Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – contract

1. Business and Finance

1. The market has contracted quite a lot and we are going to have to lay off some staff members, but they will be rehired as soon as things pick up again.

This is the verb to contract or shrink in present perfect tense.

2. Contract Law

2. It is not a binding contract until both parties have signed the document.

A binding contract is “a contract which is binding” or “a contract which can be enforced”. Note that “binding” is a present participle used as an adjective. See more notes on this grammar point here:Present Participle

3. Real Estate

3. “This property is under contract, so it is not available any more. Would you like to see another one?”, said the real estate agent. He opened a folder and took out a list of properties.

Have you seen the real estate page? Look at the meanings of the word “land”.

Link to Meanings of Land.

4. Plumbing

4. The water pipes expand and contract as the water thaws and freezes so they are likely to burst if you do not insulate them. You have to stop the water inside the pipes from freezing.

“Expand” and “contract” are verbs which mean “get bigger” and “get smaller”.

5. Business and Finance

5. Once his contractual obligations have been carried out, he is free to go into business for himself wherever he pleases. So long as he does not do business under the name that he used before. It is all about the name. It is a specific clause of the contract that he has sold his business name.

“Contractual” is an adjective and “contractual obligations” are legal requirements of a signatory to a contract. We see this language in business English a lot.

Have you seen the law page? Click the link and learn legal vocabulary.

6. International Business

6. If it is a legally enforceable contract then all you have to do is call a lawyer and everything will be taken care of, but the problem is that we don’t know if the contract is legitimate under the law of Cambodia.

In business we see the words “lawyer” and “contract” together. A contract is a noun which means “legal agreement”. Do not confude the noun “contract” with the verb “to contract, which means “to shrink”. Have you seen the law page?

7. Medical Insurance

7. The danger of contracting contagious diseases is significant and all persons are advised to take out health insurance.

“To contract a disease” means “to catch a disease”.

Link to a conversation about medical research.

8. Health and Hygiene

8. It is difficult to contract the disease if you carry out standard hygiene procedures like washing your hands and wearing gloves. It’s hepatitis that I am talking about and there are several varieties of this liver disease.

We see the words “contract” and “disease” together often in the context of health and medicine.

9. The Law of Contract

9. There is no remedy in contract law but you might be able to get a compensation payment under the law of torts, or in equity; There might be an equitable remedy.

Contract law is one type of law. there is also criminal law, family law, international law, constitutional law and administrative law. There are more too. Check out the law page: Law Page

10. Construction

10. Work on the new building cannot be commenced until the plumbing and electrical sub-contractors have been hired.

Work on a large building often involves sub-contractors.

11. Economics and Finance

11. They were contracted to complete the work but the money has disappeared and construction is behind schedule although the stadium was due to be finished last month.

The Work Page

This phrase is in passive voice.

Link to the money page

12. Building and Construction

12. Most of the work was done by a personal friend of mine who is a registered building contractor so he is quite handy on the tools.

The phrase “handy on the tools” gives a context clue to “registered building contractor”

Link to the Work page

13. The Law of Contract

13. If you don’t sign a contract you have no way of forcing the other party to honour his contractual obligations .

Signing a contract is a vital step in business. Look closely at the grammar to fit the phrases in. It is not easy. How did you do? What was your score? Write your score in the comments section.

14. Business and Finance – The Law of Contract

14. The contract has not been signed and so you do not have any proof that an agreement was made.

We see that the contract has not been signed so a legally binding agreement has not been made.

15. The Building Industry

15. If the building contractor hires sub-contractors, they are legally obliged to carry out the work so long as a contract has been signed.

This one also refers to the signing of a contract. The answer phrase is in present perfect passive.


Write your score in the comments section below. What did you get?

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