Academic Vocabulary in Context – General

it is in our genes — studied mechanical engineering — worked as an engineer — a lot of the genetically modified food — much cheaper than the genuine article — generated large amounts of electricity — a genus of cats — two sets of genitals (genitalia) — “genius” generally refers to a very intelligent person — sought to control the generation of electricity — using his ingenuity in the service of humanity — the aspirations of the beat generation — is called Genesis — transgender individuals are people — genus occupies the rank between family and species — on the ground of race, gender or national origin — a genius when it comes to engineering and design — have a look at the engine — gender re-assignment by means of hormone injections — the existence of genes was first implied

This large word family comes from the Latin word “gens” meaning “type” or “tribe” or “family”. Note that despite spelling changes (“gin” in “engine”) all the words are etymologically related. Are you interested in etymology?

There are 15 questions but there are spaces for 20 answers. Some questions require more than one answer.

1. The motor is running really hot. Let’s pull over and ………

2. He …….. and he …….. for a while then he climbed the ladder to a position in management and now he is the head supervisor for the whole Asia Pacific area.

3. He is really …….. but his people skills are unfortunately not as highly developed as his ability to work with machines. He needs to focus on the human relationships in the work environment and gain a better understanding of what makes people tick in the workplace.

4. Monsanto is responsible for …….. which has come into production and unfortunately it has not been labelled because the lawyers won a case which said it was “substantially equivalent” to real food, but everybody knows that that is not true.

5. A lot of these products are fake and they are …….. , which is good for the consumer but producing imitations is effectively stealing market share from the producers of the original.

6. It is against the law to discriminate against another person …….. .

7. In the hierarchy of biological classification ……… . Felis is …….. in the family Felidae and it includes the domestic cat.

8. The Serbian scientist, Nikola Tesla …….. directly from the sun but it is not known how he did this.

9. The part of the Bible which describes the creation on heaven and earth and then Adam and Eve …….. .

10. Jack Kerouac was a famous writer who epitomized …….. to experience life and feel it deeply and sincerely at its very core.

11. When Edison realised that Tesla was only interested in …….. and dreamed of providing free electric energy for the human race, the two great men split and the war of the currents began. This was the struggle for ascendancy by two different factions which …….. in the country. Edison championed DC or direct current while Tesla invented the AC-DC alternator which allowed electric power to be converted into DC for use but AC for transmission over distance.

12. In biology we learn that …….. by the work of Gregor Mendel who did experiments to study the transmission of hereditary traits in pea plants.

13. The word …….. but originally it referred to the spirit of a particular place, person or even a thing or idea. The meaning of the term has evolved over time.

14. The foreign minister said that the relationship between the US and Australia is particularly strong by saying “……..” to work together.

15. Although we traditionally view people as either male or female, some people are born with …….. and they are referred to as “hermaphrodites”. …….. who identify with one gender, but wish to have …….., and sometimes surgical procedures, so they can live life as a member of the opposite sex.

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