Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – deduct

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1. Logic

1. Because all life forms rely on water we deduce that if a new life form is discovered, it will also rely on water, but this line of inductive reasoning will have to be revised if we find a non-H2O reliant life-form on another planet.

“We deduce that” means “we conclude that”. Do you understand the difference between induction and deduction? There is an explanation below.

2. Biological Science and Logic

2. The logical processes of deduction and induction work in opposite ways. The process of deduction is the application of general rules to specific instances whereas the process of induction is applying many specific instances to get a general rule.

You can find examples on wikipedia. Are you a fan of wikipedia?

3. Business and Taxation

3. According to the tax office, when claiming your tax return you are entitled to claim some deductions that relate directly to earning your income, for example vehicle and travel expenses or home office expenses.

“To claim” or “to make a claim” is one way to reduce tax.

Do you pay too much tax?

4. Logic

4. Deductive reasoning or logical deduction links premises with conclusions whereas inductive reasoning reaches a conclusion by generalizing from initial information, for example if most life forms depend on water, we assume that if a new one is discovered, it will be reliant on water as well.

This logic vocabulary is complex but useful. Thinking clearly is an important skill.

Link to the water car

5. Economics and Business

5. If you deduct the amount I spent on doing the place up, there is not much profit left, but we all had a good time and it was a great learning experience, although I would not want to do it again.

The word “you” requires a verb to follow it. There is only one answer.

6. Economics and Living Standards

6. After all deductions have been made there is not much left to live on.

7. Social Security – Rent Deduction Scheme

7. If you receive a regular social security payment, and you rent your home from a housing authority, you are eligible to apply for a reduction in rent under the rent deduction scheme.

The key word is “rent”. You can work out the answer from context.

8. Finance and Taxation

8. You can get a tax deduction if you make a donation to a registered charity, but it does not cover the full amount; it is only a percentage.

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