strong….

  39. Hodan says:

    i got 9 out of fourteen, very interesting, big thanks

  40. rahim says:

    i got 10 out off 14

  41. Adil says:

    I got twelve out of fourteen. I did reasonably well.

  42. Jesus says:

    I got twelve out of fourteen.

  43. soe su kyi says:

    I got 3, I didn’t dowell.

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