Academic Vocabulary in Context – Answers – Divide

There are 15 questions but there are 16 answers. What is your score out of 16? Write it below in the comments.

1. Business Practices

1. The Engineering Division Manager’s job was advertised on a website before he was told he had been retrenched and this had a profoundly negative effect on the morale of all employees.

You can work this one out if you know the strong collocation: “to advertise a job”.

2. Architecture and Interior Design

2. I divided the room into two sections with a partition and I use one for sleep and study and the other for cooking and eating.

The word “I” needs a verb to follow it. “Divided” is a verb in past tense.

3. Politics and Government

3. The Prime Minister said last week’s attempt to unseat him was disappointing and divisive and he wanted to get on with the job of governing the country.

The missing phrase is an adjectival phrase. The word “disappointing” is an adjective.

4. Spanish History

4. Even though his dictatorship ended many years ago, Franco remains a divisive figure in Spain because his regime was not democratic.

Can you speak Spanish?

5. Food Storage and Preparation

5. She usually divides the meat into parcels of 500 grammes each and freezes them separately so they can easily be used at a later date.

This one is about the topic cooking. Do you like cooking?

6. Politics and Society

6. His statements about the poorly educated lower class sections of the population are just another indication of his petty and divisive mentality.

This is a noun phrase.

7. Mathematics

7. Multiplication and division are more difficult than addition and subtraction because they are more complex mathematical operations.

Are you good at mathematics?

8. Politics and Strategy

8. Making divisive statements and emphasising our differences will undermine us and defeat us, but focusing on what we have in common and uniting on that basis could lead us to victory in the election.

This phrase is a gerund or present participle phrase.

9. Political Boundaries

9. The State is divided up into electoral divisions which are called electorates.

Do you vote in elections? When is the next election in your country?

Link to government page.

10. Mathematics

10. If you divide fourteen by two, you get seven.

This sentence is a good example of zero conditional.

Do you need to study conditionals? Follow this link: Conditionals

11. Military Tactics

11. Divisional headquarters was shelled by enemy artillery so the location had to be moved to a safer area.

The military has headquarters but so does business. Is the structure of a company similar to a military structure?

12. Military

12. In most armies a division is composed of several regiments or brigades and generally consists of between ten and thirty thousand soldiers.

This is a definition of a military unit.

13. Business Management

13. The problem of where to locate the new factory divided the management, with some strong opinions expressed, and no solution had been reached at the close of the meeting.

This is a verb phrase.

14. Asian Geography

14. Most of Borneo is divided between Malaysia and Indonesia, but there is also a third nation which has territory on that island.

This is a passive verbal phrase.

15. Politics and Strategy

15. By sowing mistrust among the different factions it is possible to divide and conquer by subterfuge.

We need a verb here too. It is an infinitive.

Link to notes on infinitives.

Normally we sow seeds like cereals or vegetables or tree seeds but here we use the metaphor of “sowing a seed” to describe “planting the seeds of mistrust” which is a strategy.

Link to the Cereal page

What is a tree?

Trees are brothers!

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