Academic Vocabulary in Context – Include

contrasted with social exclusion — the portfolio of Minister of Social Inclusion — eccentric habits and reclusive lifestyle — including Pepsi and Nestle — it did not include Vietnam — what is and is not included — included the cost of the petrol — including two young children — may be be less conclusive — include the acceleration of economic growth — an incredibly exclusive and ultra private — socially inclusive society — batteries are not included — do not include him — the condition of being excluded from the community

There are 12 questions but there are 15 spaces. Some are worth more than one.

1. The aims of ASEAN …….. , social progress and the protection of regional peace and stability with the opportunity to discuss differences peacefully. When the organisation was founded in 1967, …….., Cambodia and Laos but they joined later.

2. …….. for any of the toys you see on display. You have to pay extra for them.

3. A …….. has been defined as one where all people feel valued, their differences are respected, and their basic needs are met so they can live in dignity. It is …….., which is …….. .

4. A study has shown that evidence for a cognitive advantage that bilingual individuals have over monolingual people …….. than had previously been thought. The researchers found that there was a tendency not to publish results which conflicted with the idea that bilingualism provided an advantage, and this skewed results in favour of the idea that bilingualism was an advantage.

5. The first Rudd Ministry contained …….., but the position was abolished in July 2013. The ministry worked to end homelessness and bridge the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots”.

6. In the latter part of his life Howard Hughes became known for his …….. .

7. A study has found that junk food firms …….. have been given large sums of money to improve the quality of their products and combat the obesity epidemic which society faces. Critics have suggested that the government is too close to these large corporations.

8. Eight people …….. were injured in an explosion which rocked the central market district of the capital city early this morning. Rescuers are still sifting through debris looking for survivors.

9. The Hurlingham Club is …….. gentleman’s club which was established in the 1800s and still survives to this day. The waiting period to join is several years and prospective members have to be nominated by two existing members.

10. If your plans …….. then you have a responsibility to tell him early on in the piece so that he can make other arrangements.

11. I …….. when I added up the bill so if you want to make a detailed account, you should remember to count the petrol as coming out of the money which was set side for food, rather than the money which was set aside for other things. In the end the total should be the same. Is any money missing?

12. When you take out travel insurance you should be aware of …….. in your policy, for example you may not be covered for playing sport while overseas and it is important to read the fine print and to know which activities are not insured.

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