Academic Vocabulary in Context – prohibit

1. Although we wanted to see the countryside, the cost of travelling by train was prohibitive so we booked tickets on a budget airline and arrived several days early.

2. Smoking is prohibited in bars and restaurants and all areas where food is served.

3. The era when the consuption, distribution and sale of alcohol was prohibited was called Prohibition and it lasted from 1920 until 1933.

4. Prisoners who are to go on probation will be released into the community but they will be required to report to a probation officer regularly and, depending on the severity of their offences, may have other limitations put on them such as being prohibited from drinking alcohol or contacting former criminal associates.

5. Parking is prohibited in areas where there is a yellow line running along the side of the road, but commercial and delivery vehicles are allowed to halt for up to fifteen minutes, and of course there is no limitation on emergency stopping if a vehicle becomes unsafe to drive.

6. The consumption of alcohol by minors is prohibited in most countries but in practice it is allowed in the families of wealthy adolescents who find various ways to obtain alcoholic beverages.

7. The depiction of the prophet is supposed to be prohibited but in fact many images can be seen at this link: historical resource

8. The law prohibits drinking in public places but some people drink in the park and the police patrol the park and tell offendors to tip their drinks out if they catch them.


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